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Chrono Tales Classes

IntroductionWarriors are the decendents of Earthen Spirit York. They have indomitable will and they once blocked Hell Force's attacks with their steel-like bodies. Warriors are best at melee. Warriors are able to deal the greatest melee damage. In the face of a single target or a group of enemies, they can give overwhelming blows with their powerful weapons. Besides high attack, Warriors also have excellent physical defense, which enables them to block physical attack easily. However, they are not good at dealing with long arrange attacks.
AdvantageMelee physical attack
IntroductionMages learned their magic from Ice Spirit Derain. They are well aware of the situation of the battlefield, which makes them the biggest threat to Hell Force. Mages master ranged AOE magical attacks, and take perfect control of ice spells, which could freeze enemies for a while. The weakness of Mages is their low HP. If they let enemies get close to them, their lives will be threatened.
AdvantageRanged AOE magical attack
IntroductionScholars are the most mysterious force led by Raymond. No one knows their origin. The grand connon invented by Manlans Meg has once made distinguished contributions in the battlefield. Learned and humorous scholars specialize in ranged physical attacks, and may cast a variety of self-developed devices to damage their foes. They research and master various surprising stunts to confuse and restrain their foes. However, scholars are vulnerable to magic attacks.
AdvantageRanged physical attack to a single unit
IntroductionThe legendary Assassin Benson had once broke into Hell Furnace alone and cut off the left arm of Hell Demon Ulam. They can suddenly appear near a unit and always frighten their opponents with swift attacks. In the meantime, they can hardly be hit with their high dodge. Their weakness is low HP and defense. If they fail to kill their enemy, they might be stuck in a dangerous position.
AdvantageMelee physical attack to a single unit
IntroductionPriests inherited the power of Water Spirit. Back to the war against Hell Demon, dozens of senior Priests sacrificed themselves to revive the soldiers of Tribal Army, which turned the battle around. Priests have a good command of unusual spells, which can place people in various states. Moreover, they are capable of reviving and curing people. They can also generate buffs which can improve their magic attack. Priests are weak at low physical defense and it would take a while to master all the skills.
AdvantageRanged magical attack to a single unit

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