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Path of Exile Fire Witch Build (14k DPS)

Path of Exile Fire Witch Build (14k DPS) by Pohx

Hello everyone, I can't promise how well this build will work for maps in the endgame as I haven't done any yet

This build will only cover some of the basics since it wont be fully published as i'm half asleep typing this. If you want something explained in specific detail please leave a comment below or head to my stream to ask me personaly

Just as a note, i'm currently running 5 Endurance charges on the defensive tab to get myself to 79% Reduction

Molten shell is tripple linked with "Concentrated Effect" & "Iron Will"

Summary: Pop molten shell, walk into a group of mobs. Use double enduring cry to obtain max resistance/reduction. When it goes Pop collect your loot and move on. While waiting for molten shell to pop you can either run in circles, or spam firestorm on top of yourself/ranged mobs If you run concentrated Effect and crit a boss with Flammability you WILL 1 hit him :D. ( Assuming you have half decent gear )

Below is a little rundown of where you should be around what level, Just know it isn't the " Exact " Level to skills ratio simply a guide for you to follow.

Level: 1-19

Level: 20-39

Level: 40-59

Level: 60-79

Level: 80-99

Level: 100+

Weapon Type: You have 2 choices here, Wand or Mace

Wand: High spell damage, can roll crit. Can roll projectile speed

Mace: High Elemental Damage, Can roll spell power + Elemental Damage ( ? )

The reason for the 3 link in the weapon and not a 5 link in armor is due to the +2 to fire level gems which scales Molten Shell by an Insane amount.

Armor Type: Pure Armor.

Your goal here is basically Highest Armor + HP possible. Resists will come secondary as you can max out so easily with your shield.


Rings: Hp , Casting Speed, Mana Regeneration, Fire Damage
Necklace: Same as rings


*Single Target

-Firestorm ( Concentrated Effect ) ( Iron Will )

-Molten Shell ( Concentrated Effect ) (Iron Will )


( Iron Will )

-Enduring Cry x2

-Molten Shell
( AoE Increase, Iron Will )

*Curses: No supports really needed since the AoE is huge due to the 2 AoE nodes you pickup in the passive tree along with the 4%

-Punishment ( In Testing )

Farming Areas

Act 1: Ledge
Act 2: Western Forest
Act 3: The City of Sarn

Bandit Rewards

Oak +40 Hp
Alira 4% Casting Speed
Oak +1 Endurance Charge

Flasks: My personal favorite

Bubbling: 50% Reduced Amount Recovered, 135% Increased Recovery Speed, 50% recovery Applied Instantly

Seething: 66$ Reduced Amount Recovered, ( INSTANT RECOVERY )

Sapping: 60% ( INCREASED ) Life recovered, Removed ( 10% ) of Life recovered from ( MANA )

Saturated: 50% Increased Amount Recovered. 33% Reduced Recovery Speed.

Warding: Immunity to curses during flask effect ( Also removes any curses )

Iron Skin: 60%-100% Increased Armor During Flask Effect ( 60%-100% Dependent on Flask Roll )

Ample: +10-20 Charges

The Warding Flask is swapped out depending on what i'm up against, Vulnerability absolutely shits on this build, so make sure to cleanse Asap

-19% Movement speed from this build. it's actually kind of nice since I don't desync

Weapon swap for dual wield fast attack weapons & use leap slam

Block Chance.
50%+ Block chance with this build unless you decide to go Spell caster shields.
5%-25% Spell block depending on uniques


Determination: ( Mandatory ) Running this aura is mandatory with your build, essentially it will give you increased armor, and since you're running a shield unlike most of my other build it'll give you an even greater boost, Also it'll directly affect molten shell along with your granite flasks which will make an easy hard cap at 90% Phys Reduction.

Clarity: Simply put, you pickup 100% mana regen in the skill tree so using this is a must, You can ditch all form of mana potions and rely on full defensive flask setup

Tempest Shield: ( Self Buff )( Optional ) 4% block and 5% with ( Inner Force ) [ I think ?] regardless, if you're able to sustain this with your mana it'll help you alot with the reduction and single target damage for beginning game.

Sorry for the partial complete guide like all the others, I tend to make these when i'm half asleep and chilling with my viewers

I realize I haven't explained too much about it in depth, I'm just getting the guide up so you can all start using it while I edit & Work on it!

Please leave feedback below! Youtube guide coming soon!


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