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Guardians of Middle-Earth Agandaur Guide

Guardians of Middle-Earth Agandaur Guide by BlackBloodlust

[[As always these guides are directed towards those new to the moba genre. I hope this helps you get started]]

Agandaur, Agandaur, Aganduar.. This guy not only looks like a badass but he has the potential to wipe out whole teams (Not joking, i've already got two pentakills on him). What's the catch? A poor early game and you are THE glass cannon quickly dying under too much focus from even one enemy. Being in the right place at the right time and not being cocky is key to mastering this guardian. Onwards!!

Position - Middle, Middle, Middle and Middle lane. Agandaur CAN do alright in a side lane but he really needs the solo lane to shine and reach his potential.

Skills -

Lvl1: Northern Bolt
Lvl2: Overcharge
Lvl3: Nothern Bolt
Lvl4: Overcharge
Lvl5: Shockwave
Lvl6: Northern Bolt - Maxed
Lvl7: Shockwave
Lvl8: Overcharge
Lvl9: Shockwave
Lvl10: Overcharge - Maxed
Lvl11: Shockwave - Maxed
Level 12 - 14: Dark Assault - Maxed

Northern Bolt is obviously maxed first as your main harass tool followed by overcharge so you can make that harass an AoE one (Plus the Ability Damage Penetration is nice too). Shockwave is raised whenever possible while we max Dark Assault last, this is because you really should not be using this for damage, it is to get away, chase, gank or position shockwave.

Explaining his passive Gathering Storm:

Okay the tips in game have this passive slightly wrong. Basically everytime you cast an ability you gain an orb that hovers around you (Northern Bolt or Dark Assault. Never use Shockwave without Overcharge). Each orb that surrounds you makes you more tanky, 3 orbs increasing your ability damage resistance by 30% and your basic damage resistance by 15%. If you use overcharge you consume ONE orb (the game says all orbs) to power up your next spell dealing more damage and gaining new effects.

OBJECTIVES MIDDLE LANE: Remember you should always be using your abilities to build up your three orbs, even if you have to teleport using Dark Assault backwards or to the side. Having the three orbs up will make you alittle less squishy. Harass the enemy with Northern Bolt, use an Overcharged Northern Bolt if you want to harass and push. I would reccomend not going for a kill until you get Shockwave unless you know what you are doing and you see a relatively safe opportunity. YOU CANNOT AFFORD TO FALL BEHIND IN LEVELS.
When you have Shockwave the combo you will be using for tearing down enemies is...

Overcharge > Dark Assault > Overcharge > Northern Bolt > Overcharge > Shockwave

Obviously you will need 3 orbs for this though if the enemy is weak enough just take the Overcharged Northern Bolt out. Remember if you have pushed hard or got a kill it is your duty to pick up the shrines. Good man.

OBJECTIVES TEAM FIGHTS: The complete opposite of Legolas! Agandaur truly shines in Team Fights though still being squishy. Like always keep your orbs up at all times, stay behind your allies like a mage should and use Overcharged Northern Bolt to hurt multiple guardians at once. DO NOT use Overcharged Shockwave just because it is up, the trick to getting 2-5 kills at once is knowing WHEN to lay down the lightning! If you use it prematurely it can be cancelled and wasted for another 40+ seconds by almost any guardian. Knockups, Silences, Stuns, though I havn't tested it exactly I think even roots might do. I'll confirm later.
Think of it this way, Overcharged Shockwave is your way of punishing an enemy team for forgetting about you. When they commit to the fight and you are left alone, unleash it. Rank 3 Overcharged Shockwave does 205 + 410 + 615 damage in a HUGE cone and this is without even including the ability damage stat.

OBJECTIVE SIDE LANE: Uh-oh.. So some stubborn Legolas is refusing to give you middle huh? Well you arn't completely screwed but you are in for a hard time. I'm not going to write alot here because the same cautious harassment tactics apply but only go in for a kill if your team mate does first. Basically use your team mate as a meat shield. If you get a choice try to go with any good defender like Galadriel, Eowyn or Wulfrun.

RELICS AND GEMS: COMMON SENSE. Stay away from Rubies! Get Ability Damage, Spell Life Steal, Cooldown Reductions, Health or Health Regen. You choose how you want to do it.


Things you should know.

Northern Bolt.

-It can hit multiple SOLDIERS at once without the AoE Overcharge, so you don't have to waste an orb just to push.
-If it hits an enemy guardian it will not hit anything else unless Overcharged.
-Overcharged Northern Bolt will obviously hit everything.

Overcharged Dark Assault.

-Even if you aim it completely right sometimes it still won't root or cause the damage it should.


-ONLY EVER USE IT WITH OVERCHARGE! FULL STOP!! Stupid amounts of damage plus an AoE Slow.


Thank you! Please leave any comments, questions or opinions!

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