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Guardians of Middle-Earth Legolas Guide

Guardians of Middle-Earth Legolas Guide by BlackBloodlust

[[As always these guides are mainly directed towards those new to the moba genre. Also please remember this is my personal opinion as a long time moba player and everyone plays differently. Thank you!]]

Legolas is a true DPS with amazing damage and utility though obviously being quite squishy. If you like getting a good KDA (and sneaking around) then Legolas would be a great first guardian for new players to master. Anyway on with the show!

Positions - All (Top/Mid/Bot Lane). Once you get confident with him really try to aim for middle. (Always let guardians like Gandalf or Agandaur have it ultimately though)

Skills - You can Max Woodland Shot first or Greenwood Blades. I personally prefer Greenwood Blades for that shock factor as you come out of stealth though the cooldown is quite high.

Lvl1: Greenwood Blades
Lvl2: Woodland Shot
Lvl3: Greenwood Blades
Lvl4: Woodland Shot
Lvl5: Elven Onslaught
Lvl6: Greenwood Blades - Maxed
Lvl7: Elven Onslaught
Lvl8: Woodland Shot
Lvl9: Elven Onslaught
Lvl10: Woodland Shot - Maxed
Lvl11: Elven Onslaught - Maxed
Level 12 - 14: Silvan Agility - Maxed

Now if you've read my Galadriel guide you'll notice it is quite similar. That is because in moba games there is this thing called skill priority which means that you should always aim to get one or two skills as strong as possible almost all the time. If you raised every skill equally in most cases you will feel rather weak for it.

OBJECTIVES SIDE LANE - If you have a partner like Eowyn, Galadriel or Wulfrun you will dominate the average lane. Try to be as unpredicatable as possible using Silvan Agility by using it to rush out of the brush and throw down the Legolas combo.

Combo when ambushing (w/o ult) - Silvan Agility > Attack > Greenwood Blades > Attack > Woodland Shot > Chase and Attack.

If you have your ultimate simply Silvan rush behind them to blast him towards your side either buying you more time to attack OR knocking him into turrret range then carry on with the combo as normal. If you manage to get a kill or push them back so they are hugging the tower you have an obligation to your team to pick up the shrines and if they are still hugging tower or dead after that run to middle and see if you can help gank from the brush. Same combo, same tactic. NEVER CHASE AN ENEMY UNDER HIS TOWER. It is easy to get abit cocky with Legolas if you are on a role (Trust me haha).

OBJECTIVE MIDDLE LANE - Funny enough you will actually take a more defensive approach here because what you want is to level as quickly as possible because Legolas is fairly level dependant for damage (Leveling Woodland Shot first here is more viable for harass). Focus on killing Soldiers and use Woodland Shot on the opposing guardian when you can, capatalising on it's slow to get in one or two shots as well. Don't take any chances unless you have a obvious lead but if you get a kill remember TAKE THE TWO MIDDLE SHRINES and if one of your lanes is being pushed fairly hard (Basically the enemy is on YOUR half of the lane) go and make them regret it. Ambush time.

Never leave the middle lane if the enemy middle guardian is in it as this gives them a chance to catch up to you, out-level you or push for your tower.

OBJECTIVE TEAM FIGHTS - Legolas actually suffers alittle here, while he is amazing 1 vs 1 he can quickly get killed with one simple mistake in a team fight. Stay with your team mates or slightly behind and keep taking shots at the enemy, throwing out Woodland Shot for abit of CC (Crowd Control). When the fight initiates stay on the outskirts getting as much dps in as possible with your normal shots (Don't waste abilities yet) until your team has the advantage (5v4) now go use the Legolas combo to clean them up as most teams will start to retreat at this point and use your ultimate when possible to save an ally by pushing an enemy back or to push a LONE enemy towards your team for an easy kill.

RELICS AND GEMS: As always this is your own playstyle plus common sense.

Good Choices: Almost ANY ruby. Point increases (+6.0 points Basic Attack Damage) help how well you do EARLY GAME. While percent increases (+4.0% Basic Attack Damage) help how well you do Mid-Late game which is the better choice in my opinion but it is really up to you. Life steal is obviously a good choice as well for one so squishy.

Emeralds are actually good choices too. Legolas has quite abit of damage so why not improve his weakness? I wouldn't bother with resistances myself but Health and Health Regen are almost never bad choices. If you do get Health get a point increase not a percent increase, the reason for this is because in late game you really should be trying to avoid getting hurt and you could use the extra health early game.

Acceptable Choices: Cooldown Reductions. Movement Speed. Attack Speed.


Reduction in controlling effects duration: You should never aim to draw too much fire. Also do you know what 5% of 2 seconds is? Exactly.

Any sort of Sapphire: While Greenwood Blades does gain some moderate damage from ability power it is not particularly noticable. Spell life steal and ability penetrations are a obvious no-no.

Faster respawn in death: You should never PLAN to die.


All comments, thoughts or questions are welcome. Thank you!

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