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Path of Exile Solo Summoner Witch Build

Path of Exile Solo Summoner Witch Build by BlackSheepNZ


Note before we start know that people dislike the use of summoners, and will likely be kick from most groups at high level, unless playing with friends of course. Until they fix particle spamming. This is important to know that you will have to solo this game.

Uniques which made this build possible, Very gear dependent



Bones of Ullr


Midnight Bargain


Or if that is too expensive, you can use the sword.

Swords (Two Handed)
Queen's Decree

Raise Spectre
Getting the right spectres is EXTREMELY important. i use the minions at Solaris Temple Level 3 they are called Flame Sentinel. I am also a big fan of getting the range mobs in Lunaris level 2-3 i forget what they are called but they fire 1 projectile from each hand. So they fire 8 projectile every .3 sec(INSANE). alot harder to get thou.
-Tip press A when summoning a spectre to select the right one. (sometimes mob corpse can on stacks each other.

Raise Spectre Gems - Numbered in ordered of what to get first.
(1)Raise Spectres
(2)Minion Damage
(3)Greater Multiple Projectiles
(4)Added Chaos Damage
(5)-(6) Once you find a 5L-6L chest of course!
Chain(good but less damage)
Faster Casting(good for casting mobs)
Faster Attacks(good for projectile mobs)
Lesser Multiple Projectiles(good but less damage)
Elemental Proliferation(increased Damage)
Item Rarity(stacks with your own upon kill)


Raise Zombie
Next you want personal guards to tank Bosses/Mobs that want to get to you, best scaling hp in the game. Currently mine have 12k hp each (x10 of them), which is insane when you have minion instability which deals 30% of total life when it dies(big damages).

Raise Zombie Gems - Numbered in ordered of what to get first.
(1)Raise Zombie
(3)Minion Life
(2)Minion Damage
(4)Minion Speed


Raise Skeleton
I also have raise Skeleton which are attached to a totem and the Skeletons swarmed the boss so he cant move, while your spectres kill them. Really good trick while dealing with boss such as Brutes etc.

Raise Skeleton Gems - Numbered in ordered of what to get first.
(1)Raise Skeleton
(3)Minion Life
(2)Minion Damage
(4)Spell Totem


Killing boss by suicide
If i'm going up a boss i know i cant win by face tanking them (ie. OAK) what you can do is force the boss to commit suicide. How this is achieved is by placing totems on each side of the boss and going to hide somewhere, and when he kills your minions they explode doing damage if you have specked into the minion instability on the skill tree, and if the boss ever gets near you just run behind another building

Auras and Curses
Secondly you should be running auras and curses to assist your undead. Purity, Discipline, Warlords Mark, Flammability, Elemental Weakness. (All have their strengths and weakness, this is something you have to decide for yourself)

At Current i use Clarity and Purity both attached to reduce mana or else the mana burden is to high.

And run Elemental Weakness(enemy's lose 44% to all elements resists) and Flammability(enemy's lose 45% to fire resistance) so i'm doing almost true damage with fire to most mobs.

A side note i should is that for your health flasks you should try to get "Grants 57% of life recovery to minions" keep rolling for it until you do, though the highest flask is 960 so you need to spam the flask to keep them up in boss fights.(adding quality to a flask increases recovery amount, 960 is the base)


57% of 960 = 547.2
9600 / 547.2 = 17.5 Times to heal a zombie to max hp.

Use spectres as your main source of dps.
use zombie/Skeleton to be a meat shield and tank boss.
Also soloed Piety on cruel. Brutes took me less than 1 min on Merciless solo. End game is really easy if you take your time and don't rush into things.

Currently level 70 and have:
10 Zombies
4 Spectres
16 Skeletons
With a grand total of 30(can be increased by 4 with another wand, but the would mean i'm reserving 60% of my life)

973 Life
690 energy Shield
80+ Resistance to all Elements on merceless.
Need to work on incorporating Armour + Chaos resist into my build.

Skill Tree(Still have somethings to refine)



If you have any questions, go ahead id be glad to answer them.

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