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Guardians of Middle-Earth Eowyn Guide

Guardians of Middle-Earth Eowyn Guide by Exude

Hello Guardians,

I am Exude, but my GT is AreJayEm. Currently number 10 on 3-Lane Kills/Assists Leaderboard and number 8 on 3-Lane Wins. I saw the Galadriel Guide written by Blackbloodlust and decided to write my first guide ever for my favorite Sheildmaiden, Eowyn. Coming from the League of Legends community (if you can call it that), I saw Leo....I mean Eowyn and her kit and automatically knew this would be my main. Not only is she tanky, but she has a team heal, a team shield, and TWO STUNS/ROOTS. If you are a MOBA vet, you understand the value of Crowd Control in these types of games. That being said, Eowyn is very team reliant as most supports are. So lets get into it:

Called the White Lady of Rohan, Eowyn was trained in the ways of a Shieldmaiden as a matter of tradition -- but to her chagrin, this training was never intended to be used in battle. Expected to remain in Rohan and lead the women, children, and elderly to safety, she went against her King's command to ride in secret at his side. Her loyalty, prowess, and womanhood became the downfall of the Witchking of Angmar, Lord of the Nazgul, whom, it was foretold, no man could defeat. None shall ever again judge her worth unfairly.

Great Surviability
Health Regen Passive

No-self heal + heal drains your health
Not the best dmg
Team Reliant

Position: You always want Eowyn to start in a duo lane, she has no range or heavy damage so don't gimp yourself. However, don't be afraid to roam to other lanes. Eowyn has amazing gank potential with shield/heal/root and can turn the tide of most fights.


(Passive) Lady of Rohan
"Finding courage in the face of her Enemies, Eowyn recovers Health when damaged by Enemy Basic or Ability Attacks, increasing her Health regeneration by a small amount. Up to 7 Health regeneration bonuses can be acquired. Eowyn's Health regeneration is returned to normal if she reaches full Health or is defeated. When Eowyn uses the "I Am No Man" Ability, each current regeneration bonus is converted to Ability Damage and applied to the afflicted Enemy."

This passive has save my life SO many times and works well throughout the whole game. It allows you to play aggressive early game and get the health advantage. By mid game, this will make you a tower diving beast with shield and ult. With a health regen/max health/resistance belt, this will allow you to tank AND have your heal up at the same time without dying.

"Embodying the heroic purpose of the Horse Lords of Rohan, Eowyn sheilds herself and Allies within close range, enabling all with Sheilds to absorb up to 75/135/195/255 Damage for 4 seconds. This Ability gains a moderate benefit from increased Ability Power."

A very good skill. I usually rank this 3rd after ult and heal. Because your healing skill is a heal over time, in emergencies you want to pop this first to absorb an attack or two while your heal does its work. Although you can slots some AP gems/relics to increase the shield, I personally prefer a different route, although to each their own.

(Great Renown)
"Selflessly sacrificing herself to protect her allies, Eowyn is able to restore 7%/8%/9%/10% Health per second to Allied Guardians within close range, but at the cost of losing 3/4/5/6 health per second herself for each Ally healed. Additionally while the "Great Renown" Ability is active, any Healing applied to Eowyn is reduced by 25%. Note that Relics activated upon Ability use are not triggered by "Great Renown." The Ability gains a moderate benefit from increased Ability Power."

Bread and Butter skill. This ability is a toggle which I had to learn the hard way ;-). Because GoME can be such a quick game, the longer you can keep allies in lane to gain XP, the quicker your team can snowball. This is why I like to start in a lane with an AD carry (preferably ranged), then I start to roam. This allows the other lanes to start out level 1 aggressive, knowing I will be there soon to heal them up, giving them a health advantage over their competition. In addition, it allows the AD carry I was laning with to gain some solo xp for a level advantage. The great thing about this skill is that it heals for a percentage but drains you for a set amount per guardian, which is why I prefer a belt with full health regen/max health bonuses. Although your health regen is gimped when this skill is active, by late game, with your passive and the belt a recommended, you will be able to have this skill on all the time, healing your whole team, without dropping below 75% health.

(Know My Fury)
"By underestimating the battle hardiness of Eowyn, Enemies that come with close range during the 1.8/2.2/2.6/3.0 seconds duration of "Know My Fury" are taken aback and Rooted for 1.0 seconds, preventing them moving. The Ability gains no benefit from increased Ability Power."

A great root, however, I usually max this last as Eowyn is a support and most likely even with a longer root won't secure a kill solo. The main purpose of this skill is to chain CC with your teammates or stop someone from running away. Still a good skill though.

(I am No Man)
"Eowyn reveals her full might, striking an Enemy for 76/96/116/136 Ability Damage, with an additional 22/28/34/40 for each current "Lady of Rohan" Ability bonus and stunning them for 1 second, preventing the afflicted Enemy from taking any action during that time. Additionally nearby adversaries are sent running helplessly by causing Fear to all Enemies within medium range. This Ability gains a moderate benefit from increased Ability Power."

Another great skill that I max as soon as possible, pretty much icing on the cake of Rohan. I recommend not initiating with this ult unless you really need the group CC. Why? Because you usually want to let your passive build for the extra damage and the range is longer than your other skills so it's great for catching that running Gollum. This ult can quickly turn the tide of a fight in your favor with your other skills. Ult+shield+heal+root can transform teamfights.

I usually take "Grey Mountains potions" in all slots for the resistance and health regen.

Commands are Heal, Healing Totem, War Cry, and Group Cleanse which I would recommend for most supports.

Gems and Relics are up to your playstyle. I prefer to play back line support with full health regen/max health, however if you get attacked late game you have very little resistances and rely on your team to get you out of a bad spot. You could also go frontline tank by slotting AP/Resistances and maxing your root first.

This is not a definite way to play Eowyn and as with all MOBAs, everything is situational but I am open to any comments/criticism. Thanks for the long read.

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