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Runescape Complete Queen Black Dragon Guide

Runescape Complete Queen Black Dragon Guide by Op Rapier

Hello everybody, my name is Op Rapier and welcome to my QBD (Queen Black Dragon) Guide!
I am a level 178 PvM player and I see players up to 20 levels higher than me struggling with the QBD, and I also see alot of people needing help with taking her down,
which is why I am making this guide.

------Table of Contents------
Post 1A - General Info
Post 1B - Recommended/Requirements
Post 2 - Setups
Post 3 - Setups continued
Post 4A - Action bar
Post 5A - Action bar continued
Post 5B - Inventory setups
Post 6 - Killing/moves
Post 7- Killing/moves continued
Post 8 - Killing/moves continued
Post 9 - Wrap up

------ Post 1A ------ General info ------
The Queen Black Dragon is a level 220 solo boss monster and is one of the toughest monsters in gelinor!
She utilises many attacks and is a very complex boss with consistent attacks and very dangerous KO moves!

The main reason players fight here is for her sought-after loot. Her drops are very valuable as she very
commonly drops items such as torstols, rune ores, etc. As well as a pile of dragon bones and royal d'hide
every kill. These drops stack up fast and can make very profitable cash very quickly. However, there is a
chance that after every kill, you might get what PvM is all about - a rare drop. Luckily, her valuable drops
aren't too rare!

Her most valuable drops include the royal crossbow pieces, which fetch 1 - 2m a piece, the Dragon Kiteshield,
the Draconic Visage, and the Dragonbone upgrade kit.

------ Post 1B ------ Recommended/Requirements ------
There are not many requirements, in fact all you really need is 60 summoning. Without 60 summoning, you cannot
fight her.

Stats (Recommended) -
80+ Ranged if using ranged
85+ Attack and Strength if using melee
80+ Defence
85+ Hp
Port sarim lodestone + 50 Agility
This should NOT be your first boss
Super antifires are highly advised
Song From the Depths quest - HIGHLY ADVISED

Now killing the QBD is ALOT easier than it seems! Even at 80 ranged, knowing what you're doing can get you sub 6 minute kills!

Recommended setup

This guide is for beginners, so the setups are not too high level

WEAPON - Chaotic Crossbow > Karil's Pistol Crossbow > Dragon Crossbow
SHIELD - Dragonfire shield (Ranged) > Anti-dragon shield
HELMET - Armadyl helmet > Morrigan's coif > Karil's Coif > Royal d'hide coif
BODY - Armadyl Chestplate > Morrigan's leather body > Karil's body > Royal d'hide body
LEGS - Armadyl Platelegs > Morrigan's leather chaps > Karil's Legs > Royal d'hide chaps
BOOTS - Armadyl boots > Spined boots > Ranger boots > Snakeskin boots
AMMUNITION - Royal bolts > Onyx bolts (e) > Rune bolts > Broad tipped bolts
CAPE - Ava's Device > Skillcape > Soul wars cape
GLOVES - Armadyl gloves > Royal d'hide vambraces > Barrows gloves
RING - Archer's Ring (i) > Onyx ring (i) > Archer's ring
AURA - Penance > Vampyrism
NECKLACE - Sardomin's Murmur > Amulet of Ranging > Amulet of fury > Amulet of glory
POCKET - Scrimshaw of ranging > Scrimshaw of vampyrism > Scrimshaw of Cruelty

WEAPON - Royal Crossbow > Chaotic Crossbow > Crystal Bow > Karil's Crossbow > Dragon 2h Crossbow
SHIELD - Offhand Chaotic Crossbow (If using 1H MH Weapon)

HELMET - Void Ranger
BODY - Void
Legs - Void
Gloves - Void

I only recommend using void if you have super antifires.
------ Post 3 - Setups continued ------


WEAPON - Chaotic Rapier > Chaotic longsword > Abyssal whip
SHIELD - Dragonfire shield > Anti-dragon shield
HELMET - Bandos helmet > Barrows helm > Dragon helm > Helm of nietzinot
BODY - Bandos chestplate > Barrows platebody > Dragon platebody
LEGS - Bandos Tassets > Barrows platelegs > Dragon platelegs
BOOTS - Bandos Boots > Dragon boots
CAPE - Skillcape > Tokhaar-kal > Fire cape
GLOVES - Bandos gloves > Barrows gloves
RING - Berserker ring (i) > Warrior ring (i) > Onyx ring (i) > Berserker ring > Warrior ring
AURA - Penance > Vampyrism
NECKLACE - Saradomin's Whisper > Amulet of fury > Amulet of glory
POCKET - Scrimshaw of melee > Scrimshaw of Vampyrism > Scrimshaw of Cruelty

WEAPON - Chaotic maul > Zamorakian spear > Godsword > Chaotic Rapier/Longsword
SHIELD - Offhand - Chaotic Rapier/Longsword

------ Post 4 ------ Action Bar ------

The abilities you use are vital in sucess of killing the queen black dragon. On this post I will explain recommended setups for melee and ranged, and
how to build adrenaline as fast as possible as well as inventory setups

Until I can get pictures, I will use words.

Setup your action bar to what comforts you. I use 1,2,3,4,5,Q,W,E,A,S,D,F

For now, I will simply use 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12

1 - Slice
2 - Sever
3 - Punish
4 - Fury
5 - Backhand/kick
6 - Assault < Use whenever possible
7 - Slaughter
8 - Barricade < Use if tanking of powerful attacks are needed (Explained later)
9 - Rejuvanate < Use once per kill, when abit low on health
10 - Overpower < Use if going well
11 - Anything you want
12 - Anything you want
1 - Slice
2 - Sever
3 - Cleave
4 - Punish
5 - Backhand/kick
6 - Assault < Use whenever possible
7 - Slaughter
8 - Hurricane < Use to kill souls/deal general damage
9 - Berserk < Use to deal MASSIVE damage
10 - Overpower/Meteor Strike
11 - Anything you want
12 - Anything you want
1 - Slice
2 - Sever
3 - Havoc
4 - Fury
5 - Backhand/Kick
6 - Assault
7 - Flurry
8 - Slaughter
9 - Berserk
10 - Frenzy
11 - Anything you want
12 - Anything you want


By using a method I have taught myself, I believe I use the method to gain
the fastest adrenaline possible. This is how to do it -

Start by using your "Slice" or in the case of ranged, "Piercing shot" Ability
Follow it by using your next basic ability in line. In this example, its sever.
Then, go back to slice, then your next basic ability (For example, havoc)
Then back to slice, then next in line, then slice over and over again.
04-Feb-2013 22:37:26  Last edited on 04-Feb-2013 23:10:33 by Op Rapier
------ Post 5A ------ Action bar continued ------


1 - Piercing shot
2 - Binding shot
3 - Fragmentation shot
4 - Ricochet
5 - Snipe
6 - Bombardment < Use to kill souls
7 - Rapid fire < Extremly OP, like my rapier ^^
8 - Snap Shot
9 - Deadshot
10 - Incendiary Shot
11 - Anything you want
12 - Anything you want

If using a shield you can customise this to your personal liking, beginners should test and
try out barricade, especially on the final phase where she can easily kill you in seconds.

------ Post 5B ------ Inventory setups ------


Bring 1 Super attack and Super strength, 2 prayer potions if not using penance, optionally a super defence
and a super/normal antifire. Fill the rest up with your best food, remember it depends on your cooking level.

You should also fill up a BoB (Tortoise + Recommended) With your best food.

Tip - If you own adrenaline pots, which you should if you own super antifires, bring 1.


Pretty straight - forward, same thing just substitute the attack and strength pot for a
ranging pot and you don't really need a defence pot unless you really want to bring it.

------ Post 6 ------ Killing/moves ------

First I am going to go over all of her moves quickly, then to the killing part.


Basic attacks

---Ranged attack---
She can always attack you with ranged, no matter where you are standing.
It is an accurate - hard hitting straight up nothing special ranged attack.

---Melee attack---
Her melee attack is not too accurate but can hit VERY hard (upwards to 2000)
Her melee range is about just behind the artefact 1, so rangers are advised
to stand behind there and pray ranged to avoid as much damage as possible.

Special attacks

---Fire wall---
Every now and then, you will get a message in your chatbox saying "The queen black
dragon takes a huge breath". This signals she is about to use the fire wall attack.
Depending on her phase, she will throw out 1-3 fire walls that come at you with 1
square free of fire, reminiscent of the one used by Char during The Firemaker's Curse quest.
It is best to try and avoid these, as they deal rapid damage. There are only
3 spots where the free block can be, so memorize them all. If you cannot make one, it
is best to run through it to take minimal damage.

---Dragon Breath---
Simple dragon breath attack. Exposure without dragonfire protection will result in devastating
effects. She will use this often and NOTHING can full protect against it. Cannot be avoided.

---Super Dragon Breath---
On the 4th and final phase, you will sometimes get the message "The Queen Black Dragon gathers
her strength to breath extremely hot flames" When you get this message it is advised to run to
the sides ASAP as she will use a very powerful dragonfire attack that lasts for 3 hits. Standing
in the middle even with dragonfire protection will result in 3 hits of 1950. This can easily kill
a player at high health. Standing at the side will reduce this to 450.

------ Post 7 ------ Killing/moves continued -------

---Tortured Souls---
Perhaps one of her deadliest attacks, depending on what phase you are on, the QBD will often summon 1,2 or 4 tortured souls. The warning for this is purple in your chatbox and says " The queen black dragon summons one (Several) of her captive, tortured souls". The tortured souls will appear in different spots depending on what phase the dragon is on, and right when they spawn they will spawn a black cloud with them that will follow the player until it hits something. These cloud do around 1000 damage each and if the soul is not killed quick enough it will continue to summon these clouds. The only way to avoid these clouds are to run it back into the souls. If succesful in doing so, the cloud will damage the soul instead of the player.
The souls have about 1750 health each. Here is the spawn system - Phase 1 - The soul will always spawn 1 block west of the player. Phase 2 - 1 soul will spawn 1 block east, the other 1 block west. Phase 4 - The 4 souls will spawn quite randomly, although learning these spawns are very helpful as some spawns give the chance
to avoid 100 percent damage.

---Time Stop---
On the last phase, when she spawns tortured souls. One will teleport to the corner if not killed quick enough and start talking. If this soul is not killed within 10 seconds, the player will be completly frozen where they are for 7 seconds, unable to move, eat, teleport, anything. The QBD will remain unfrozen and continue to use her attacks.

After phase 3, if the souls are not killed quick enough she may start healing from them. The souls will lose 100 health every game tick while the queen gains 200. If there are no souls she cannot heal so it is advised to kill the souls as fast as possible.

------Post 8------Killing/moves continued------

---Giant Worms---
After every phase, the queen will spawn giant worms which will attack with magic until the correct artefact is active. She spawns them pretty quick so it is advised to activate the artefact as quickly as possible.

---Magical platform---
When stepping off the platform for too long, the player will recieve 1500 damage.

---Hardened Carapace---
The queen black dragon might hardern her carapace, weakening all melee and ranged damage dealt to her, while increasing all magic damage dealt to her.

---Consistent Crystals---
The queen black dragon might focus on the consistensy of her crystals, weakening all mage damage dealt to her, while
increasing all ranged and melee damage dealt to her.

I recommend reading these moves over a few times, especially the souls.

But now that you've learned her attacks, lets move onto killing her!

There are 4 phases too her, im not gonna go into them too much but for the first 2 phases, as long as you use your abilities
correctly, theres no reason to use any more than 1 food, and thats if you're using void. Just remember - Rapid fire if using ranged.

The 3rd are 4th phase however, can be DEADLY to newcomers to this boss. Multiple tortured souls, Quick KO attacks, and sometimes
not even being able to attack the QBD because of all the other stuff, you should read carefully.

My strategy with ranged, is when phase 2 is about to finish, make sure I have 100 percent adrenaline. I will deadshot and quickly activate the artefact - the artefacts go like this - 1. In the middle 2. South west 3. South east. 4. South I will then prep for 3rd phase and drink an adrenaline potion, and build up to rapid fire ASAP, then use it.

I usually try to stay around 60 percent adrenaline, for bombardment when the souls come, or rapid fire if she suddenly goes crystal,
as rapid fire + crystal = 2000 x5

When I see the souls message for final phase, I make sure im 4k+ hp, and avoid the clouds.
Post 9 - Wrap up

As for anything else, QBD is a very easy boss.

I hope you all enjoyed my guide, and good luck to everybody with the Queen Black Dragon!

- Op Rapier

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