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Guild Wars 2 CoF Path Farming Guide

Guild Wars 2 CoF Path Farming Guide by Scootabuser
Acceptable Classes: Mesmers, Warriors, Thieves (But only if they don’t die!)
Group Template:
1 Mesmer
2-4 Warriors
0-2 Thieves

All 5 players run berserker gear, that’s just a given, the dungeon isn’t very difficult and you want to finish it in as short of time as possible.
Warriors will generally have a Greatsword and Axe/X
Mesmers will have Greatsword and Sword/X
Thieves will have 1HS/X and Dagger/X

Group 1
*Dodge the first shot from the turrets.
*Mesmer pushes mobs onto a turret.
*DPS down both mobs and turret.
*DPS down 2nd turret.
If done correctly both mobs and one turret will be dead before any significant damage is taken. If someone is downed, rally them by finishing off the mobs.

Boss 1
*Warriors drop banners and apply might, mesmer doubles might.
*Mesmer pushes boss against wall.
*Mesmer Time-Warps.
*Warriors 100b and whirlwind then switch to Ax, Thieves auto-attack with dagger or sword.
*Boss should die before the Time Warp ends.

Skip the mobs on the bridge. If you move quickly a thief can get off a full shadow refuge to reduce the chance of someone getting downed.
  • Acolyte Room*
    *Hit and Run
    *There are many safe-spots in this room 3 are demonstrated in the video.
    *Take out the initial acolytes then run to one of the safe spots to drop aggro.
    *Re-enter the room and kill additional acolytes as they spawn.
Fire Boulders
Mesmer portals on both sides to allow easy passage. Blink makes it easier to get across but it is not required.

Gate Braziers
A warrior with Frenzy and 100 Blades can kill the Gate Brazier in 3 seconds. Everyone else just stands on a brazier outside. If you have trouble surviving during this part, try picking up some Ash Legion Spy Kits .

Final Boss
Same as the first boss, DPS him down quickly. The Mesmer should time warp directly on top of the boss to allow a circular movement around the boss in order to dodge his attacks. Ax/Mace does more DPS on this boss after 100Blades is used. Ignore the crystals and stay inside melee range. Thieves and Mesmers can take a projectile blocking abilities to prevent the 1 knockdown he will be able to fire off during his short miserable life.

As a thief, using an evade attack such as pistol whip, instead of dodging, is preferable.
The difference between running with 4 and 5 people is 3-4 seconds on each boss, non-ideal guildies can easily be substituted in.

If you have any other tips, tricks, or information that may be helpful to new players, I will be more then glad to include them in the post!

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