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Guardians of Middle-Earth Beginner's Tips

Guardians of Middle-Earth Beginner's Tips by Damacon45

Hello today I'm going to teach you all how to improve yourselves as players in some easy steps! All of these steps are important if you ever want to be more than a pile of trash.

Step 1- Understand your guardians before you play them, all guardians have passives and most have added things in their skills that will greatly improve how well you fight back "Knowing is half the Battle". To do this simply press R1 till you are on inventory,scroll down to guardians go in and hit square on a character read everything don't skim. Do this multiple times between playing games till you have them all memorized, looking at stat cards is not a bad idea either by pressing R2 on a guardian.

Step 2- TOWERS AND SOLDIER"S HURT for christ's sake do not stand there and let them beat on you! Towers will make a "PING!!!!!!" noise when they start attacking you, if you do not hear this turn up your sound this noise will save your life. Attacking guardians near a tower will cause the tower to attack you think very hard if you can make it out before you try killing someone near a tower. Did they use their command do they have stuns,roots,fears,blinds,taunts,knockback's, or movement increasing buffs. Take all this into consideration before even going near a tower and think how these will destroy you if you are being attacked by tower. As far as Soldiers go they will attack you if you attack a guardian while standing in the middle of them or if you do not have Soldiers fighting them. They are not as much of a threat but will destroy your health if you let them beat on you so be careful.

Step 3- Beware of being jumped by multiple enemy guardians! Minimap is your friend it will never betray you, look at it as often as possible it will tell you all you need to know. This ally of justice and truth is located in the top right hand corner of your screen. If you do not see your enemies on the map it is safe to assume they are trying to kill you or your allies. When this occurs do not face plant bushes, hell do not even go near the bushes at all till you see more than 3 enemy guardians on the minimap hug that tower like its your baby. Be careful when pushing enemy towers this is a key time to get jumped, keep a eye on minimap and plan your escape route for when stuff gets bad.Another good place to get jumped is taking shrines same with the the pushing towers plan your escape route and minimap is your friend.

Step 4- Jumping the enemies and how to best go about it! This is pretty much the reverse of step 3 with a few added things to help ensure making your enemies pay for their ignorance. Bushes is your best ally when jumping an enemy, wait for them to go right next to or past your bush before you strike. DO NOT WASTE YOUR CC "see below for what CC means" damage them first use other skills that do damage or autoattack then use your cc when they start to run to finish them off. Needless to say this is different for every character you are and who you are against. Some guardians have skills meant to finish people off and some guardians have skills to get away so yes sometimes using your CC first is the best option. Not going to go into detail cause these things are learned from step 1 or playing the guardian. Best times to jump an enemy is when they are pushing a tower or capturing a shrine you own, keep a eye on that minimap. Finally do not engage multiple enemies unless they are one hit from dieing or you greatly outlevel them.

Step 5- Levels are everything in this game, they will change the balance of the game greatly! The amount of damage you do is greatly increased for every level you are over your enemies. Your top priority is to outlevel your enemies anyway you can, killing a tower is a ton of exp and it gives it to all your allies. Killing enemy guardians or getting the assist is a great amount of exp but don't die trying to do this cause its also the reverse. don't ever plan on dieing my motto " If you die in the game you die in real life". You don't have to kill soldiers to get exp you just have to be near them when they are dieing its a pretty far range you can get exp from behind your troops. This is a great strategy when its two vs one and you are the one you will out level them! Use any means possible to get more exp,potions,kill creeps, backdooring low health towers, "see below for what creeps and backdooring means" and the above statements. Anyone who tells you this is cheap or unsportman like is dumb and sore losers "All is fair in Love and War".

Game Slang- what strange words and abbreviations some nerds came up with mean.The useful ones anyway

CC- is crowd control which is stuns,roots,fears,taunts,slows,knockback's, and blinds

Creeps- the monsters in the woods they give various buffs and decent exp but not enough to kill just them.

backdooring- it means to go behind enemy lines in a stealthy way so no one knows till its to late, in this game taking a tower or soldier barracks without troops

gank or ganking- to jump or get jumped by multiple allies or enemies very important in this game never be fair if you don't have to

overextending- it means you went to far into enemy lines and stayed to long oh wait your dead what a piece of trash, ya don't do this by the time someone says this word your probably already screwed

Premade- means a team of people who are most likely going to destroy you and make you hate life.They are working together and communicating on mics to ensure victory and your demise.

Tips and Tricks!

Play all guardians- If you know what to expect from your enemy because you have played that guardian it will greatly increase your chances of surviving or ganking that guardian. The better your are with all of them, the better you are at killing all of them.

Easy Starting Guardians- Wulfrun, Hildifons, Eowyn, Witch King, and pretty much all the warriors as long as you follow step 1 in my guide. Stay away from elves not only do they look super fruity they are easy to kill and hard to master.

Potions- All potions are pretty useful, but some are far more useful Dash Potion, Recovery Potion, and Experience Potion. These are by far the ones that will be your greatest friends, but don't waste them think before you use them. The rest of the potions are more for specific guardians.

Commands- Again all commands are useful, but here are some good tricks that can help superbly.

Awareness- is great for preventing or creating ganks you can see into bushes and at start of game if you place it you can see where all the enemies are to avoid getting jumped.

Heal- of course is great can lure people in thinking your low health then pop heal and turn the tides.

Spiked Armor- is great for when you are being focused id say late game this is a far greater command then heal because your heal might only restore a quarter to half of your health where this will prevent a ton of damage and also return a ton of damage to your enemies.

Smite- is amazing it not only does a ton of damage it lowers the resistances of that enemy to make them fall quick, it is almost completely needed to kill off those full tank characters.

Summon Archers- this is a huge one those little guys can tank a tower, great for backdooring a tower or finishing the game when you are in their base all you have to do is run in next to the tower then pull out till archers are being hit and wala free tower kill note if there are lots of enemy guardians do not waste these kill some of them first.

Relics- There is no one way to build a guardian anyone who tells you otherwise will die a horrible painful death, experiment. Some relics are way better then others and if you cant figure this out there probably isn't much hope for you. But if this is the case try looking at other peoples builds while they are destroying your face, can do this by pressing start make sure your in scoreboard then scroll down to their name hit X and scroll down to current belt. I don't recommend doing this unless your dead or you have already lost.

People on your Team- Don't trust them this guide is made for you not including your team. Assume everyone on your team sucks until they prove you otherwise. Yelling at them is not going to help, I know its tough I'm guilty of it to but that is why I made this guide to help people who suck. So instead of yelling at them, tell them to read my guide and if they still suck tell them to read it again. Communication is key to winning a game that's why premades will destroy you, I am part of one but I did not get good by being in a premade. I got good at the game and then got invited into a premade only to get better.

Martino's Final words of wisdom!

I realize the biggest problem is the game itself, its laggy, its user interface is sloppy, its matchmaking is buggy, and disconnecting is frequent and no its almost 90% not your fault. But behind all that poop is a well made super fun game that I think everyone will enjoy when its fixed "hint hint developers" that could make them lots of money and create great memories for us. But this guide is to help those who do actually get to have a game not see a "Good Game of Gome Gone Bad"!

Do not friend me, I don't like you nor do I want to be your friend until you prove to me in a game that you got what it takes to play a "Good Game of Gome" teamate's or enemies alike! Thank you, devs please move if needed and sticky this if anyone has anything else to add to help people feel free to post below. Also sorry about grammar I know its not my strong point, but grammar doesn't win games skill does.

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