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Skyripper Guild Contribution Guide

 Skyripper Guild Contribution Guide by Livirfa

This guide will show you how to get Guild Contribution in Skyripper.

Way 1(Guild Quest)
1st, Go to Sima The Wise(In Your Capital City)then click the NPC And then click again "Accept Guild Quest"
2nd, you will had 3 Options Rewards every Finishing quest.1st Option are EXP, 2nd Option Are EXP + Giftedness, 3rd Option Are Giftednesss. after you choose, You'll had 3 Quest. choose 1
3rd, you need to complete 5 Guild Quest, after completing 1 Guild Quest Loop(5 Guild Quest)you'll receive 10 Guild Contribution.
CAUTION:You Only Can Do it 5 Times A Day!

Way 2 (Roc Racing)
1st, go to Roc Racing Manager/Feather Fairy(In Your Capital City)then click the NPC And then Click Again "Summon Roc Racing"
2nd, you'll get to collect Auroras as much as you can in 1 Zone every Place.
3rd, More Points More Big the Rewards!
4th, if you already get Auroras In 5 Place. You need to go back to Roc Racing Manager/Feather Fairy(In Your Capital City)
5th, you'll earn Guild Contribution And Rewards From Finishing Roc Racing!!
CATUION:*You Can Only Do It 1 Times A Day!
                *You can only do it At 20:00-20:30 Server Time!!

Way 3(Donation)
This way Is The easiest, but you Need Ingots!
1st, Go To Guild Button
2nd, click Donation Button
3rd,Insert How Much Ingots you want to Donate(1 Ingots = 5 Guild Contribution)

Way 4(Guild Boss)
Kill the Guild Boss.

Any other Way? Post It On Comment! Leila Waiting you To Comment.

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