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Heroes of Newerth Monkey King Guide

Heroes of Newerth  Monkey King Guide by gamer7778

Borne of bestial nobility and blessed with the gift of immortality from the fruit of the Sefir Tree, the Monkey King once wrought a burning trail of havoc that stretched from the mortal plane to the heavens before he was imprisoned for his actions. In an act of repentance, he earned his freedom by accepting the tutelage of Ophelia, who seared onto his forehead a golden seal to control his primal urges. Bound to his new mistress, the Monkey King begins his great journey with renewed strength and zeal.

Hello everyone,this is my monkey king guide.

1 - What is monkey king?
Monkey king is the king of the monkeys(who would have though).Anyways,he is a great early game mid and only a few can survive his deadly combo.

2.Cons and pros

Really good mid hero,can kill almost anyone at lvl 4
Great survivability and mobility thanks to his spells
Good ganker
Easily countered by armor and silence
Item and level dependent
Squishy hero,if stunlocked pretty much dead 100%

3 - Abilities

The Monkey King dashes forward, damaging enemies caught in his path. As long as he impacts an enemy, he may perform a second dash within a 2 second window.

Really nice ability throughout the game,does good damage and also serves as an escape ability.Try to add a auto attack or two between the dashes.You really dont need more than one point into it early as it only increases the damage by 10 for each dash and reduces cooldown by 2.
90 mana cost.15/13/11/9 cooldown.Range - 300

HEAVENLY VAULT - Vault over a unit, jumping 300 distance in front of it (600 if building). Enemies at your landing point take 100 / 150 / 200 / 250 Physical Damage and 2 seconds of 20 / 40 / 60 / 80% slow. If the target is an enemy, it will be pushed back 200 distance and take the same damage and slow.

Vault may be cast a second time for half damage.

This is the ability you should max out.It does 225 damage and a slow for 2 seconds.REMEMBER THAT YOU CAN USE IT ON PRETTY MUCH EVERYTHING! EVEN WARDS! for example if an enemy is hiding behind the tower with below 25% hp jump vault on the tower and kill him(doubles the distance when building) (Wan jin slam counts as a building,so if you want to close the gap use it and vault over it to travel 600 distance infront of it)
Mana cost - 120.Cooldown - 12. Range - 200

The Monkey King slams the ground in front of him, raising a mound of earth that disrupts enemies on both creation and destruction.

Max it after heavenly vault.1 second stun(if you do it right) and 120/180/240/300 damage.Pretty nice,not really much to say.
Mana cost - 80.Cooldown - 14/12/10/8.Range - 200

FLYING NIMBUS - The Monkey King summons his trusty Nimbus Cloud when out of combat, gaining a large movement speed boost. He also passively reduces ability cooldowns by using abilities.

Not the greatest ult,you should get it at lvl 10. Increases movement speed by 10%,15% and 20% at each rank and removes it if you take damage.Returns after 5 seconds.It also reduces cooldown of abilities by 0,5/0,75/1 when you use a ability.

The way you should do your combo is - Q - E - W - Q - W. It wont work always. If the enemy runs to the rock,leave him to be stunned. If he runs away, Vault him back to the rock.
At lvl 4,its almost a sure kill. If the enemy gets overconfident and he is <80% health do your combo and he will probably die.
You can also kill at lvl 3,if the enemy gets close to the tower,Q-W-Q-W, this way he will take alot of tower shots as you will take him near the tower twice.

4 - Hero attributes

Main attribute: Agility

Strength 19 (+2)

Agility 20 (+3)

Intelligence 18 (+2)

Damage 47-53 [/TD]

Health 511

Mana 234

Armor 4.90

Move speed 305

He has got pretty nice attributes,but he gets ou by these heroes and possibly more.

5 - 1 vs 1

Heroes you want to face mid -

Heroes that you will do ok against -

Heroes that you dont want to go mid agnaist - - These heroes will either harass you out of the lane,or they are nearly unkillable

6 - Skill Build - W - Q - W - E - W - E - W - E - E - R - R - Q - Q - Q - AB - R - AB

7 - Items
- I always go for these.You can swap out buckler for minor totems,quick bottle

Thanks for checking out my guide!

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