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Guild Wars 2 Caudecus Manor Guide for Rangers

Guild Wars 2 Caudecus Manor Guide for Rangers by Chopps

I thought it would be nice for the community to kick off a series of dungeon guides. I’ll do CM, which is really a dungeon suited for the ranger profession. Not only can you get Shaman gear (and the spvp armor look), you can excel in CM.
First, read my basics guide and make sure you know the A, B, and C’s of running dungeons with ranger:

I won’t be going in depth about every path because those topics have been written about before; rather, I’m going to explain some things that I do to win in CM.
Principles of victory in CM:
1) Read a dungeon guide and watch a video so you are informed of special, unique things like the pillow game or the rocket reflection. Also, make sure you bring potions of outlaw slaying.
2) Equip offhand axe for “Whirling Defense”. This is useful because most enemies in this dungeon are ranged. Your axe will reflect bullets for a few thousand damage…plus that’s 3000 less damage to your group. Whirling Defense makes this dungeon much, much easier. Make sure you trait offhand 20% shorter CD.
3) Raven is nice for this dungeon since you’ll be facing a lot of hard hitting mobs. Raven’s blind works very well; call/send to keep the raven alive for as long as possible. Sometimes I was running raven/owl and I would use the raven’s utility first, then switch to owl, then use owl’s utility, then call owl back and send/call owl until you can repeat the process with raven after the pet’s CD.
4) Traps work well because you’ll leash several tough enemies at one time repeatedly. So what you can do is lay traps and have the whole team step back while the mobs get crippled in spikes or frost.
5) Use your pet to safely prevent scouts from successfully running behind their friends to heal.
6) When you face Vallog, drop 3 spirits underwater below the docks then get out. You still have access to all of your utilities and the team gets 3 spirits buffing it…the spirits, if properly placed, will survive but if you place them too close to the boss, aoe might bring them down. Really, it’s not hard to put them out of range of the boss but within range of the team…also, the best thing is, you don’t even have to trait for spirits for this. It’s free. Plus: DOLPHINS!

Do you have any CM tips? Post them here!

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