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Skyripper Be Strong Without VIP or Ingots

Skyripper Be Strong Without VIP or Ingots by Livirfa

So guys, i just realized there are a lot of people that are strong with VIP. So how can we be strong without Being VIP?

1. Do temper your gears and enchant it(dont forget to socket it well)
2. Upgrade your mount too!(dont forget to Phase the status)
3. Enlightment your Pet!(Phase it too )
4. Do level up your character!(5 Prowess every level up)
5.Train Your Spirit!Train Your Spirit!
6. Equip Better Gear(When you received)with better Prowess(Example : You had Thunder Blade, Your current Equipment is Storm Blade. Equip Thunder Blade(Prowess 5)
7. Passive Skills

Please feel free to comment with ways I may have missed!

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Skyripper Be Strong Without VIP or Ingots

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