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Guardians of Middle-Earth Bert Build

Guardians of Middle-Earth Bert Build by Will_Tomorrow

Thought I'd share my Bert build and the logic behind it. Fooled around with all kinds of different builds, tanky Bert, fast Bert, violent Bert, but I keep coming back to this one. That being said, it may only be my favorite build because it is my favorite build. I'd like to bounce it off of you fine folks and see if one of you has a combo that excites me as well.

Light of the West: 2x Sapphire of Power

I have found nothing better suited for surprising an enemy with your sudden damage increase than the Light of the West. I cannot count the number of LVL 4 kills this had netted me, simply because someone has overestimated their hardiness while playing too close to my fire. Even if you're not getting the kill off of your pulls, you're probably getting an assist. The additional DoT from the AP boost is devastating against a ton of lane combos, especially those lacking a healer.

Shadow's Reach Relic: 2x Sapphire of Power, 1x Topaz of Agility

This is the backbone of my Bert build, my secret weapon, my Pièce de résistance! I think a lot of people just plain ignore this Relic, thinking to themselves "3 dps per level AoE isn't anything to write home about". On a lot of toons, I'd totally be in agreement with them. When stacked on top of Bert's Bonfire and Stumbling Rage however, it becomes headline news. Nothing more fun than fearing a whole team, tossing three of them into the fire and getting a quad kill due to the dps on the one that fled. Speaking of those that manage to flee, the extra 4% movement speed means the difference between life and death to that Thrain that got a slight headstart on you towards his tower. Full belly!

Seat of Seeing Relic: 2x Sapphire of Power (or the Orthanc Relic, same gems).

I'm still up in the air about this one. There are a couple of times that I've played against team dynamics that had me regretting the lack of ability penetration in my build. Mostly though, the extra AP boost of 6 Sapphires seems to do the trick, as by this time in a bout I'm generally able to walk into an enemy team and toss whoever I want back into my Bonfire for my hungry teammates.

For the record, I know there are a bunch of ways to get more AP out of the fellow, but I really like the 2-3-2- setup on him... keeps him competitive throughout the game, instead of not being able to really engage until lvl 8 or what have you.

Again though, I am curious about other setups, and why he's never really played... Season Pass, maybe... Meh, works for me, I don't ever have to fight for him!

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