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Heroes of the Realm Beginner's Guide

Welcome all to this short guide on Hotr. This guide will give you some basic information on the game. This is intended for those who were not in the beta but feel free to read if even if you were. 

So lets jump right in with one of the most important resources in the game. 


In Heroes of the Realm, energy is your primary resource. You use it in combat, you use it to build, and you use it to research. You can gain energy in a few ways 

  • You get 1 energy every 5 minutes (2 energy during booster times)

  • You can get energy from doing various quests, most of them involve combat

  • You can get energy by turning in card sets, this is rare though

  • You get a full energy bar whenever your lord levels

Note: At the time of writing this guide, energy CAN NOT be bought using real money. 


Heroes of the realm has 2 types of levels. Your lord level and your hero level. 

Lord level: 

Your lord level is the level that determines what features of the game you can access. The higher the level the more features you unlock. Your lord level also determines the maximum upgrade level for buildings. You gain 1 lord exp for every 1 energy you spend. Currently there is NO OTHER WAY to gain lord exp. 

Hero level: 

Your hero's level is much different from your lords level. Whenever you complete a battle you will see the amount of exp you gained from that battle. This exp is then divided among all the heroes that were in the battle. Once your hero gains enough exp they go up a level and you can assign them a point to one of the 5 stats. 


Hotr is a game about heroes. You use them for every combat action that you take. Heroes have various statistics and attributes, and in addition to talking about how to get heroes, this guide will talk about some of the more common ones. 

Obtaining Heroes: 

So now that you know the basics of the game, I guess you wanna get some heroes now. Well that's easy! To get a hero you simply need soulstones. Soulstones are obtained in a number of ways. 

  • Your altar will slowly generate a supply of soulstones

  • You will get soulstones for attacking players

  • You will get soulstones from quests

Once you have 100 soulstones you can get your first hero. To do this click on the oracle and then click function. You will be taken to a screen where you can select the number of heroes you want and what currency you want to use to buy them (in this case, soulstones). After you click start you will be presented with 4 facedown cards. Selecting one will turn it over and show you your new hero. Getting a strong hero is totally a matter of luck and there is currently only a few ways to buy strong heroes. 


There are 5 tiers that heroes come in. To check what tier a hero is, look at the top right corner. The number of stars you see denotes the tier that the hero is. 

Zodiac Sign: 

Every hero has a zodiac sign. Certain signs will synergize better with each other. The better your synergy the better your army will fight. 


At the time of writing, class seems to have little meaning other then providing background information on the character. 

The Stats: 

Heroes have 5 stats, they are listed below. 

Strength: This is the hero's physical attack power 
Willpower: This is the hero's physical defense power 
Intelligence: This is the hero's magical attack power 
Wisdom: This is the hero's magical defense power 
Luck: This determines the chance for your hero to hit a critical attack. It also determines the amount of damage that a critical attack does 

Unit Types: 

Each hero will fall into one of 5 unit types. Each type has its own specialty and knowing them is the basis for making a strong and fearsome army. 

Defender: Defenders have a slow movement speed but can really take a pounding. Generally these heroes have a high willpower and wisdom. These heroes are strong against archers and chargers but weak against fighters and casters 

Archers: Archers have the benefit of having the best attack range in the game. These heroes will generally have high strength but low willpower and wisdom. They are strong against fighters and casters but weak against defenders and chargers 

Fighter: Fighters are the brutes in your army. They go in with a high strength and start pummeling the enemy. These heroes are strong against defenders and chargers but have to watch out for archers and mages. 

Charger: Chargers are the only mounted unit in the game. They use their fast movement speed to attack multiple enemies at once. They are great for taking down mages and archers but are weak against defenders and fighters. 

Mages: Mages are the second unit type that can attack from a distance. Like the archer they will have a low willpower and wisdom but they will have a high intelligence. Mages are strong against defenders and fighters but run in to difficulty when taking on archers and chargers. 


Skills are an essential part of your strategy in hotr, they are what wins or looses the battle for you. Every hero gets three skills with the first skill available at level 1. The second is unlocked at level 10, and the third at level 20. When you unlock the 2nd and 3rd skill you will get a randomize choice from 3 skills. 


Gear is another important aspect in hotr. Gear is used to make up for your heroes weaknesses and to give them that extra edge in battle. Now in addition to stat bonuses, gear can also be enchanted with elemental stones. These stones will give an elemental attack or defense bonus. Generally you want the attack bonus to be the same element as the hero the gear is for and the defense bonus to be the element the hero is weak against. 

Well now you know the basic gameplay. This guide will be expanded upon release to cover more in-depth subjects. I will also add some screenshots.

I hope you enjoyed reading this and I'll see you in game :)

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