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Criminal Case Energy Guide

 Criminal Case Energy Guide by Chloe MyShops

I. How to get energy?
There are many ways to obtain energy :

1.    Free gifts
Your friends can send you a maximum amount of 2 energy points as a free gift. Please note that you will receive 1 energy point in exchange for sending free energy to your friends.

2.    Daily Bonus
Don’t forget to claim your daily bonus every day! On the 5th day you will receive a bag of potato chips, which provides 50 energy points! In addition, the daily bonus for days 2 and 3 will give you one and two orange juice bottles, respectively, which are equivalent to 20 energy points each.

3.    News Feed
When your friends level up or get promoted (rank up), they will give away bags of potato chips or bottles of orange juice by sharing their promotions on their Timelines. You will have to click on the “Claim orange jucie” or “Claim potato chips” you will see on your news feed.
Level ups yield orange juice (20 energy points) and promotions (rank up) yield a bag of potato chips (50 energy points).
Please note that you can only claim 3 orange juice bottles and one bag of potato chips per day.

4.    Trading Cards
When your friends choose you as a teammate, they send you cards to make collections. Once you complete a collection you can trade it for in game goods such as XP, coins or energy sources. Spade collections will give you a bag of potato chips, while Hearts will provide you with a bottle of orange juice.

5.    Mini-games
Mini games are the actions (restore, collect, decode or find) you perform on clues. The faster you finish the mini-game, the more energy you obtain!

6.    Additional Investigation
Once you arrest the killer in a case, you unlock 3 additional investigations. One of them will give you a burger that's worth 100 energy points.

7.    Extra Stars
Once you finish a case and the additional investigations, you can trade your remaining stars (those you did not use to perform actions during the case) for orange juice, potato chips or burgers, depending on the amount of stars.

8.    Level-up
When you level-up, your energy bar will automatically refill.

II.    How to use energy
You need energy to investigate stages. Each stage costs 20 energy points.
To use orange juice, potato chips or burgers, you need to “drink” or “eat” them. To do that, click on the “plus” sign in the upper-center part of the screen as indicated below. If you have items stored you will be able to consume them, if you don't, you can purchase some by clicking on the “Buy” button.

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