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Skyripper Frequently Asked Questions

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1.  There’s a lot of spam going on in chat, how can I block it?
Clicking the ‘P’ hotkey will automatically block this; clicking on ‘Hide’ in the bottom right corner.

2.  Where is the Warehouse?
First, open your ‘Bag’, the ‘Warehouse’ is accessible by clicking the ‘Warehouse’ button at the bottom of your ‘Bag’.

3.  I’ve reached level 30, I want to keep leveling quickly – how can I do it?
Up till level 30 you probably leveled through doing main quests.  After level 30, in addition to Main Quests, you can level up quickly through doing Instances (remember to use your EXP scrolls!) or doing Dailies.

4.  How do I get Gear?
Gear can be Crafted; obtained as loot; or exchanged for, for example by trading Creation Stones Fragments for especially higher level gear.

5.  What does Gear Color signify?
Gear Color is an indication of how valuable the gear is.  In order of increasing rarity and value, gear goes from Uncommon (Green) – Rare (Blue) – Epic (Purple) – Legendary (Orange) – Godlike (Gold).

6.  How can I get Epic and Legendary materials?
At level 35 you can enter the Jiuyou Labyrinth Instance.  There you can obtain Epic Material Shards which can be ‘Synthesized’ in the Xuanyuan Forge for Epic Materials.  Legendary Materials can be obtained through the ‘Land of Creation’.

7.  How can I raise my character’s Prowess?
Through leveling your character and through upgrading armor (i.e. socketing, tempering etc.)

 8.  So what are the rules regarding Tempering?
When Tempering is successful you gain +1 Tempering level on your selected piece of gear; when Tempering fails you loss -1 Tempering level.  Tempering is ‘saved’every 5 levels, that is, when your gear has reached Tempering level 5 it cannot go back to level 4, at level 10 it cannot go back to level 9 and so on, even if you fail an attempt at Tempering.  Tempering level may not exceed Gear level; for example, a level 30 piece of gear cannot have tempering level higher than 30.

9.  Where can I get Gems from?
The Land of Creation.  You may also use Credits in the Credit Store to buy level 2 gems.  Further, when using a Divining Jade while Treasure Hunting you have a chance to obtain Gems.

10.  How do I combine Gems?
Open the Xuanyuan Forge (E); go to ‘Gems’ and then ‘Combine’. You require at least 3 Gems to Combine.

11.  Where can I get skill books to train the final level of one of my skills?
Through killing level 45 and level 60 World BOSSes.  You may also purchase them on the ‘Market’ if other players are selling them.

12.  What is Giftedness used for?  How can I get it? How can I found out how much I already have?
Giftedness is used in increasing your skill levels.  It can be obtained through being online for a prolonged period of time (it will be automatically claimed); it can also be obtained through completing Guild Quests.  You can find out how much you already have by looking at the Character (C) Window.

13.  How do I get Pets?
Pets can be bought on the Market.  They can also be obtained while doing the Land of Fairy Monsters Instance.

14.  What are the traps in the Land of Fairy Monsters used for?
The traps can be used when fighting the BOSSes.  Each trap has a different type of effect.  Some will directly damage the boss and take away a substantial amount of its health, while others will slowly drain health or immobilize.  Making good use of traps will make killing the BOSSes much, much easier!

15.  Where should I go to get the best auto-combat EXP?
Demon Ravine is an excellent place for this.  Demon Ravine is accessible by teleport from the Imperial City.  If you are a Diamond VIP, you can click the VIP button at the bottom left corner of the screen and chose to directly teleport to Demon Ravine where you will also receive 30% more experience.  When fighting mobs in Demon Ravine you will lose 1 Energy for each mob you kill, when your Energy reaches 0 killing mobs will cease to yield any EXP. Energy can be acquired daily up to a maximum of 6000.

16.  How do I get Pet Food?
Pet Food can be obtained from the Land of Fairy Monsters

17.  Where do I get Bound and Unbound Coins?
Bound Coins can be obtained from the Alchemist’s Cave instance, Treasure Chests, or as a drop from summoned bosses, as well as from the Ancient Ice Escort quest. Unbound Coins can be obtained from the Land of Creation and Alchemist Cave (Heroic Difficulty only).

18.  Can I auto-combat in the Alchemist’s Cave?  Is there a time limit on how long I can stay there?
Unfortunately, you may not auto-combat in the Alchemist’s Cave.  You have a 10 minute limit inside the instance, after which you will automatically leave the instance regardless of whether you have finished or not.

19.  I left an instance and re-entered but now there are no mobs? (Stairs of the Firmament, Cobalt Dragon Peak)
These two instances require killing ALL mobs inside the instance before respawning can occur.  30 seconds after killing the final mob in the instance, the mobs will are able to respawn and you can reset the instance.  If one mob remains alive inside the instance and you try to reset the instance, your reset will still be spent but the instance will still remain empty
except for that one mob.

20.  Where do I get Wings?
Initially, Wings can be obtained through the item Wings of Light, which is part of the First-Time Top-Up Giftpack.  Different versions of Wings can be obtained by using Wings of Light and other materials and synthesizing them in the Xuanyuan Forge.  These materials are mostly obtained through either the Land of Creation or the Skygate Instance.

21.  Flying?
After equipping a pair of Wing you can press the ‘F’ hotkey or the ‘Fly’icon in the bottom right corner to enter ‘Flying Mode’.  In this mode your character is able to move unhindered over terrain that you would ordinarily not be able to cross while mounted or on foot.

22.  Mobs keep respawning over and over again in Level 9 and 10 of the Trial of the Six Realms?  Why can’t I get past this level?
On Level 9 it is important that you kill the Boss and his clones within the same 10 second period otherwise he will repeatedly regenerate.  On Level 10, the ‘respawn’ is actually just successive waves of mob that you must defeat to progress through to the next Level.

23.  What do I have to do in Nuwa's Trial?
After entering the instance you must quickly kill the four packs of mobs situated in each corner.  This will release Guardians who will help you defeat the monsters that are about to attack Nuwa.  Should Nuwa’s health fall to 0, you fail the mission and the instance ends.

24.  How do I leave a Guild?
In the Guild Window, click on your own name, and select Leave Guild from the pop-up window.

25.  How can I kick people from my Guild?  How do I appoint Officers?
Clicking on the name of a player from the Guild List will present you with the option
to do this.

26.  What kind of activity gives the most EXP?
The Ancient Ice Escort quest at the highest quest level (Gold) will reward significant EXP.  Sunbathing at the Oceanfront will reward a lot, too, especially between 12:00-13:00 and 17:00-18:00 when EXP gains are doubled.  Drinking Nectar before Sunbathing potentially increases your EXP gains by 300%!

27.  What are Pet Skill Scrolls used for?
Pet Skill Scrolls are used to upgrade your Pet’s Skills.  To do this you simply click on the Pet Icon to open the Pet Window, following that go to the Skills Tab, choose your active Pet, and click the scroll you wish to use to teach your Pet the skill.  If your Pet already has a skill trained to Intermediate Level, you only need use a Higher Level Scroll.

28.  How do I get Orbs?  What are they actually used for?
Shards may be exchanged with the Orb Spirit in the Imperial City to receive Orbs.  Shards can be obtained from the Trial of the Six Realms instance.  Orbs increase a characters attributes substantially.  A complete set of Orbs leveled to level 30 will provide the character with special Orb Skills.

29.  I received a New Player Card reminder, but I still haven’t got my New Player Pack?
If necessary, you may use another account to receive a New Player Card Activation Code, which you can then use to receive your New Player Pack.

30.  What is Energy all about?  How can I recharge my Energy?
When fighting mobs in Demon Ravine you will lose 1 Energy for each mob you kill, when your Energy reaches 0, killing mobs will cease to yield any EXP. Energy can be acquired daily up to a maximum of 6000 and will accumulate even when offline.  It can be claimed in the  ‘Events’window (top-right corner) under the‘Receive EXP’tab.

31.  How do I Sunbath at the Oceanfront? Why do some players have beach chairs?
Find the Oceanfront Zone in the Imperial City map.  Once there, press ‘D’to lie down and sunbathe.  Every 10 seconds, for a maximum of 30 mins, you will receive EXP.  Sunbathing at the Oceanfront between 12:00-13:00 and 17:00-18:00 will yield double EXP.  Drinking Nectar before Sunbathing potentially increases your EXP gains by 300%!

32.  How can I change which title is displayed under my name?
Under the Character Window- Stats Tab, you will be able to see a list of titles you have acquired, which you can then click on to display.

33.  Does abandoning an Ancient Ice Escort Quest still count as one attempt?
If you actively abandon the Quest, it will not count as one attempt.

34.  If I am half way through a Guild Quest loop and I abandon the current quest, will I lose that whole quest loop?
The simple answer is yes.  Guild Quests come in ‘Loops’ of 5 quests.  You may complete up to 5 Loops a day.  Thus, once you have started a loop, abandoning a quest will result in you losing that the opportunity to complete that loop.

35.  What kind of quest gives the best experience?
After level 50, Mundane Training Quests will reward double EXP for the first five instances. At level 35, Guild Quest Loops will yield a significant amount of EXP.

36.   During Saturday’s Ancient Ice Escort Happy Hour, does participating count towards my daily attempts?
It does not.

37.  I’m fighting the same type of mob, but sometimes the experience they give is not the same?
EXP yielded by a monster is based upon how much damage you did to it.  If all the damaged received by a monster came from you, then you will receive full EXP from it.  However, as often happens in online games, if another player also damages the same monster, the EXP will be shared between the two of you, based upon how much damage each person did.

38.  If I’m in a group in Demon Ravine and we kill a mob, do all members of the party lose Energy?
No.  The player who landed the killing blow will have their Energy deducted.

39.  At what level will certain game functions become available and accessible to me through the main game window?
At Level 1 all players will have the Character and Bag function unlocked and an icon will be available to click on at the bottom right of the screen.  At level 6, players will unlock ‘Pet’; at level 9, ‘Skills’; at level 15, ‘Mount’; level 20, ‘Guild’; level 23, ‘Market’; level 24, ‘Xuanyuan Forge’; level 25: ‘Land of Creation’, ‘Ranking and Instance’; and at level 29, ‘Friends’.

40.  How can I upgrade my Wings?
Wings can be upgraded using ‘Rare Feather Essences’ that have a chance to drop in many instances after level 32.  Wings may be upgraded to ‘Epic’ quality by ‘Synthesizing’, at the ‘Xuanyuan Forge’, 5 x‘Rare Feather Essences’ into an ‘Epic Feather Essence’, which upgrades your Rare Quality ‘Wings’ to Epic Quality.

41.  How do I leave an instance?
Near the top-right corner of the screen will be a button that allows you to exit your current instance.  After clearing an instance, you will teleported out automatically if you do not do so yourself after 30 seconds.

42.  How do I open the Quest Window?
Using the Hotkey ‘Q’ or by clicking on the ‘Quest’ icon at the bottom-right of the screen.

43.  I want my Pet to forget a skill it has already learned.  How can I do it?
Pet Skills can be forgotten and deleted through the Pet Window (X), under the Skills tab.  Please note that skills cannot be recovered if deleted.

44.  My Ancient Ice Escort is going very slowly.  How can I speed it up?  Can I abandon it?
While the Escort is in process, hitting your keyboard keys in the order that is shown on screen, in the allotted time, will give you a 5% speed buff, which stacks.  Abandoning the Escort can be done, by clicking the Abandon Escort option at the bottom right.

45.  What are Ingots? How can I get more of them?
Ingots are a type of in-game currency purchased with real-life currency.  Ingots can be used to buy rare materials, otherwise difficult or nearly impossible to obtain, that will help you upgrade your character.  To get more Ingots you require Topping-Up, this can be done through the Billing Page: 
Ingots are purchased at a rate of X per 10 Ingots.

46.  Creation Stones Shards – what are they and how do I get them?
Starting at level 30, Creation Stones will drop in instances such as the ‘Stairs of the Firmament, ‘Cobalt Dragon Peak’; as well as in the Land of Creation.  These stones can be exchanged for Rare and Epic Gear with the Descendant of Nuwa in the Imperial City.  Certain Creation Stones can also be exchanged for Enchanting Supplies.

47.  I’m already a Bronze/Gold VIP.  If I use a Diamond VIP Card what would happen?
Your VIP privileges would be upgraded to Diamond.  And the length of the subscription would be extended to 180 days.

48.  I’m already a Bronze/Gold VIP.  If I want to become a Diamond VIP Card do I still need to pay full price?
Essentially, yes. However, the time remaining on your original Bronze or Gold VIP subscription will be added to your new Diamond VIP subscription, along with your new Diamond VIP privileges.

49.  In Chat, why is my name Green, but other players have a Blue name?
In Chat Channels you name will appear different colors to other players depending on what Faction you belong to: Green if you are Elysian Fields; Blue if you are Heavenly Palace; Purple if Misty Peak.

50.  Why does my name now appear Gold, but other players’ names appear Blue?
When the amount of other players being shown on screen is particularly numerous, your name will appear in Gold to enable you to differentiate your own character from others.

51.  My Epic (Purple) Weapon has lower Basic Attributes than this player’s Rare (Blue) Weapon.
He has +5 and more than 200 attack power; mine is +7 but only 197 attack power.
Answer:  An items Basic Stats also take into account other forms of item upgrade, including socketed Gems, and Enchants.  Thus, it is possible a Purple Quality piece of gear could still have lower base stats because the Blue Quality piece of gear has better Gems socketed, or an Enchant.

52.  Where can I PK in the game?  At what level can I PK?
When players reach level 40, they will be able to teleport to the Land of Brahma, where they may participate in PKing with and against other player.

53.  When do Breath of Pan Gu BOSSes spawn?  What rewards can I get for killing them?
This BOSS has a chance to spawn after using a ‘Divining Jade’.  After killing the BOSS, there is a chance you will receive Rank 2 Pet Skill Books, as well as Shards and other rewards.

54.  How do I meditate?  Is there a hotkey?  What other hotkeys are there?
To meditate, either click the Meditate Icon along the bottom of your screen or press the Meditate Hotkey, ‘D’.  Other Hotkeys include ‘C’= Character, ‘V’= Skills, ‘B’= Bag, ‘X’= Pets, ‘R’= Friends, ‘E’= Xuanyuan Forge, ‘Q’= Quests, ‘F’= Flying, ‘S’ = Market, ‘K’= Booth, ‘T’= Mount, ‘I’= Instances, ‘Y’= Rankings, ‘G’= Mount (Window, for detailed info about your Mount), ‘O’=  Guild, ‘N’= ‘Shop’, ‘A’= Attack Current Target, ‘H’= Inspect Nearby Player, ‘P’= Hide Other Players, ‘~’= Change Target, ‘space’= Collect, ‘ESC’= Open / Close System Menu.

55.  How is loot from a BOSS distributed?
Certain items, such as Skill Scrolls are distributed based on whom or which group of people has done the most damage.  Items like this will sent to the player via mail. Other loot that drops from BOSSes is available to all players who took part in the fight.

56.  How do I sell stuff on the Market?
Open your Bag and click on Booth, select the items you wish to sell, and click ‘Booth’.

57.  How do I get a Walking Fox and Tree Baby?
They have a chance to drop from BOSSes in the Land of Fairy Monsters after level 34.

58.  Why are my Battleground Achievements and Position not showing?
These two functions are not currently released.  As such, they will not display.

59.  Can Wings be tempered?  Can they be Enchanted?
Currently, Wings cannot be tempered or enchanted.
60.  How can I make a Rare Feather Essence into an Epic Essence? Where can I get Epic Feather Essence?
Wings may be upgraded to ‘Epic’ quality by ‘Synthesizing’, at the ‘Xuanyuan Forge’, 5 x‘Rare Feather Essences’ into an ‘Epic Feather Essence’.

61.  Why do some Costumes have no stats?
Costumes from older versions of the game did not have stats.  Costumes now available in newer versions of the game do have stats.

62.  Why am I not receiving Ingots or Coins when my Booth sells an item?
You must first open the Booth Window and click ‘Collect’ to get the funds accumulated from selling items at your Booth.

63.  Why do I no longer have any Main Quests?
Leveling becomes slightly harder after reaching level 30, as such Main Quests will seem to be given less than before, and at the same reward less when completed.  Fortunately, there are a wealth of other activities you can take part in after level 30 that will help you speed through the levels.  Try Instances, Guild Quests, or the Ancient Ice Escort.

64.  When do Rankings refresh?
For more detailed information about Ranking, click here:

65.  What happens if I delete a message without accepting its attachment?
If the sender is another player, the attachment will be sent back to them.

66.  Why does my Dancer skill last only 3 seconds when the tooltip says it should last 4?
When the skill has reached max level (level 10) it will last for 4 seconds.

67. Where can I get Star and Moon Fragments?
Star Fragments have a small chance to drop from the first 20 levels of the ‘Trial of the Six Realms’;  ‘Moon Fragments’ have a chance to drop from all levels after level 20.

68.  What aspect of my character do my main stats affect?
For a more detailed explanation of character stats, go here:

69. What is the reset time for this game? (Reset as in instances entry/ quest entry etc)
A1: The server timezone is +8GMT . Basically for +8GMT players , the reset time will be 12am Midnight.

70. Why can't I use bound ingots to buy things in Shop(Hotkey S)
A: Bound ingots aka. Credits. Can be only be used in Credits section in the shop. Its function is very limited. But it is not completely useless either.

71. Where can I top up ingots and how?
A: Upper-right below your mini map. Click Ingot-Top up and choose your most preferred method.

72. Can I get ingots for free?
A: No, you MAY get one if there's event. Or you can ask some from your mentor(if you have one) . But please, DON'T BEG FOR IT LOL. ( Or use your mom's credit card trololol )

73. Where can I earn fast unbound coins?
A: In the instance 'Alchemist Cave' , you can earn about 50S-1G each run. But incase if you haven't notice, the Normal mode only gives you bound coins. Heroic mode gives you unbound coins. So be really cautious about this as you can only run 3times per day.

74. I started late in a server, what is the best way to chase up? (For cashers) (Level 30-80)
A: In a instance called 'The forging 6 Realms' . By using 5ingots, you can slay a boss for 300k exp. The boss is very weak, so you'll be able defeat it in about a minute. And its 5ingots EACH boss. And you can only be in the instance IF you are below 'World Level' and for 60minutes each day.

75. So if I am a non-casher, does that mean I will not be able to level up easily?
A: To be honest, in the close beta server which everyone has 5000+ or more ingots have trouble with leveling up once they reach about... level 37 (for me) so its not really 'unfair'. You can do Mundane Quest 10times a day ( 91k Exp each quest for me ) . So that's already 910k EXP. And also, alot of other instances can help you with your leveling.

76. At what level can I create a guild?
A: If I am not mistaken, at level 30. You will need a 'Guild Pass' . How do you get one? Easy, on your upper right, click on Events---World Boss---Evil King Kong . By slaying that Evil KK , it'll drop a guild pass. And then you can create a guild :) (FYI:you can't buy a pass with ingots)

77. Most of the things(item,equipment etc) have different colors on their name.
A: The color is to define their rarity. Here is the sequence from the commonest to the rarest (incase if you don't understand, just treat it as weakest to the strongest for equipment) . White----Green-----Blue-----Purple-----Orange

78. I got stuck in an instance. I can't move ( this is a bug, happens to me several times )
A: Don't panic, you can LEAVE the instance and then reenter again without 'restarting' . It works for me, so if it fails for you, don't blame me.

79. How do I finish my guild quest?
A: Maybe I'm really stupid but, this sh*t got me stuck forawhile. To do this guild quest, you will be given 4'sequence' that you prefer. If I am not mistaken, you have to follow the sequence in order to get the 'rewards' and finish the guild quest. And the sequence MUST NOT be mixed around.

80. I have not enough 'Giftedness' to level up my Skills.
A: Well, I haven't max my skills too. But I know ways to get Giftedness. First, by being online for 1hour, you will be rewarded 'Giftedness' not sure how much though. And you can be online for 3 hours to be gifted 3 times (max only 3 times) . Or you can do the Guild quest (follow the sequence with the Giftedness reward)

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