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DOTA 2 Doom Bringer Guide

DOTA 2 Doom Bringer Guide by Cara

Doom Bringer in DOTA2 is more handsome than that in DOTA. To sum up, he’s very powerful, especially in early and mid game. And he is also very powerful in late game. But he’s highly dependent on skills and he will become the normal creeps during skill cooldowns.

Now let’s see pros and cons of Doom Bringer together.

1. Skill advantage. 3 of his 4 skills are very forceful, especially the overpowered ult.
2. 3.2 strength growth is very high. As a strength hero, high strength stats means high attack damage.

1. The biggest weakness: low armor. Actually armor is a stats which can be easily ignored in Dota, and the low armor makes him very vulnerable when facing champions with ranged skills.
2. Low intelligence stats. Extremely short of mana. But Doom Bringer can equip Arcane Boots to solve the problem.
3. Low agility stats. Doom Bringer’s agility growth is the lowest among all champions and the attack interval time will be increased if he casts ult. His slow movement speed is also a problem.
4. Slow movement speed. 290 movement speed is not enough for a melee.
5. Units who are hit by Doom Bringer’s ult will be denied.

Mid Solo Gameplay

Doom Bringer’s gank is of high efficiency because his ult is very imbalanced. 15 seconds’ silence and no one can use items, even include Town Portal Scroll, Magic Stick and Healing Salve. And part of passives will be silenced since Doom Bringer will be enhanced in Dota2.

Key word for mid solo ganker: LVL Death
What’s LVL Death? That is Doom Bringer can deal great damage through the skill based on your level. Long before, Doom Bringer can deal double damage to enemies of corresponding level when using LVL Death and now it changes to 20% of the target's maximum health.
For a unit with 80% or 50% HP, Doom Bringer can cast LVL Death, Scorched Earth, LVL Death (after the cooldown) and then his ult.

Another key word for mid solo ganker: save skill points
A good Doom Bringer must learn how to save skill points for LVL Death because 5 enemies’ levels won’t be the same. Opponent mid solo will be 1 or 2 level(s) higher than others and junglers of two sides will be of the same level. For both parts, their mid solo will be 1 or 2 level (s) higher than champions on other lanes.

So you need to count opponents’ levels and use the high burst of LVL Death to kill opponents at the right time. Unlike Strygwyr which can gank by casting ult, Doom Bringer doesn’t rely on his ult. The cooldown for his ult is quite long.
Mid solo Doom Bringer needs to rely on LVL Death of corresponding level so that he can also gank during the cooldown of his ult.

Skill points recommendation. Mid solo Doom Bringer can choose to give up the skill – Devour. If enemy unit has fast movement speed, you can choose level 1 Devour to kill field monster with dog face (aura of 12% movement speed) or field monster with net skill (able to summon little skeleton) to make a smooth gank because he has no control.

Maximize the skill - Scorched Earth first since it can damage enemies and Doom gains bonus HP regen and increased movement speed when laning. Because of his low armor, he relies on Scorched Earth besides Healing Salve and Bottle.

LVL Death: add points according to enemy levels or save points.
Doom: If you have the skill, you can maximize it. You need to be careful because units hit by ult can be easily denied or you can equip the Urn of Shadows.
Basic tactic: first you need to know that you’re powerful at level 6 and you can kill opponent mid solo at that time. The opponent mid solo is also at level 6, and you must have level 1 ult, LVL Death of corresponding level, level 3 Scorched Earth. That is, level 1 LVL Death and you save 1 skill point or add level 1 Devour.

And then you need to seize the chance, cast ult, Scorched Earth and LVL Death twice. Once you solo successfully, you will be at level 7. And this time, you will have an additional skill point. As I mentioned before, mid solo champion would be 1 level higher than champions on other lanes. Namely, when you’re level 6, champions on top or bottom lanes are level 5 and then you kill an enemy and upgrade to level 7. Now start to gank and observe top and bottom lanes. Prepare to kill opponent level 5 champions with level 2 LVL Death. The efficiency of gank in mid and late game depends on yourself now.

Items: Bottle must be the starting item because Doom Bringer is short of mana and Bottle is a good supplement. Even the opponent control your rune, you can also use couriers to carry Bottle.
Then we go to the choice of boots. If you control the rune, you can choose Phase Boots. I don’t suggest Power Threads because Doom Bringer doesn’t rely on the speed of basic attack. And Arcane Boots is also a very god choice but you don’t need to equip this if your teammates have already equipped the item.

Then we go to choice of items when in favorable and unfavorable circumstances. If you’re in favorable circumstance, just choose Sange & Yasha and Blade Mail. They are good choices. You can also equip Radiance but you need to spend much time on farming and it’s not good for gank. If you die during ganking, you will lose the money. Choose it according to the circumstance.

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