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Guardians of Middle-Earth Galadriel Guide

Guardians of Middle-Earth Galadriel Guide by BlackBloodlust

This is directed towards people new to the moba genre.

I would like to start off by saying don't play Galadriel and expect to carry your team to victory or get a KDA of 12/0/2. She is essentially a versatile support guardian who can really lock down enemies early game but her damage can be ignored late game by the tankier guardians.

Position - Side Lane (Top or Bottom)
Skills -
Lvl1: Golden Gaze
Lvl2: Lothlorien Grove
Lvl3: Golden gaze
Lvl4: Lothlorien Grove
Lvl5: Evening Star
Lvl6: Golden Gaze - Maxed
Lvl7: Evening Star
Lvl8: Lothlorien Grove
Lvl9: Evening Star
Lvl10: Lothlorien Grove - Maxed
Lvl11: Evening Star - Maxed
Level 12-14: Power of Nenya Maxed

Objectives - Harass the enemy with Golden Gaze and keep yourself topped up with Lothlorien Grove. After level 5 watch your teams health bars and if they seem abit low use Evening Star, this give you the ability to ability to keep your team healthy no matter where you are. After using Evening Star play defensively and regain the lost health.

Team Fights - In large scale fights avoid getting the enemies attention, instead if a fight breaks out throw Lothlorien Grove down in a way that heals your allies and hinders the enemy, then use Golden Gaze to deal abit of damage and render an enemy useless for 2 seconds. If an enemy charges ahead leaving his team mates behind (Moba Players call this Over-extending) use Power of Nenya to pull him towards your team for an easy kill. Also if Golden Gaze makes the feared enemy run towards you also use Power of Nenya to reel him in.

Relics and Belts - I'm not going to hold your hand here. This part is your own playstyle plus common sense. If you like taking risks maybe get more health and some health regen. If you like being a healer and wouldn't mind alittle more damage invest in some ability power or cooldown reductions. Hell even alittle Movement Speed wouldn't be a terrible idea if you have a yellow slow.
AVOID Attack Damage, Attack Speed etc. This stuff is not what Galadriel does.

[Just abit more detail]

~Where should I go?

Galadriel should always be in one of the side lanes supporting her team mate.
Galadriel in solo middle can be done by playing defensively, constantly watching your teams health bars and using Evening Star to keep them topped up while then using Lothlorien Grove to keep yourself topped up. HOWEVER - As the solo lane levels up faster it would be best to let guardians like Legolas, Agandaur or Gandalf who need the levels more have it.



~Lady of the Wood

This passive is the reason I went straight for Galadriel. The other Defenders have great survivability but no one has -sustainability- like Galadriel. Every time you use an ability you gain 5 Hp to your max hp as well as it heals 5 hp, this combined with a cautious manner and Lothlorien Grove means very few guardians will be able to force you back to base (normally only because you messed up).


[Golden Gaze]

18/28/38/48 damage per second for 4 seconds. Effected by Fear for 0.8/1.2/1.6/2.0 seconds.

This is your primary skill and you should focus on maxing this first. It causes damage over time and fear to the enemies which means they will walk slowly in a random direction for a very brief time unable to control there character. You can use this to harass your enemies or get them off of you

[Power of Nenya]

Pulls all enemies within a medium range towards you and stuns them for 1.0/1.2/1.4/1.6. Anything inside the area is also slowed by 34%/37%/40%/45% for 1.5 seconds.

Very useful but you will be maxing this skill last as it does it's job perfectly fine at rank 1. Use it to pull enemies towards your turret if they are getting too cocky or run out from jungle and catch someone in it helping that lane pick up a kill. You can use Golden Gaze before Power of Nenya to make it harder for the enemy to avoid (but I personally prefer using it afterwards so there's a chance I can pick up a kill hehe) or place down a Lothlorien Grove and try to pull an enemy into it (harder).

[Lothlorien Grove]

Create a small area that you can aim around you. Every enemy inside gets hurt, every ally inside gets healed and no one can be seen inside unless you/they are attacking.

This is your second most important ability, if you can't put a point in Golden Gaze or Evening Star, you put a point here. Full stop. You will use this the whole game to heal the wounds of your allies, yourself and make laning harder for your enemies. Also you can use this to hurt enemy soldiers quickers. Lastly the stealth aspect can be useful in getaways to confuse your opponent. Good stuff!

[Evening Star]

Sacrifice a 30%/35%/40%/45% of you health to heal your WHOLE TEAM by the same amount.
Example: Galadriel has 1000Hp. She will lose 450Hp and heal her whole team by 450.

This can really make your pushing force so much greater. Early-Mid game always watch your teams health and use it if 2-3 are getting weak, they will love you for it. Always spams spells to increase your max health and to keep your hp high so you can use this if you need to. Late game however, it can mean the difference between your team losing a fight and winning a fight. Don't underestimate it.

Any thoughts, comments or questions are welcome. Thank you!

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