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Deepworld Skills & Achievements List

 Deepworld Skills & Achievements List by mikelaurence

Skills in Deepworld have both sliding improvements and unique bonuses. Where "xxx better, xxx faster" is mentioned, it is a scale that increases all the way to level 10. Unique bonuses occur at specific levels.

- Agility: Move/swim/climb/jump better, reduce damage by physical dangers (spikes, stalagmites, etc.).
- Automata: Nothing yet. Soon: really cool stuff...
- Building: Craft more kinds of items, place objects farther away. Soon: craft more items with same amount of resources.
- Engineering: Craft more kinds of items, repair teleporters, kill malfunctioning & enemy dishes, use steam more efficiently.
- Luck: Find better and more quantity of treasure in crates/chests/etc. Coming soon: more and better treasure, so this becomes more useful
- Mining: Mine faster, mine deeper (L2 - L4). Soon: get multiple ore from one block.
- Perception: See teleporters on map at L2, explored areas at L3, zoom out at L4, increase zoom L5+. Soon: see other players on map.
- Stamina: Increase max health. Soon: decrease frequency at which you can be damaged.
- Survival: Reduce acid/fire damage, craft jerky (L2) and power jerky (L3).

Here is a list of achievements in-game. The numbers represent the levels that can be achieved (e.g., Miner @ 250 means mine 250 minerals).

- Scavenger: Mine 20 different kinds of items
- Miner: Mine minerals underground (250 / 1000)
- Hunter: Kill creatures (100 / 500)
- Recycler: Kill automata (100 / 500)
- Rebel: Kill brains (20)
- Pest Control: Plug maws (25)
- Explorer: Explore areas that haven't been explored yet (~100 screens / ~500 screens)
- Sidekick: Help other players kill creatures (20)
- Lumberjack: Chop down trees (100 / 500)
- Undertaker: Bury skeletons on the surface and place a tombstone over them (see "skeleton" help tip) (5 / 20)
- Teleporter Repairman: Discover and repair teleporters underground (5)
- Ecologist: Discover purifier & composter pieces (5 / 25)
- Craftsman: Craft lots of items (both in number and variety) (100, 25 / 500, 75)
- Spelunker: Journey to the depths
- Ghost Hunter: Kill ghosts & revenants (Hint: use an energy gun!) (100)
- Deliverer: Deliver lost souls in hell (10)
- Infernal Scout: Find expiator parts in hell (5)
- Raider: Take out enemy protectors to defeat dungeons (10 / 30)
- Looter: Loot containers and chests (50 / 250)
- Killer: Kill 50 different players in a PvP zone

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