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Guild Wars 2 Dungeon Resurrection Guide

Guild Wars 2 Dungeon Resurrection Guide by Silidus

After reading some of the posts in and around the new Dungeon waypoint patch I have noticed some people have mentioned some really neat strategies to use when trying to resurrect a KO player. In the interest of helping players adjust to the new changes please post your own strategies here and we will try to get them together in one place.

General Tips
- Don’t try to res players if you have boss aggro.
- Don’t try to res players currently in an AOE damage field.
- Watch the boss, not the res-bar. Bosses like to target playersresurrecting  other players, make sure you keep an eye on the boss and cancel the res (just move) and dodge incoming attacks. Always be prepared to re-evaluate, and let another player continue the res if things are too hot for you.
- There are lots of ways to help someone res another player, without doing the res. Try pulling the boss away from the resurrecting pair if you have aggro, or stand between the boss and the resurrecting pair to block incoming projectile attacks (remember projectiles follow a straight line, and hit the first player or object they encounter, even if that player was not the target).
- Use projectile blocking walls or reflect skills to give some safe time to perform the res. Guardian reflect wall, Thief smoke screen, and Mesmer reflect bubble work well for this.
- Use stealth, clones, invulnerability or mist form before you start the res. This gives you some free time to increase the meter without fear of adding your own corpse to the pile. Mesmer Decoy, Thief Stealths (all of them), Elementalist Mist Form are all good for this purpose.
- Some AoE ‘Dragon Tooth’ like effects do not require that you move out of the AoE field. You can dodge these types of attacks from within the red circle if you time your dodge with the impact. Cancel your res, dodge, then return to resurrecting.
Anyone with tips or tricks please feel free to post them.

  • Spreading out all over the place is generally not a good idea. If you do get downed far away from your team, they can’t come to your aid right away. (This is a really bad thing to do on Subject Alpha)
  • A downed player can still receive boons like Protection an Aegis.
  • Generally speaking, if you see more than one person get Downed, that’s when you should use a skill to revive allies if you have any. (Although most aren’t that useful) The Warrior elite banner is probably the best one, since it’s ranged and revives multiple players.
Boss specific tip:
Lupicus: If someone needs ressing in phase 1 there needs to be more AOE on the locusts. In phase 2, unless you have a ranged res you need to wait until right after a shadow port or an AOE spam to res someone. In phase 3, unless it’s in his melee range, res like crazy. If the downed person is in melee range, try to kite him away.

Other Tips:
Another thing I want to add is that reviving through interaction (“F” by default) isn’t the only way to revive someone from the downed state— you can kill rally by tagging a target and revive on its death. This is mainly for non-boss encounters or bosses with adds that you can rally off (i.e. flying shaman in volcano fractal).

Many PuGs I play with don’t understand this concept, and it’s something I always teach the new people on my personal dungeon team. Sometime’s it’s faster to kill a mob to rally someone (kill rally) rather than to tick them up (downed state revive). In fact, you get more progress value because something died and you revived an ally at the same time, instead of losing a lot of HP trying to revive your ally. Again, this varies on the situation, so I’ll explain a bit.
  • When fighting a group of mobs, make sure your team stacks as many mobs together as possible, so that the party’s AoEs can damage/tag everything. Make sure there is a focused target for the AoEs, so if someone goes down, the team can spike it for the rally.
  • If you are the one who is downed in the middle of a mob group fight, quickly call target on the lowest HP mob (near death target is optimal) in case normal revive is not possible. If your team cooperates, they can rally you up almost instantly without having to run to you.
  • Sometimes, you get involved in boss fights where there is something to rally off of in the area. For example, against the Nightmare Vines in TA, you can kill a blossom in the downed state to rally. Against the shaman’s final form in the volcano fractal, you can have your team spike one of the elementals — manual revives will continually burn the reviver, so it’s not really safe. Against some “versions” of alpha in CoE, you can call and hit one of the tendrils.
  • Sometimes, you can alternate between manual revive and kill rally if you have multiple downed allies. If all downed allies hit the same target and a standing player keeps those allies’ bars up to a manageable level, the standing player(s) can spike down the target for a multiple rally. The standing player should prioritize the player with the lowest downed HP unless one of the downed players is near full.
Downtime reduction helps your team DPS a lot, so staying alive as much as possible contributes to that. When manual revive is not the fastest option in the downed state, make sure you tag as many nearby mobs as possible, and be prepared to call and hit a target for a quick rally. Don’t spam your skills in the downed state — sometimes you will slow down your ability to rally if you do so (i.e. triggering Kholer to spin and kill you if you use an interrupt in the downed state). Sometimes your auto attack is a channeling skill and you may be hitting the wrong target. You may want to quickly cancel it and switch to the correct target so you can tag it.

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