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Guild Wars 2 Cosmic Elementalist Guide

Guild Wars 2 Cosmic Elementalist Guide by Chancer

The Utilities
Now I will always maintain that you pick the utility skills dependent on what situation you are in and how you like to deal with it. I tend to use those which increase my chance of survival meaning I have a better chance of survival to increase the chance of success of those around me. Because of this I use (Most often)…
#Mist Form – Few things about mist form, in terms of a quick get away or when you truly are in the thick of it, its a life saver. I couldn’t even try to count how many times this skill has saved my donkey on a day to day basis. 3 seconds of increased movement speed and invulnerability really goes a long way!
Also the ability to begin reviving someone and then pop this bad boy and still be reviving is lovely
#Arcane Shield – For when you really need to get that channeled spell off. You will find there are many times when you are under fire but desperately need to get a geyser or other AOE attack off and this skill can give you the time you need to put the hammer down. In conjunction with Mist form as well, this just maximizes your up-time even more!
#Signet of Earth – Well this is my swap in and out skill, Passive toughness and an on demand immobilize is nice but really you can swap this skill out to whatever you feel necessary at the time. Its just another survivability tool or 1v1 tool that can really make a difference.
#Elite Glyph of Elements – You would be incredibly surprised how helpful some of these elementals are. The water elemental is incredibly good at healing and can add a hell of a lot of survivability to the group. The Earth elemental can give that distraction that you may or may not need and the Air elemental with its Aoe style stun is just a brilliant annoyance tool in any scenario.

The Gear
Now as you have guessed from how this build is traited and what utilities are used, this is not a bursty style damage spec. This is just a high sustained damage, healing, support spec. In knowing this we need the gear to reflect and compliment what we are doing.
I personally have chosen Cleric gear as it offers what we need to stay alive and keep others alive while still offering damage when we need it. For those who dont know Cleric gear is Power, Toughness and Healing power. Survivability and Healing. Love it.
I do run 6/6 Cleric gear but It is completely up to you whether you use the full 6/6 or swap it out for say a few pieces of invaders gear for the vitality or say some condition gear to add to the burning/bleed damage you will be giving off.
It really is up to you what you swap just bare in mind by swapping say – the chest piece you will be swapping a lot of stats in comparison to the boots or gloves.
Trinket wise I personally use only 1 piece of cleric here and thats the necklace. The rest I currently use a mix of toughness vitality and toughness condition damage, this is just to be a jack of trades of sorts. This way offering viable condition damage while still being up for the supportive elements that this build offers.
Runes and sigils, well I leave this up to you, personally I like to use dwayna runes as you can tell I’m super Healy! But it’s down to personal preference and what you feel you need, same with the sigil on your weapon, it’s a matter of personal preference.

Combo Fields – Learn to love them
I see it too many times in WvW, Dungeons and Spvp. An AoE goes down and people do not use it to gain additional boons and buffs which can turn the tide of a battle.
Being a staff elementalist You are the main dealer of combo fields. Dependent on the situation learn to stick your healing rain on the enemy to grant regeneration to all those using a projectile finisher, also giving melee with leaps, blast and whirl finishers all manner of healing.
This also goes for any other AoEs we have, for example:
A blast finisher in a fire field grants area might! Take a couple of thieves throwing cluster bombs in a fire field BOOM 20 odd stacks of might for a multitude of characters, to me that is brilliant.
Combo fields. Our best friends.

To Summarize
I hope you have enjoyed reading how I play my elementalist as a support role, I also hope you can gain some knowledge and can also share your knowledge with me.
Very much like Osi, I will start to use videos, Answer questions and constantly adapt this guide as the game evolves. This will not be the end for this guide and your input will be ultimately what could make this guide successful to help all elementalists considering a different playstyle.
Thank you and I look forward to working alongside you, the community.

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