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Guardians of Middle-Earth Basic Ori Guide

Guardians of Middle-Earth Basic Ori Guide by Exude

Hello Guardians,
Exude here, GT-Arejayem and although I prefer to play Defenders with my pre-made team during Solo Q I also love to play the Scribe-master himself, Ori. Ori is an Enchanter with high snowball potential. His passive, Words of Wisdom, allow Ori to gain ability power every time his uses an ability....WHA!!!! As with most snowball guardians, his early game can be mediocre but a good Ori can carry his team hard during late game, even with solo play. Let's get to it:

Passive makes him snowball hard
Ranged basic attack
Great aoe damage
Aoe stun
Strong self shield
Great teamfight potential
Stronger during long games

Very squishy without shield or support
If you have a bad early game, you're going to have a bad time
Needs his team to actually /survive/ to mid/late game
Team needs to be somewhat aware as ori's playstyle is very hit and run
Wont reach full potential in shorter games

Early game position: Ori is very flexible. He can solo mid or duo lane, however, do not let him 2v1 as he will get shut down usually if they zone (force him into a position where he can not farm or gain experience). Also if you do duo lane, I would partner with someone with a good CC in case Ori gets caught or ganked (enemy team surprise attacks).

(Passive) Words of Wisdom:
"Gaining wisdom at every turn, Ori increases his Ability Power by 1 with every Ability use"

One of the most overpowered passives in the game if used right and in combination with the right relics. Why is it overpowered? Although I have not fully tested it, he is the only Enchanter with NO AP CAP. Think about that for a second. Most Enchanters will do an all out Ability Damage belt, however at max level they still have a finite amount of AP. You do not. Instead of stacking AP, I would stack cooldown reduction, with maybe a few AP gems to start depending on your relics.

As it Is Written-
"Ori enters the names of Enemies within close range into his tome, marking them as targets for his Abilities and causing 8/12/18/26 Ability Damage per second over 10 seconds. If Ori uses another Ability against an Enemy marked by As It Is Written, the cooldown for "As It Is Written" is immediately reset. This Ability gains a large benefit from increased Ability Power"

USE THIS EVERY TIME IT IS OFF COOL DOWN. Sorry for the caps but if you can not foretell an upcoming team fight, use it. Even if there is only one enemy minion in your lane, use this to stack your passive. Try to max this after your ult, because the DoT can be deceptive and people will usually underestimate your damage. You want to stack as much AP as possible. Also, if you engage on an enemy, you should always you this before any of your other abilities. The mark lasts as long at the dot, so you can quickly chain this with other skills. Also, I have yet to see an Ori properly combo this ability. It resets every time you use another ability on an enemy, so that excludes your stun. So SPAM THE HECK out of it.

Last Word-
"Foretelling the doom of his Enemies, Ori causes 42/66/100/144 Ability Damage to all Enemies within close range. If Enemies are marked by the "As it is Written" Ability, the Ability Damage dealt increases to 62/106/160/224 and the mark is depleted. This Ability gains a large benefit from increased Ability Power.:

Good damage. Try to use after "As it is Written" if possible. If your team is ahead and you are not in danger of dying in team fights, you might want to max this after AIIW and your ult.

Ancient History-
"Calling upon the hardiness of the House of Durin, Ori creates a Shield that guards him from 100/130/160/190 basic or ability damage for 5 seconds. For each Enemy marked by the "As It is Written" Ability, the Damage absorbed by the shield increases by 10/13/16/19 and the mark is depleted. This Ability gains a large benefit from increased Ability Power."

Deceptively strong shield because of bonus from AIIW. If you find yourself dying alot or at a disadvantage you might want to level this over Last Word. With enough CDR though, you should be able to spam this for no reason to stack your passive but be smart about it.

Dirge of Durin-
"Lifting his voice in song, Ori weaves a tale of Dwarven might, dealing 72/95/118/141 Ability Damage per second to all within close range. If affected Enemies are marked by the "As it is Written" Ability, the mark is depleted and they are instead Stunned, preventing them from taking any actions for the duration of the dirge. This Ability gains a large benefit from increased Ability Power."

I have not completely tested this ability to be honest. However, if the enemies are marked with AIIW, it looks like it still does damage, despite the word instead. So, try to chain this with AIIW if possible. If anyone gets to test this before I update, let me know.

Max Damage Combo if you have enough time- As It Is Written THEN Dirge of Durin for stun THEN As It is Written AGAIN Last Word ENDING with As It is Written AGAIN and auto atk with shield if needed. Try to space out the abilities if you're not being focused in order to allow the DoT to tick for a bit.

I would try to max CDR as opposed to AP, although I have not tested the CDR cap or diminishing returns (the point as which it is not worth adding any more CDR) Maybe slot AP gems and just CDR Relics to not fall behind the other Enchanters late game.

This is not a definite way to play Ori and as with all MOBAs, everything is situational but I am open to any comments/criticism. In addition, be sure to checkout Blackbloodlust's Agandaur for another good Enchanter. Thanks for the long read.

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