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Planetside 2 Basic Medic Tips

Planetside 2 Basic Medic Tips by Shadwohunter1

Hello and thank you for reading this guide for medics. TR side, replace guns with your faction.

1. Med gun is your allies friends, please remember to max it out. the XP gained from rezzing people is increased from the more points put into it, and then the bonus for squad / platoon rezzes makes it a very important tool.

2. Your AOE heal IS your best friend, but also your allies friend. please remember to use it in huge gun fights so your friends can kill longer, even if you are not getting shot. also, when rezzing people use it to help heal them faster in case your med gun is not maxed out yet. also a nice way to steal XP.

3. Silencer is your best friend, remember your pistol too. you don't want the enemy to know where you are, last thing your friends need is you dead before anything has happened.

4. Other medics are your friend ( unless they rez steal, then TK them on the spot ). keeping them alive will keep you alive and visa versa. 2+ AOE heals make a group nearly invisible, the more the people the stronger the heal too.

5. Sabr-13 IS the strongest medic gun currently, MH2 red dot sight, silencer, adv forward grip.
Repeater IS better due to high rate of fire, Silencer, laser sight. don't want to miss the easy close up shots now.

Investing in your side arm is MANDITORY, much faster to switch weapons than to reload ( unless you are the OP vanu that have near 0 reload time ).


you have that white stripe on your head. people notice that 1st and shoot at it, it is a huge target.

7. stay at range, let everyone else charge in. that is why rez grenades are amazing too. toss it, charge in with AOE heal on, everyone stands when you get there and are healed ( MASSIVE XP ) and **** whom ever is inside.

8. camo does help.

9. enemy can hear proximity chat, don't use it.

10. spotting people will FLAG you, as a medic it is not a good idea, but you can spot by targeting people that have been spotted keeping the spot.

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