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Day Z Newbie Survival Guide

Day Z Newbie Survival Guide by Saliviril 

This is my opinion on what you should do, not an instruction manual.

  (Note: Through this guide, you should kill first, ask questions later)

   The first thing you want to do is figure out where you just spawned. Where ever, you spawned, first head towards Cherno/Elektro. If you see a barn, however, try looting that first. Your objective is to: 1) find a gun (Lee enfield, Winchester with slugs, Makarov, hatchet, any military weapon), the best places to search for a gun are the medical tents in Cherno, Tall, orange buildings, sometimes the church, Schools, Fire stations, and barns. 2) Find medical supplies. I suggest leaving with: 2-3 bandages, 2 morphine, 4 blood bags, and an epi-pen. (If you are playing with a friend or two, try to have them get the same supplies.) 3) Food/drink. Try the supermarket, or almost any building that isn't farm/military. Try to get a Water canteen, 2 sodas, 2-4 canned foods. (You will get cooked meat later, hopefully.) Once you have all of this, your backpack and inventory are probably full, and you probably don't want to be around all these players and zeds any more. Run north, get into the woods, reload, meet your friends, eat/drink if you must, do whatever to get ready.

  Once you are in the wooded area, keep heading north. If your server let you spawn with a map, I usually go to every high value barn I see until everyone in my party has ammo and a lee enfield. You should try this, and be sure not to go to any towns that are only 1,000m north, other players may go there looking for supplies. If you see a player doing this, and they don't see you, just run around them and don't bother with them. Once you are about 2-3k m north, I suggest getting ready for the long walk. What I usually do at this point, is have 1 friend go in one direction, 1 friend go another, and you and 1 other player head direct north. The 2 players that left will be looting deer stands while you and your friend cover ground going north. (If you do not have this many friends playing, or only 1, or 2, or whatever, just skip to the next paragraph.) Once the other 2 friends have looted all the deer stands that aren't super far away, (Use the DayZDB map to find these) you should all choose a town that isn't too far for anyone, regroup, heal up, drink, eat, hunt an animal maybe. By now you may want to make sure you have a hatchet, and box of matches. These are essential up here. At this point, hunt animals. Try to get 2-4 cooked steak for everyone. If you can't, just 1-2. A cow provides 8, that is a lot.

   If you don't have that many friends, or you just don't want to do that, you and your friends (if you have them with you) should head due north, killing animals and cooking them for meat. Before you are near Stary, you should try and have a decent amount of cooked meat. Now this is the dangerous part. Lots of snipers love killing players at Stary, so what I do is have 1 friend sprint in to the military area at the back of Stary, and look in all the tents hoping for a gun or two. If they don't find one, just leave Stary and come back later. Now you are up north, with or without military grade equipment. What next?

   Deer stands. Keep going to these and hoping for equipment. Keep hunting animals for food. Continue going in to a town once in awhile for drink/bandages. After you feel you (and your party) is ready, go the the airfield. Try and get weapons and maybe a vehicle, and book it out of there. From now on, follow these last two paragraphs until you are decently geared and have a vehicle or two. At this point you can either 1) set up a camp. Or 2) Kill players sniping picking on new/fresh spawns. Do this until you are loaded out on equipment, then go looking for camps. Repeat this until you eventually die. Everybody dies in DayZ.

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