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Planetside 2 Engineer Tips & Tricks

Planetside 2 Engineer Tips & Tricks by HiloBoyS.j2

Greetings! I am by far not the best engineer player nor the most experienced one. I have however done a lot of investigation when it comes to engineer items. Hopefully this will help some engineers, please add anything you feel will help other engineers too.

1. If you press B when you have your turret selected and ready for placement, it changes to a resupply (level 3) and can be placed in addition to your standard utility supply skill.

2. You can have 2 supplies out at once so you can provide supplies in a much larger area.

3. Placing more than the max you can carry of AT Mines / Proximity Mines / C4 will overwrite the previous ones you put down.

4. AT Mines / Proximity Mines / C4 Do not overwrite each other. (ie; You can have 2 AT mines active, and 2 C4's Active, and 2 Proximity Mines active at once.) (Provided your max you can carry is 2 of each adjust for lower/higher max value)

5. AT / Proximity Mines / C4 Have no expiration value. (That I know of, ive gotten kills from them hours and hours after laying them where I forgot I even put them down.)

6. Grenade Launcher Attachment Reloads from Ammo Resupply. (You do however have to do something to interrupt the initial reload such as knife which is what I do.)

7. When using repair tool, stopping before it overheats and waiting a second or two then continue repairing is almost twice as effective as repairing till it force stops you.

8. Sticky Grenades will also stick to Protected Spawn Entrance Semi Transparent Doors. (my favorite for destroying players hiding behind the protected spawn transparent door doing nothing but shooting outside, doing this has a small blast radius hitting people within a foot behind the door.)

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