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Path of Exile Dual Wield Elemental Templar Build

Path of Exile Dual Wield Elemental Templar Build by VictorDoom

Alrighty tighty lets get to it then.
Have a song while you read this:

Well this build is inspired from my shadow cleave build, WytchfinderGeneral, (which you can see here ) the build is not viable anymore due to the CI nerf, so i had to find a way to do something similar but using life, noticed the templar starting area is the best for this kind of build so went on with it.

Currently level 82
Current state of the build:Passive skill tree build

How it will be later:Passive skill tree build

I only use cleave, no reason for me to use a single target attack since i dont have the links nor will i do more dps.

DPS on cleave: 12.5k, without wake of destruction boots its around 10.3k
Resists: all maxed, need to get some high resistance gear so i can take Elemental Adaptaion that adds 5% to max resitance and have them all maxed to 80%.
Endurance charges: 5 (25% dr + 25% to all res)

Mana cost on cleave with the 5 link is 21.
Auras leave with around 100 mana to use, more than enough.
Life regeneration is around 140 per second, since you cant leech life, you try to regenerate as much as you can so you dont have to use a life leech gem.

Complete walkthrough

You start off as a basic sweep templar, you just get a random axe or maul or sword 2h and sweep enemies and use heavy strike for rares and singles.

Build at around level 20: Passive skill tree build

Here you go for some dex nodes wherever you can and you can start using swords/axes with elemental damage.
Build at around level 40:Passive skill tree build

You continue as you are from there on, speccing and respeccing into however much dexterity you need from the +30dex nodes that are close by.
Build at around level 60:Passive skill tree build

Bandit rewards:
First time take Oak's +40 life (i did not do this since i was unsure at the time if i will go CI or life, that was a mistake)

Second time take the skill point.

Third time take the endurace charge from Oak.

About skills:
Do not level cleave, ever.
Do not level whirling blades or leap slam,depending on your preference of travel.
Level the rest to maximum level.

Use Grace once you take Iron Reflexes node, start leveling it when you get it though.
Use Vitality for more regen or Purity if you have low resistances.
Use Anger and Wrath for the dps.

All of them linked to reduced mana cost.

Cleave 4l: Cleave-Faster attacks-weapon elemental damage-mana leech

Cleave 5l: Cleave-Faster attacks-weapon elemental damage-mana leech-concentrated effect

Cleave 6l: Cleave-Faster attacks-weapon elemental damage-mana leech-concentrated effect-lightning penetration or 20% quality added lightning damage, wahtever works best for you, i would use penetration though, dps seems better.

Use elemental weakness OR conductivity since the bulk of the damage is lightning, start and continue to use the curse you get your hands on first.

Use whatever totem you like best, this is the part where your creativity comes in, i just use a rejuvenation totem because i happened to get my hands on a 20% quality one, but you can use whatever totem you like best! Make a spell totem, make a ranged totem, do whatever you like here.

This part is pretty obvious i think, just use evasion,armor or evasion/armor hybrids with decent life mods and decent resistance mods, its nice to have some attack speed or elemental damage on gloves.

As rings go, resistances and life comes first, then elemental damage, amulets the same, try to get your survivability sorted out first, you'll do enough damage anyway.

Belts, this is the place where you want some elemental damage % mod, try to get life and resistance on them too.

As weapons go use Axes or Swords with hgih attack speed and high elemental damage, nothing too fancy, you'll do big damage with almost anything that has some decent mods on it.

There are no vital unqiues for this build, use wakes if you can afford to use them, you will give up resitance and life from a normal pair of boots, but you will gain quite a nice ammount of dps, but they are not all that important!

Use: 2 Seething hallowed life flasks
1 panicked hallowed lifeflask
1 granite flask of iron skin
1 amethyst flask against chaos damage mobs

General points to be made
This build also works in HC, just be careful on the elemental reflect mobs, take them slowly.

Not very gear dependent, you can get to merciless with sub par gear.

You can kill monsters pretty fast, while you can also tank very well, with endurance charges up and a granite flask of iron skin you can get to 90% physical damage reduction.

You can use zombies or all kinda of goofy skills no one would imagine a build like this would be using because luckily enough you have enough stats for just about any skill :)

Endurance charges only last 10 seconds, so when you intend on tanking some mobs, youd better have an eye on that timer and be sure to spam enduring cry because if you miss time it you might have a bad time.

You can do any maps,if you do go in a elemental reflect map, just swap out Weapon elemental damage support for a life leech support and you will be fine.

Post any questions you have or your current status on this build in this thread so i can respond to them easily and quickly.

I will happily respond to any and all questions.

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Michael Rivard said...

Why not level Cleave? This is your main spell i thought.

Why Dual wield?

Wouldn't the damage be better with 2H?

Anonymous said...

why dont you level cleave?