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Skyripper Gameplay & Combat

Entering a new game can be daunting at first, even for an experienced gamer.  But do not fear!  You’ll learn the ropes quicker than you think; even quicker if you read a few of our guides first!  Let’s start with some of the basics:


1. Manipulating your character 
Your character is set in the middle of the game screen.  To move your character from a stationary position, all you need is click on your desired destination with your left mouse button and off you go.  When moving, your character will remain in the center of the screen. The Yellow Arrow shown in the red box above will appear after you click your mouse button on your desired destination.

2. Picking Up Items
   To pick up an item that has fallen to the floor, first you must be next to it.  When you are next to the item, move your mouse cursor over the item.  The cursor will change into a hand icon, and then all you need do is click the left mouse button to pick it up.
Pressing the space bar will speed up collection of items.

3. Using Items  
To use an item you have been awarded or picked up, either click on the [Bag]icon from the toolbar at the bottom of the screen or press the ‘B’ button.    Doing this will open your inventory window.  Move your mouse over the items displayed in your Bag to find you desired item and, when you have found it, all you need do is double click on the item to use it.  Single-clicking the item will bring up a small drop-down menu which will offer you further options such as ‘Sell’ or ‘Discard’ item.

4. Discarding Items 
To discard an item from your ‘Bag’, first find the item you wish to discard.  Then, using your left mouse button click on the item and drag it out of the ‘Bag’ window, and release the left mouse button.  Done correctly, this should bring up a warning window which will ask if you are sure you wish to discard and destroy the item. Clicking ‘Accept’ will discard the item.  You may also discard an item by single-clicking on the item and choosing ‘Discard’ from the drop down menu.
Please remember that once an item is discarded it cannot be recovered!

5. Basic Combat
   To attack a target, first left click on them.  This will initiate standard auto-attacking.  Selecting a skill icon from your hotkey bar, using either your mouse cursor or the appropriate key binding, will allow you to use a skill against your target.

6. Talking With NPCs
   Clicking on an NPC (Non-Player Character) using the left mouse button will give you the option to talk with them.  Some NPCs might even sell you stuff!

7. Finding NPCs
   Clicking on the ‘Map’ icon or pressing the ‘Map’ hotkey, ‘M’, will bring up the map of the current area.  From here you will be able to see the locations of all the NPCs in the area, and their names will be listed on the right-hand side of the map.  Clicking either on their name, on the right, or their actual location on the map will automatically ‘path’ you to their location.

8. Left-click Menu:
   Left-clicking on a friend character portrait, or on their name in a chat window, will bring up a menu that gives you the option to chat with them, trade with them, form a party with them, and even view their character profile.

9. Raising Skills
   To bring up your skills window,  press the hotkey ‘V’.  In this window you can view information about your current skills.  Only when you reach certain level requirements will you be able to learn new skills or upgrade existing ones.   You can place skills on your hotkey bar by right-clicking and dragging them there using your right mouse button.

10. Warehouse
   So what happens when your bags are full?  Well, it’s simple – find the Warehouse NPC.  The Warehouse NPC will look after your extra items for free, and store them in a large ‘Warehouse’, which has lots of additional storage space, just like your ‘Bag’.

11. Hotkeys
   Using Hotkeys can speed up your gameplay and make it more efficient.  They allow you to perform actions with a hit of button.  All you need to do to set Hotkeys is bring up the ‘Settings’ Window (in the bottom right corner of the screen), click on the ‘Hotkeys’ tab, and, as shown below, set keys to your desired skills.

12. Settings
   The ‘Settings’ menu gives player the option to customize the way the game is displayed, and the way you can play (for example, using ‘Hotkeys’).  To change the settings to meet your own personal requirements, simply click on the ‘Settings’ icon in the bottom right corner of the screen, next to the ‘Shop’.

The auto-combat function allows you to kill monsters, use meds, pick up items and use skills automatically.

1. Operation Method
   Press hot key “Z” or click [Auto] button at the top right corner to open the auto-combat board.

2. Automatic Use
a. Auto-Reocover: Automatically use medicine to recover HP and MP while in the auto-combat mode.
b. Auto-Purchase: Choose “Auto-Purchase Medicine” to automatically purchase medicine when you are out of medicine in your bag. Purchase 1 Healing Med Rank 4 or Energy Med Rank 4 a time, 20 Healing Meds Rank 3 or Energy Meds Rank 3 a time.

3. Auto-Collect
a. Collect gears: Automatically collect gears nearby. Select a color to only collect gears of that color.
b. Collect meds: Automatically collect various meds.
c. Collect other items: forging materials and books.

4. Auto-Use Skills
a. If you don’t select “Auto-Use Skill”, your skill attack orders will be Common Attack→Default Activated Skill
b. The first 5 active skills you learned will be put in the auto-use skill slots. You can also choose skills yourself:
c. Monsters: You can choose to attack specific monsters.

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