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Guardians of Middle-Earth Basic Beregond Guide

Guardians of Middle-Earth Basic Beregond Guide by BlackBloodlust

[These guides are directed towards new players to the moba scene and I hope it can help them get started. Remember a good moba player will change his tactics and playstyle as the game develops]

Beregond is a bruiser and his shield makes him one of the tankier warriors but don't let that fool you into thinking he can't slap you around abit! His basic damage is good and his arsenal of abilities makes him useful in a number of situations, regardless lets get on with this!

Position - Side (Top or Bottom)

Skills -
Lvl1: Turning of the Tide
Lvl2: Shield of Gondor
Lvl3: Turning of the Tide
Lvl4: Noble Sacrifice
Lvl5: Guard of the Citadel
Lvl6: Turning of the Tide - Maxed
Lvl7: Guard of the Citadel
Lvl8: Shield of Gondor
Lvl9: Guard of the Citadel
Lvl10: Noble Sacrifice
Lvl11: Guard of the Citadel - Maxed
Lvl12: Shield of Gondor - Maxed
Lvl 13 - 14: Noble Sacrifice - Maxed

Turning of the Tide is maxed first for damage while we level Shield of Gondor and Noble Sacrifice fairly evenly, normally I wouldn't suggest this but they are both equally important. Shield of gondor has alittle more priority as keeping yourself alive obviously should.


Beregond does NOT have a good early game, it's not terrible but you have to play defensively and be cautious (Get a friend to play Galadriel and it's a different story however!). Instead focus on leveling up an pushing, try your hardest not to leave lane either as the quicker you get to level 6 the better. Use Shield of Gondor to rush into the soldier wave and use Turning of the Tide to hit as many as possible, try to time it so you hit an enemy guardian for abit of harass. If you manage to push onto the enemy side go and cap the shrines, if they push to your tower remember to use Noble Sacrifice to taunt them and therefor let the tower punish them. Remember to make use of the healing pickups whenever possible, it is very important here.

Okay so you've hit level 6, you have your ultimate, a maxed Turning of the Tide and the game hasn't gone that badly. It is now time to teach you the GONDOR PUNCH. The order you want to use your skills to take down an enemy is something like this..

(One or two enemies)

Guard of the Citadel > Melee Attack > Turning of the Tide > Noble Sacrifice > Melee Attack (x2 at higher levels) > Shield of Gondor

Why leave your shield to last? Well unless your getting punished you save it to last so you can outrun your opponent and hopefully pick up a kill! Obviously this is NOT set in stone and if things are going wrong do not be afraid to use the shield to save yourself. That's what it's there for. Aside from this your basic duties are supporting your team for pushes, watching your lane and stopping people at your towers using Noble Sacrifice.. Just generally being a pain in the behind. You are the Bouncer and they are not getting in.

Added Note - Beregond kills the Neutral Creatures very easily once you have two to three ranks in Shield of Gondor. Make use of this.


Beregond is not the first into the fray but more like the second. If you have a Defender like Eowyn or The Witch King wait until they commit first, if you have no defender then you probably are going to have to be the initiater in team fights. Regardless of how the fight starts you will need to use your abilities something like this..

Shield of Gondor > Noble Sacrifice > Guard of the Citadel > Turning of the Tides > Melee Attack or Retreat as Needed

If you have been stunned, rooted etc make sure to use Turning of the Tides before your ultimate to nullify that. We use Shield of Gondor here for the movement speed so you can heroicly charge into the battle and soak up some damage, try to taunt as many people as possible with Noble Sacrifice before punishing them. Retreat and chase where needed but just remember Beregond is not a guardian who rewards a cocky attitude instead careful timing and knowing how much pain you can take is needed here. This will come to you after a good few matches.

RELICS AND GEMS - Stick to what he does in my opinion. Look at Emeralds, Rubies and maybe some Cooldown reductions. For relics I would aim for things that will keep him in the fight for as long as possible, there is plenty of choice.


Comments and Questions are welcome. Thanks!

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