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Guardians of Middle-Earth Basic Strategy Guide

Guardians of Middle-Earth Basic Strategy Guide by Syloh

Hey all, hope the day is treating everyone fairly. I just wanted to start a strategy thread for pros and ameteurs alike to share their ideas and feedback on different strategies. Mind you, the first posts will all be theorycrafting since the game has not released yet, but at least this will give newcomers some input into strats they can try, and hopefully give pros the chance to discuss some more in depth combinations.

So for starters, does anyone think that the 1 top, 1 mid, 2 bottom, 1 jungle setup will be the status quo? Or will lane assignments be a little more loose due to the smaller maps?

If this does become the norm, here's the basic idea of how this classic setup can be applied to GOME.

The Pre-Game: Each of your teammates will have a specific area of the map assigned to them. The top lane will be guarded by a guardian that can hold their own on their own. They should be decent at pressuring both the enemy lane and any defenders guarding it. The middle lane needs to be assigned to a guardian with high survivability since it is easier for the guardians on the enemy team to collapse on your middle lane and go for a quick gank on your lonely middle lane guardian. The bottom lane should be assigned to two guardians with a lot of synergy, combos that are good at pushing or stacking stuns and CC would be some popular choices. The jungler should be played by a striker. Strikers can kill jungle creeps quickly and provide great burst damage when ambushing enemy guardians in the lanes.

The Game Plan: At the start of the game your jungler and top lane guardian should head to the top shrine while your bottom and mid lane guardians head to the bottom shrine. After capturing these shrine, both groups should head to the middle shrines and cap those too. Your top lane guardian should be the one to keep an eye on the top shrine and head back to defend it if need be while the jungler takes the top-middle shrine. The same goes for bottom shrine group, leaving one bottom lane guardian to contest the bottom shrine if you see any enemies trying to ninja it. Once all the shrines have been captured, head to your assigned lane and keep an eye out for enemy guardians headed to steal your shrines. If the enemy ends up beating you in the initial shrine battle or sending a massive amount of guardians to one shrine, simply proceed to the next shrine and cap it instead.

General Strategies: Always communicate. Chances are the enemy team will also have lane assignments. If you notice someone on the enemy team missing from their lane, call it out. The reason for this is two-fold First your teammates will know that pushing that lane will be easier, and secondly a missing enemy guardian means one of three things. Either they went back to base to upgrade, or they left to help their team kill a supercreep, or they left to help gank one of your teammates. Giving your team the heads up on missing enemy guardians tells them to be alert for incoming ganks.

Keep an eye on the supercreeps. On both the very top and very bottom of the map, past the shrines, there are supercreeps. These creeps are usually very strong and require multiple guardians to kill. The upside is that killing a supercreep nets your entire team a damage bonus. Last I heard the top creep gives your team a boost to structure damage while the bottom one gives a boost to all damage. Keep an eye on the enemy team and coordinate when your team goes for supercreep kills.

That's all I have for now, thoughts?

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