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Heroes of the Realm Game Guide

Heroes of the Realm Game Guide by itachi0010

hey guys,im Nyx from heros of the realm,and im gonna teach you my small way to having a healthy balanced lifestyle on heros of the realm xD now heres how i plan to lead my life in hero of the realm...
1)low resources means less battles,and harder to get exp for your lord!
2)money makes the world go round,so your world wont go round if your going bankrupt.
3)having a nice tatic for your deck is also good! just because you have a deck full of tier 2~5s dont mean you'll always expect a win everytime!formation also plays a factor in this too!
now before i get you confused.lets start with buildings..
We know that buildings can have better effects,and can bettle help to your atvantage when leveled up.but dont be in such a hurry to level them all up at once.some places wont need as much of leveling as other places.
The 4 main places that will usually need to be leveled are:
Town Hall
Rally Point
Why you say?well not leveling up your town hall means that your pretty much gonna restrict yourself from doing most things and being less capable of keeping together a good kingdom.Rally points help builds up your at times,its always good to keep this upgrade for more options and adding more people to your deck.As for portal....well...unless you want to do the same places over and over again,Portal must be upgraded to be allowed to go to certain places and unlocks more places automatically over time along with the upgrades.As for warehouse....your whole kingdom would rely on this the most.a weak low leveled warehouse means having to economize on a budget,making your leveling speed very poor.i would suggest you level this more as one of the main priorities you have to pretty sure you want more moolah and want to boast your army's power without them sneaking off to other nations complaining about how you dont feed or take care of them..
oh i know you want a smooth ran town like that,dont ya?Well ima guide you some easy steps to getting a town like my own,an army that can hold its own ground,and a nice looking kingdom that could make you feel like ''hey,looks like i dont need help to save myself from crumbling and creating a new account!''
Main Event!
Now,Unless your the type of person who drains their resources to 0 on a daily basis,increasing the level for resource buildings are not really much of a problem.just get them to atleast 2 or 3,and your good for now until later on into the game.
Remember when i mentioned the 4 main things that need to be leveled?you should level those as your lord levels makes it much more rewarding in the end.
Now....Many may ask whats the particular point in energy....Well,energy is like the experience you can gain.lets say your max energy is 34.that means i can gain 34 experience that moment.stuff like building,and fighting monsters can boost up your exp by spending energy.on how you use your energy us up to you.
Balancing Resources!
As you may know,gathering resources in the begining of the game is abit difficult at first,but the more you grow your kingdom,the more easy it becomes to get them.Resources helps supply your army so they can jump in and fight for the early parts of the game,your army wont use much resources,but later on into the game,it be best if you have atleast over 25,000+ or more of ore,manastones,and food to keep yourself from panicing away.
your can choose the strongest army ever,but i can bet you that they'll consume up more resources than expected.whats the point having a good army if they consume more than 1 million calories a day?Speaking of army...lets talk about cards.
Battle Cards
These cards your the main trop leader and their squad.they are pretty nice looking cards with a cool,epic,cute,Sexy,or even downright scary portrait.
Each Cards have their own perspective background,elements,what they are resistant to,and their should make sure that you keep they maintained and in good care if you want to grow to be a strong army.mind you,some cards that are in a stripe color and shiny are rare cards,so be out on the look out for those if your a rare card collector.on the top right corner of each card are the number of days that the card is serving you.once the number of days runs out,you cant use that card it be best if you rehire you cards before it hits the magic number Zero.
Cards can equip weapons,gears,and accesories in its perspective spots,but be weary that cards only use weapons that are only exclusive to their type.
The Perfect Deck.
Now i know some of you wants to be known for having the perfect Deck,but once the point if you dont know what cards you should chain together to make it work out?!A deck consist of cards that can be used in battle.its Always best to have a deck that can perform good against regular monsters.
heres an example of my deck.You see that one line graph on top of my deck?that shows your deck's overall Performance.Its a Good Idea to always have your deck abover normal or good.below normal or bad would mean you will have a hard to fighting with that particular deck.i recommend you do this way for an easier gameplay experience.
Now you may have noticed that req. point thing.well its more of a limitation device.and its based off of the tiers of cards.for example,the max req. is 10.if i have two 5 tiered cards on my team,that already winds up to 10 of the points.think of it as to prevent people from walking around with a deck full of overpowered cards.
Its Also good if you create up to 3 different deck incase of a resource related situation so your deck will consume less,or maybe none of that resource.Now lets move onto what types consumes what...
now lets move onto a different view...Your deck's Attack and Defence.Your Over All attack and defence for your deck shoes pretty much how powerful you are as a whole be best you carefully watch this as you place and replace new cards to your deck as it can affect your deck in either way.
As you can click and hold a card,if you hover it to another card thats in your deck,it can show the stat comparison chart,how the performance of the deck,attack,and defence will be effected.its not really much of a good idea to have a card on your deck that could potentially lower the attack and defence of the card,as those are key points into surviving against enemies.
in this picture we can see how this one particular card impacts my whole deck in a positive Way.this is the way you want to go.Now just because you hover a card over to one card in your deck,that dont mean that it will be the same for other cards.each card that you replace with another card can either show if it would have a positive or negative effect on it,So please remember to watch that.
Even if you Got a Badass crew of warriors,Formation can also play a part into fighting.Heres an example:
to make things easier for you team,i recommend that you have all fighters,chargers,and Defenders in the front while mages are right behind.then after that,you leave the archers way in the back since they can stay hidden from getting mauled by those fighters.
How To Defeat An Enemy
here comes the fun part where you get to put your team to use.using your deck can be good to fighting Enemys,players,or bosses.but as you get deeper into the game,it will slowly become more intense,so before going out wildly fighting,plan out what to do before sending your people out to the battle field.Now before you fight an enemy in a selected location,the game will show a small statistic of your enemy on the right side of the screen.they show the enemy's unit,attack,and defence.heres my key to beating enemies with ease!
Example Monsters:
As you see,think of it more of a comparison before the battle so you know who your up against,because if your fighting an enemy who has around the same attack and defence as you,your pushing more into a luck based battle where the game will decide who win.Now heres the little trick that you should know.I Recommend that you have your attack higher than their defence to cripple them greatly.the same goes with your defence.have more defence than their attack,and i can say you'll have a pretty solid team that can kick butt while chewing bubble gum.
I hope my small,but effective guide helps.I wanted to share my 2 cents in since this is still a new community and to try and get people to feel as if they are not a Lost lmao.

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