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Guardians of Middle-Earth Gothmog Tips & Tricks

Guardians of Middle-Earth Gothmog Tips & Tricks by perfectliteblue

Ok ok so Gothmog isnt full of glitzy shiny moves. But this is Middle Earth people! Its more about the mutton and potatoes moves in a game that earn you those wins and bragging rights. If any of you have played with me or against me when I've chosen Gothmog, you either love me or hate me. In this post I'm going to give some of my build, tips and tricks and the BIGGEST Gothmog secret that no one seems to really notice!

So how should Gothmog be built? Well, the short answer is however you think he is fun to play. For me, fun = winning so this is my build for him. I play Gothmog with all green relics..... I know I know you're probably thinking that Im boring. The truth of the matter is I've done AP (Ability Power) builds vs Defensive builds with him, and you know what? Giving him AP only improves his damage marginally at best. By strengthening him up with defense/resists and HP he becomes an unstoppable tower crashing terror! Here is my build try it out for yourself and see what you think.

First Relic - Iron Hills Relic - For every Emerald in your belt, you get +2% Basic Attack and Ability Resistance
Second Relic - Miruvor Relic - For every Emerald in your belt, get +1 Health Regen per second
Third Relic - Caradhra's Relic - For every Emerald in your belt, get +3% Max Health

I fill these with gems in this order
8% Basic Attack Resistance Gem
7% Ability Resistance Gem
7% Ability Resistance Gem
8% Basic Attack Resistance Gem
4% Max Health
4% Max Health
4% Max Health

At level 12 ALL of your Belts are now active which is nice because most games don't last to 14. At level 14 Gothmog has a hefty amount of HP at 1694, 75% resistance to Basic attack, 75% resistance to ability damage and 14 Health regen per second. He is so fun to play at this point because nothing can usually take him down!

For his Command Ability I have: Tier 1 (Heal) Tier 2 (Heal Totem or Spike Armor) Tier 3 (ARCHERS!!!!!!) Tier 4 (whatever it doesnt matter) and the reason for this you will see when I get to the secret later on!

Tips and Tricks

Gothmog can usually hold a lane by himself. This allows great freedom for others who can jungle to get that extra xp. I level up Gothmog's Trebuchet ability first, then his stun (Grond's Blow), then his ultimate (Rain of Doom), then the Black Land Banner last. He is a great initiator for ganks because his stun has such a long range. Note* Do NOT go in for a stun into a group of usually doesnt end well lol. Also, do not waste a stun. Use it for the right opportunity to stop a fleeing opponent with low health or to interupt a super move like Agandaur's Ultimate (yikes!)

Trebuchet! Be smart about placement of the Trebuchet. If you want to push a lane, wait for ALL the creeps to be in an area before placing it to attack. Otherwise, it will just hit 1-2 until they are all bunched. Also, placing it in a hidden spot in the grass is always good  Learn the distance that you can place the Trebuchet to be able to hit towers, but that the tower cant hit back.

Rain of Doom! Perhaps one of my favorite ultimates in the game. This is great for destroying towers and creeps, and causing havok in a group of enemy guardians. I usually save my ultimate for a tower, a tower being guarded by guardians, or a mass of creeps that are pushing a lane. Remember that Rain of Doom has a very large area and once you are inside an enemy's base, it can reach both the Barracks AND the tower closest to it (Top and Bottom of the base). So be sure to place both of those in your ring. Also, if all the barrack are down but the last 2 tower are up, it can encompass both of those towers as well!

Black Land Banner! This ability is a GOD SEND for rushing a tower! Here is one of my favorite scenarios. An enemy guardian or two are staying by the tower for protection. They think they are safe. Well, you have Gothmog, so they aren't safe at all. In fact, they are about to be lying face down and probably going to rage quit in 8.5 seconds. You and 1 or 2 of your friendly guardians want to kill the tower huggers. So you tell them to rush in. Now normally this could be devastating on your team. Once you attack an enemy guardian that is in range of a tower, the tower will make you a priority target and start firing on you. So your friends rush in and start killing the enemy and the tower starts attacking your pals. All you have to do is slam down the Black land Banner and it resets the tower to attack it instead! Now the best part. If you kill those enemy guardians before the tower finishes shooting the Banner, the tower will go back to firing on your creeps instead of your pals! Its awesome!

Ok now Gothmog's passive ability! Gothmog gives ALL ALLIED UNITS within medium range a bonus against structures, based upon his current health. Do you understand what this means?! Well, I didnt for a while until I noticed something one day. I happen to pick Summon Archers for my Tier 3 command and pulled them out as I hit a tower. The archers were not doing 8--10 damage per arrow that I was normally used to seeing.... they were doing 30+ damage PER arrow that they were firing, and they fire fast and there's three of them! I took down that tower faster then Rosie O'Donnel can eat a Hero Sub! Upon further experiments, this bonus ALSO affected my teammates summon archers!!! allowing for TOWER DEVASTATION, BARRACKS DEVASTATION, BASE DEVASTATION! ya so its pretty satisfying.... Also it makes your guardian friends hit the towers harder as well 

So this is about all I have for now. Try Gothmog out. Try my build. Tell me what you think. Hope you enjoy and it helps your game play!

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