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Chrono Tales FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions in Chrono Tales

1. How can I get those Daily Points when they run out?

Click the [Helper] icon under your avatar. When you accomplish goals listed there, you will be rewarded with Daily Points

2. How to gain Guild Contribution?

After you join a guild, you can earn Guild Contribution by planting/upgrading Crystal, destroying other players’ Crystal, fighting and improving your rankings in Survival Island, and participating in Siege War.

3. Can I sell Soul Stars to others?

You can use Soul Stars or sell them to the game system, but you can’t sell them to other players.

4. How to activate more Star Fortune?

Open the Astrology panel where you can find out all the combinations of Star Fortune. Choose the proper one and then you can activate more Star Fortune.

5. How to learn Ultima Skills?

When you are Level 35 and reach some preconditions, you can go to Mall to buy Ultima Skill Books from which you can learn Ultima Skills.
Ultima Skills

6. How to obtain Runes?

You may collect Runes from your ripe Crystal or when you destroy other players’ Crystal.

7. Where can I find those Rare Recipes?

You can find Rare Recipes for different Craft Professions from Bosses in Daily Instance.

8. Why do I have to pay tax when I buy items from shops?

The tax you pay will go to the guild who won the Siege War and currently controls the Chroland Capital.

9. How to enter Survival Island?

There will be a message shown in the upper side of your screen when Survival Island opens. You can get into Survival Island directly by clicking [Go Now] or you can enter there through portals located near Rebirth Point in each town. During the event time, you can also find entrance to Survival Island in the panel of recommended events.

10. How to have the best game effects?

You can press [ESC], or click the [System] button located in the bottom right of your screen to open the Settings panel. And then choose [Best Effect] in the System Settings.
Best Effect

11. What should I do if my screen freezes when I’m playing the game?

You can find a button on the top left corner above the mini map. Click it and then you can get out of a frozen screen.

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