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Guardians of MIddle-Earth Bilbo Baggins Guide

Guardians of MIddle-Earth Bilbo Baggins Guide by Woe

Feeling squishy with Bilbo? Yeah, I had that problem aswell.. Not anymore *

- Recommended Potions

~Hunter's Potion (I use 2 to 4 of these bad boys depending on the mood.. I try
~Recovery Potion (only if its a $300+ considering if you wait for a wait you could easily get you're entire life back using a Hunter's Potion properly)
~Xp Potion (a MUST .. this is because Bilbo needs to be leveling quicker or as much as everyone else on the enemy team, otherwise you'll remain squishy Bilbo until lvl14 - if the game lasts that long)
~Turret dive potion (Who else hates going cloak and getting hit by a turret?...lets fix that problem)
~Cleanse Potion (I sometimes use these, its hard to get you're life back when you're stunned or to rooted from a range)

- Recommended Relics & Jewels

~Vapors of Gorgoroth Relic
(You get 3% Life Steal per Level on your Basic Attacks. Green) <- This baby is what makes the difference

1x Emerald of Vitality (+40 max life) to help squishyness early however another choice could be basic attack defense, considering you're taunt gets you hit most of the time, and less dmg taken would be a plus.

4x Ruby of Damage
+6 Basic Attack Dmg, obviously to have greater life tap at lvl 8.

~Goblin Fury Relic (Each Basic Attack gives you +7% Attack Speed. Stacks up 5x-buff lost after not attacking for 5secs) Keep the life steal coming when you don't have Gaffer's Cider spell ready.

1x Ruby of Damage
+6 Basic attack Dmg, to continue life tap of course.

3x Topaz of Agility
+4% Movement Speed gems.. I mean to chase down you're foes, or to simply stay close enough to continue the life tap; You should already have enough attack speed from the relic & from using the "Gaffer's Home Cider'' spell.

- Recommended Command's


Surprise heal is what we call it, named after how many times you can surprise you're enemy in thinking they are about to kill you, yet 'bam surprise' I have the advantage, and free kill.
however, since we already have life steal for those situations, I would be using heal to get into a fight with low life if I don't already have enough to get close enough, or to simply run away with low life.. knowing I won't be gaining any anytime soon.


This is my personal choice .. Honestly, if you are lvl1 in some situations, if you play bilbo right you can 2v1 two people that have heal far the most satisfying choice.. even late game you can cloak behind a enemy team's push and hit you're Cider spell, Adrenaline, and Life steal and you will be amazed how fast they drop & maybe even rage quit.

~ I have yet to use many of the other commands, I guess you could sub out both heal and adrenaline and play passive the early in and get the eagle thing that pushes and use it to push an enemy team while cloaked, toward/into a turret while they are pushing or many other cute ways to use Bilbo's cloaking skills to you're advantage.

-Spell Combination / Input

Until lvl5 I usually put as much as I can as soon as I can in Cider, and then put the rest into cloak .. Once completed I put some into taunt, I feel being cloaked as long as possible gives you a better advantage for running around/using jukes on you're foes. *keep in mind you will be putting everything into Sting every chance possible, obviously.

- How to outwit you're enemy *

You can't just pop the potions, commands, spells and always get the enemy.. roots, and slow down spells will prevent successful ganks/fights, you must learn to use cloak and the bushes to constantly have the first strike on you're opponent. You really wan't to save you're cider for all gaurdian fights, you won't be stealing enough life, nor attacking fast enough without it for most 1v1's etc.

Bilbo has only came out recently, so I have many more matches to play with him .. I just hear "Oh my god, how.. how .. how .." so often by so many people I felt the need to share it. I don't want another Guardian being under used because of people assuming hes squishy like Ori. I'll be sure to update this as much as possible. Please don't mind the poor grammar and format, this was done randomly.

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