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Criminal Case Timeline Guide

 Criminal Case Timeline Guide by Chloe MyShops

What is the timeline?
Timeline is a new feature from Facebook and soon will be applied on all profiles. In timeline you can get more cool features including getting a new cover and a better way to manage feed auto-selected by Facebook. From now, not every posts will be shown on your timeline but only the selected posts which the Facebook thinks will represent your life. However, in the Activity Log you can still manage the visibility of each post individually.

Learn more about timeline here:

Not every games feed are shown in the timeline? Help!

The feeds are still visible and available at the Activity Log and the News Feed.

How to make feeds from the games I play will appear on my wall?

Go to your own profile, and find the Activity Log button below your cover.

Find the posts in your Activity Log, and choose "Highlighted on Timeline"

Go to your own profile again and you can see the feed now. To hide/remove the post, click the pencil icon in the right corner each individual post.

Another way to make feeds appear in your timeline:

You can also put a comment on a feed like "Need help!" or "Click me" right before you click Share, so they will appear at the timeline automatically, and your friend will find the feed in the timeline easier.

How to search my friend's feeds on my timeline?

Alternative #1: Find them in the Games news feed. They will appear all feeds from you and your friend's gaming activity.

Secret Case News Feed Posts :

Alternative #2: Go to your own profile, and find the Activity Log button below your cover.

Click the All drop-down menu and scroll until you can find the tab for the apps you are looking for.

Find a post saying "(your friend's name) posted something via "Criminal Case" then click on the time to view and claim the bonuses.

This is also works for all games, use this method to find posts from My Shops!

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