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Day Z New Player's Guide

Day Z New Player's Guide by Punisher62690

Hey guys I didn't really see any guides for a new player so I figured I'd write up my own. I usually survive for day on end following the steps I will outline in this guide. Keep in mind I play friendly I don't go looking for trouble.

A: Spawn
Upon spawning things are going to be disorienting and it will be even worse if you start on a server that doesn't spawn you with a map so its VERY important to watch the bottom right hand corner of your screen upon spawning, this will tell you where you are.

Most servers nowadays don't start you with a weapon, this can be troublesome but no need to worry. Throughout the game there will be various buildings in which you will find equipment in. You will eventually find a firearm and you will be able to sleep a little better at night. I will outline some steps for gathering equipment later in the guide

B: Avoiding Zombies and bandits
Avoiding zombies can be either as hard or as easy as you want to make it. I am crouched 90% of the time I play, it offers a nice medium of lower visibility than running and less sound made while walking this will keep zombies off your tail. Remember to keep your head on a swivel and ALWAYS stay alert just because your in a building doesnt mean that a zombie wont sneak up on you or maybe even a bandit. If you're being chased by zombies try leading them into a building and make your way out the other door of said building. zombies slow to a walk when entering a house. Avoid shooting at all costs, you want to save your ammo as best as you can. and remember gunfire attracts more zombies.

C: Scouting
Scouting is in my opinion one of the most important parts of the game and can very well keep you alive. Before entering any town or city I'll do some scouting. I do this by finding an area with good cover and good vantage over the town or city so i have lots of unobstructed view be it a mountain, hill or rooftop. Once you find one of these (if you have binoculars or a scoped weapon) survey the area and take the following elements into suggestion.

1: How much traffic is the area I'm about to head into getting?
2: Does the benefit outweigh the risk?
3: Is it day or night?

I prefer to do my scouting and planning during the day and my gathering at night on a server. While scouting look at all the building and plan your route so you spend as little time in the area as possible. Other players might be trying to gather in that area as well.

D: Scavenging
Once you've done your scouting and you have your route planned enter the city cautiously but not so slow that you're wasting time and risking getting yourself killed, find that happy medium in pace. If you hear gunfire TAKE COVER and don't freak out. Remember a whizz means its close a crack means they're shooting at you. Plan your escape route and avoid conflict, gunfire is going to attract zombies. Now if you can't escape safely its time to make a stand. Where ever you took cover. Fortify yourself in that position.  Make sure your back isnt exposed to enemy players or zombies. equip your best weapon take aim and wait for them to come after you. If they REALLY want to kill you make them come for it. this will give you that extra half a second trigger pull on the enemy as they walk in the door, potentially saving your life. Don't come out after them playing into their trap. If they dont come after you, You have a decision to make, how long is long enough to wait? How much are you willing to risk losing your gear? This is up to you.

E: Key Items
Here I'm just going to list key items for survival and you should always gather them when possible.
1: hunting knife, this is essential for anyone planning to live extended periods. Animals you see in the wilderness can be gutted and have their meat harvested and cooked.
2: matches and wood, For making fires to cook meat.
3: binoculars, these can be ignored for a scoped weapon but I'd still take them anyways
4: a side arm, I always carry a side arm on me just incase things get out of hand and you run out of ammo for your primary
5: map,compass, and gps, to navigate

Now you can modify this list or guide even to suit your play style but this like i said is the way i survive for days on end.

F: Night
Nighttime gets its own section because its really difficult for new players to navigate and find their way around when spawning at night, or playing at night for the first time. Along with the things I've said in my guide there are a few more steps and precautions to take at night.

Remember sources of light can be seen from A LOOOOOOONNG WAYS away. I prefer to use red or green chemlights and throw them in the direction im going. Red is less visible but it also gives less light. Flares can be used for the same thing but are MUCH brighter. Never carry chemlights or flares in your hand while moving. This is more for PVP purposes this will allow an enemy to track you and like i said can be seen from ages away. I  don't like to use flashlights because they give your position away to the enemy as well. Take your time. No one is rushing you to move anywhere, you have decreased visibility at night especially at times when the moon isnt out and its extremely dark. Pay attention to the sounds of your surroundings. If you use a campfire to cook meat try to do it indoors and put it out as soon as possible to draw the least amount of attention.

This has been the first part to my guide to survival. I'll probably come back and add bits here and there as i play more and discover new things and as the game changes. Good luck and stay alive!

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