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Guild Wars 2 Basic End Game Guide

Guild Wars 2 Basic End Game Guide by Runo

So, this is a REALLY quick list / guide of things you can do at 80!
Keep in mind this isn’t really ALL there is to do at 80—if I missed something, suggest it and I’ll add it! Some of these ARE things you can do pre-80, but they’re things that you may have overlooked on the trip during. POSSIBLE MINOR SPOILERS.

So You’re Level 80: A Quick n’ Dirty Handbook to Endgame in Guild Wars 2
(in no particular order)
*1. Grind Ectoplasms!
WHAT: You must have ectoplasms. Ghost Busters! These ectoplasms are invaluable.
HOW: Forging items in the Mystic Forge, and breaking them down with Master’s Salvage Kits … or even by purchasing them with cold, hard coins. The formula is below.
#a. sell 1-80 blues and 1-69 greens/yellows/exotics for cash;
#b. combine 70-80 greens for yellows or extra greens to save to try again;
#c. break down ANY 70-80 yellows,
#d. sell 70-80 exotics that sell for above 25s. Under 25-silver tends to make them more worthwhile to break down.
WHY: Ectoplasms help create the creme de la creme of GW2 gear: crafted, exotic level 80 gear—the top-tier stuff in the game comparable to any other 80 exotic-tier item in the game — I.E.: the Draconic heavy armor set — that you can craft yourself or hire a friend or guildy to create for you. The best jewelry and trinkets, weapons, armor, and upgrade components CAN be crafted and DO compete with the best gear available. Ectoplasms, and these gear pieces also sell for a pretty copper (and by ‘copper’ I mean ‘oodles of gold’), once you’re exotic’d out.

2. Craft Legendaries!
WHAT: Crafting legendaries (red-tier items).
HOW: Buy or farm materials, particularly the 80 exotics, the fine materials, and base materials and farm karma. There are many guides available online. Browse around!
WHY: Looks and the right to brag, mostly. They’re only comparable to all other 80 exotics in terms of stats, so beware!

3. Map Completion!
WHAT: Complete the map, zone by zone.
HOW: Run around the map, complete every heart / POI / Waypoint / Vista and Skill Challenge in each zone. Even the PvP zone.
WHY: Not only does each zone of the map give a LOT of coin (10-50 silver per, depending on the level range), it also gives two items (typically rare or exotic) and zone-level material rewards in a stack of 40, plus one rare item that you can usually only get from story steps or the Black Lion Trader, as well as a chunk of story experience. 100% Map Completion is a large sum of coins, XP, exotic items and a crafting material for a LEGENDARY item.

4. Farm!
WHAT: Farm! Just farm! Farming involves the repeated slaughtering of innocent monsters such as the level cave trolls in Frostgorge Sound, or whatever you can handle. You still get level 80 items (greens, blues, yellows…) and any level materials relevant to your farming zone of choice.
HOW: You pretty much just go kill anything in the world endlessly. As much as you want; magic find and gold find gear like Omnomberry Bars] will improve your farm rate. Magic Find Boosters are also a boon if you think you’ll be at it for, say, 45-60+ minutes!
WHY: You gain coins, items of all varieties/levels and tiers, materials and experience out the wazoo. This can help you acquire etoplasms and cash.

5. Grind for Karma!
WHAT: Karma! It’s Karma! You should know this by now…
HOW: Karma Boosters and completing hearts and events in lower level zones, and repeatable events in Orr!
WHY: Karma Items from karma vendors, Legendary materials, and other goodies you can only get with karma!

6. Acquire Skillpoints!
WHAT: Unlock skill points.
HOW: Skill challenges on your map in zones, and XP post-80 goes towards a skill point anew.
WHY: Some legendary materials and other Mystic Forge items can be bought with skill points only.

7. Grind for Gold & Gems!
WHAT: Gems can be used to buy things ONLY purchasable on the Black Lion Trading Company store.
HOW: Commerce Panel (‘O’ key) -> Currency Exhange tab. Watch the exchange ratio like a hawk and strike when you can buy low and sell high. You can even get gold in a pinch by selling gems instead of buying them, however they were acquired.
WHY: You don’t ever have to spend a real dollar on gems on this game past the box fee if you do! You SHOULD. But you don’t HAVE to.

8. Craft!
WHAT: Get one/both your primary and secondary crafting professions up to 400/400.
HOW: Using materials from your 80 funds and farming, craft things you have and discover things you don’t. Crafting Boosters can help you or an alt plow through crafting and get a LOT of XP.
WHY: You can supply crafted goods like armor and weapons, boxes and trinkets, upgrade components and more — to yourself, your alts, your guildies, friends or.. even strangers!

9. Achievement Points!
WHAT: Achievement Points are fun bragging rights.
HOW: Hero Panel (‘H’ key) -> Achievements and start going down the list. Some are account-wide and others are class-specific or gameplay type-specific. Some are repeatable, too!
WHY: Tell your friends you’ve got the most achievements and points! They’re like Steam Achievements or Xbox Live Achievement Points. It also boosts influence for the guild you are representing at the time of the unlock!

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