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Skyripper Battle Level & Prowess

Battle Level Title: Players are given different colors of Titles according to their different Battle Levels.  

Combat: In combat, players with high Battle Levels will have a definite advantage over players with lower Battle Levels.

Note: If your Battle Level is much higher than your opponent, the damage you suffered in combat will be very limited.

If your Battle Level is 30 levels higher than a monster, then it wouldn’t cause you any harm in combat, however it tries.

   Increase Battle Level: Increase your Prowess and your Battle Level will go up accordingly.
   Upgrading your gear can boost your Prowess.

Tempering your gear will also boost your Prowess. Also a gear’s Level of Tempering can be transferred at a very low cost. You can transfer a gear’s full Level of Tempering to a senior gear with only 25 Ingots. The Tempering’s ROI is very high, especially in the beginning.

Gem Socketing can add to your stats, and will thus increase your Prowess by a small amount.

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