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Guardians of Middle-Earth Runsig Guide

Guardians of Middle-Earth Runsig Guide by BlackBloodlust

[These guides are directed towards new players to the moba scene to help them get an idea and get started]

Often ignored but if anyone has played against me as Runsig on the Playstation 3 they know how frustratingly good he is. I have won 10 games in a row with him and I am always the first into the enemy base. He can semi-tank with his passive and shield, has amazing sustainability and obviously the pushing force of an army (quite literally). So here is how I recommend you play Runsig though as Exude says a good moba player should change his tactics and playstyle when needed. Check out his Eowyn guide if you haven't already to encourage him to make more

Position - Side Lane (Top or Bottom)

Skills -
Lvl1: Forceful Call
Lvl2: Catapult of Angmar
Lvl3: Forceful Call
Lvl4: Catapult of Angmar
Lvl5: Forceful Call - Maxed
Lvl6: Catapult of Angmar - Maxed
Lvl7: Unbending
Lvl8: March of the Northmen

Lvl9+: Raise Unbending and March of the Northmen evenly or as you see fit.

Moba players will find this alittle strange not getting the ultimate at level 5 but all it provides is movement speed and attack speed. Forceful Call boosts movement speed and heals everything (Catapults, Soldiers, Ally Guardians), the quicker you raise your damage output and sustainability via the call and catapults the faster the lane will favour you. You will just have to trust me on this but if you really can't get your head around it take one point in March of the Northmen at level 5 and proceed to max as i've shown.

OBJECTIVES SIDE LANE - Take it easy to start out with as a storm takes time to grow. Use Forceful Call to heal yourself and your team mate when needed or if you don't need healing use it on your soldiers when they do. Place your Catapult down just infront of the Archers and to the side slightly to help push, in some cases you can often have two Catapults up at once.

If the enemy guardians attack you try to make sure they do it near a catapult or if you throw a catapult down right by a enemy guardian it will automatically target it slowing them too, then start bashing away. Pop your shield and use Forceful Call afterwards when they start hurting you because by the time they start doing any real damage you and your catapult should have quite nicely bashed someones face in. Lastly know when to back off, you can always reheal and defend yourself with a shield giving you a health advantage which means they will start retreating more.. which means guess what you get to do? That's right push like a demon.

When you are at an enemies tower the ideal placement for a catapult is behind the Soldiers but infront of the archers. This lets you and your catapult get a few shots in and also protects the archers for alittle bit longer so you can get a few extra hits in. Remeber to use Forceful Call to help your soldiers get to the tower faster or to help them survive longer at tower, when you have March of the Northmen use it after you place your catapult down so it can recieve the attack speed buff (I've taken a full health tower down in 5 seconds with two catapults, one ent and a March of the Northmen).

There is alot more to cover here but to be honest the rest you just have to get a feel for. When done right you can even win 2v1.


Once you have taken the two towers and barracks of your lane down (or atleast the first tower) go to the lane you feel needs the most help and start pushing. Team Fights will start to break out. When one side commits to the fight, throw your shield down over everyone and a Catapult in the thick of it, most of the time the enemy will ignore the catapult (which is a mistake) so proceed to melee some fools and use Forceful Call to help keep your allies topped up. Once again there isn't much more I can tell you to do as you do have to get a feel for it but just remember.. NEVER UNDER-ESTIMATE YOUR MELEE ATTACK. Don't get mage syndrome and never use it.

Relics and Gems - Go for gems that increase your health, reduce cooldowns or increase your base attack. I'm going to break from usual tradition and actually reccomend a relic however.. The Recovery Relic.

The Recovery Relic lets you add 80 flat health to your early game or 8% to your late game. You can place a 5% cooldown reduction in there AND 24 ability damage/+6.0 ability penetration which will add a small boost to your catapults. The magic is that you are already a tough son of a gun but the recovery relic gives you +5Hp regen for every ability that's on cooldown (A TOTAL OF 20HP A SECOND) and let me tell you Runsig has some fairly large cooldowns. This combined with Forceful Call is rediculous.


Any comments and questions are welcome. I have only lightly brushed upon the terror that is Runsig but I hope you find it useful. Thanks!

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