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Skyripper Energy Guide

   In the Demon Ravine/ Demon Ravine (VIP), whenever you defeat 1 monster, your Energy will drop 1 point. When your Energy is 0, you will only get 1 point of experience from defeating a monster in Demon Ravine/ Demon Ravine (VIP).
    1. Only the character that deals the last blow to the monster will lose 1 point of Energy.
    2. Energy will recover to 6000 points every day at 00:00. Players can’t increase their Energy.

Demon Ravine: Non-Diamond VIP Auto-combat Map. Enter through “Imperial City-To Monster Reset Center”.
Demon Ravine (VIP): Diamond VIP Auto-combat Map. 1.3* Demon Ravine experience. Enter through Demon Ravine NPC.

Experience Bonus:
    Defeating 1 L45 monster at Demon Ravine gains you 401 exp; defeating 1 L45 Demon Ravine (VIP) monster gains you 522 exp.
    Whereas, defeating 1 L50 Flame Cavern monster only gains you 48 exp.
Other Usage:
   Every day at 24:00, the Energy you still have left will be accumulated to Obtain Exp on the next day, and you can spend a small amount of money to claim exp.
   However for each claim you need at least 1000 points of Energy.

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