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Planetside 2 Engineer Guide

Planetside 2 Engineer Guide by fuzzyfoot

I keep seeing the SAME questions over and over, with ill informed bad information and advice being given, so I thought I would write this short and sweet guide to clarify some things

I'm a rank 46 TR on genudine, and I play exclusively engineer while ground pounding and have dumped all of my infantry certs into this class ( and planes / tanks )

Claymore/c4/Tank mine mechanics:
-Say you can drop 3 tank mines, if you place those tank mines, go resupply, and place 3 more tank mines, it will wipe your previously placed 3 tank mines
-Mines stay until you log out, or switch continents, or they blow up obviously : )
-If you place 3 tank mines, go to an infantry console and resupply with claymores, you *CAN* place your claymores down without wiping your tank mines, so you can deploy c4 tank mines and claymores all at once.

Utility pouch:
-This cert line upgrade is NOT a rip off, and is by far one of the best lines to upgrade in the game, it DEFINES engineers
-The cert cost is high, the utility is paramount. This game was not made to be beaten in a week, it was intended to be played for months + years, so be patient
-Maxed out utility pouch equals:
4 C4's
5 Anti tank mines <(=== holy !#$@ batman!!!
3 Claymores (AP mines)

Claymores (AP mines):
-Are fantastic for securing capping points, try to place behind wall corners, heavy foot traffic areas etc but not in obvious areas
-Claymores are directional, other factions are not
-The claymore's green lasers are *NOT* visible to enemy

C4 :
-Decent for killing armor, but you have to be pretty suicidal to get a kill
-FANTASTIC for killing clustered up groups of infantry, and for killing MAXes
-Can spam all of your C4 using right click, and then left click to detonate

Tank Mines
-Huge blast radius, can be used against infantry by shooting your tank mine after placing it
-Can ****DECIMATE**** Incoming Zerg convoys. With 4th level utility pouch, you can place 5 frikken tank mines!!! Could you imagine what 3 engineers with level 4 utility pouches and tank mines could do to a 20 zerg + incoming tank convoy? Render it COMPLETELY useless and stop the push dead in its tracks, do not underestimate this!!!
-Tank convoys have to keep moving, once the first couple of tanks run into mines and die or are crippled they will want to stop, causing a traffic jam, and ensuing madness
-Place tank mines in choke points, narrow roads in canyons, on bridges leading to the crown etc, plan ahead where the armor will come, place your mines and enjoy the free exp 
-Keep a mental note on your tank mines, if you have 5 placed, and see a "Magrider kill" exp message, assume you now have 4 and feel free to place an additional mine somewhere.

Sticky Grenades:
-Fun, semi pointless mechanic, upgrade if you want, but it is no more, or less effective than a regular grenade IMO once you get used to the arc of throwing. Not to mention they are 30 resource points more expensive than regular grenades.

Ammo Pack:
-The upgradable ammo pack is garbage, get explosives
-You can still deploy ammo after getting mines, select your mana turret, push b to switch firemode, and you now have an ammo pack that lasts longer than your upgradable pack.

Mana Turret:
-This thing is sweet, in fights like biodome, select a corridor of fire around a corner, or at top of stairs, sit back and rake in the exp
-Mana turret is super accurate for the first 4-5 shots, after that the cone of fire increases dramatically making it impossible to hit range targets, so burst fire is your friend
-Not so good in outdoor environments, open to sniper fire

Other uses for Mana Turret:
-Taking heavy fire and hiding behind a rock, deploy your turret on the right to draw fire and attention, and exit the oppisite side. Mana turrets are bright, and catch people's eye, even if they dont shoot it they will take a moment to look at it before noticing nothing is there.
-MY *PERSONAL* Favorite use of the mana turret, which is always overlooked, is the fact it is a mini ladder. Deploy your turret, and use it to climb over walls, climb over force fields etc.
-On Tech plants, you can deploy your turret on the ledge next to the cable by the force field doors that light assault can fly over, hop on top of your turret, jump onto the cable, and run up and over the wall and into the plant.

-Dont for a second think you are useless in a fight, with a clever approach you can easily 1 man rambo an 8-10 man squad, suicide charge a sunderer and throw 2-3 anti tank mines down, solo maxes etc
-You are also a kickass support class, if you see a max doing AA, or trying to break an infantry line, stick onto him like a suckerfish!!! Keep him healed, and drop an ammo pack for him. Maxes are intimidating by themselves, but with an engineer around the corner consta healing him and keeping his ammo up, they are a force to be reckoned with : )

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