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Heroes of the Realm How To Build A Team

'' How to build a team ~ guide '' 
This guide trys to explain all main factors for teambuilding the game is very deepgoing, therefor this guide seems long at first. Before the teambuilding,I need to explain some basics 

~ Energy 
Energy is used for battle,building,research 
You earn it overtime,as rewards and can create some through a building. 
Energy cannot be gained from cashshop
Every energy you spend counts as lordxp and when the lord lvls, the energybar is fully restored. 
And your empire get new abilitys, bigger armysize etc 

~ Herocards 
Getting cards is simple, you spend soulgems to randly draw cards. 
Soulgems are earned through mining,rewards and raiding 
the card can be any type, tier and rarity 

~ Hero cards and theyr Tiers 
Every herocard has ''1 ~ 5 Stars '' 
Higher Tier means better stats and skils. It also Increases Army resource cost and takes more armysize. 
The armysize and cost makes tier3+ Hero's useless until your lvl15 or higher, because your armysize is lvlbound and very low at start. 

~ Battles 
There are alot of differnt types of battles in the game, in the beginning however you will do mostly pve 

~ Army cost/resources 
The game has 3 resources: 
These are earned through mining,rewards and raiding 
All herocards have a specific resource cost, which you pay before every battle. 
Its best to keep the costs balanced, or you cant maintain your army 

The base costs for tier1 soldiers are 
Defender   160 food 
Ranged   160 ore 
Fighter   106 food + 52 ore 
Charger   52 ore + 106 manastone 
Caster   160 Manastone 
*Note though, some cards have higher costs. This is because they count as a Subclas within theyr main role* 

1. ~ The Soldier Types 
There are 5 different typs of soldiers, And a good team will use a combination of roles that work together. Try to have a counter against all 5 types. 
So that you can always fight back with atleast 1 unit effectivly. 

Defender, slow defensive melee unit   *stops chargers special ability to run through formation 
good versus Ranged,Charger   bad versus Fighter,Caster 
use him for ironwall def. and survival 

Ranged, high range physical dmg, yet slow and vulnerable 
*Has 4 range compared to casters 3range 
Good versus Fighter,Caster    bad versus Defender,Charger 
use him for harasing/ always keep him protected 

Fighter, Physical melee unit with good movement *has 2movement and 2range 
Good versusDefender,Charger bad versus Ranged,Caster 
These guys give fast response in defense and chance to dmg 2 enemys if standing in 1line, yet are more squashy then defenders 

Charger, cavalryunit with fast movement*Can hit 2enemys if standing in row, has 3 speed(fastest),automaticly seeks Ranged/Chargers 
Good versusRanged,Caster bad versus Defender,Fighter 
use them to stop the enemy ranged soldiers, Charger is squashy and usualy ends up behind enemy line 

Caster, Magic ranged unit and has 3range   usualy has better def/mdef balance then ranged 
Good versus Defender, Fighter   bad versus Ranged,Charger 
use him for harasing/needs less prot. then Ranged, just keep the chargers away 

*when the same type is fighting itself, theres no advantage/disadvantage* 

~ Example 
For now, we only have 3 armysize 
I picked a Tier1 Charger,Fighter and Ranged. 
Now my army has advantage against all 5 types of soldiers with atleast 1 soldier. 
~continue to step 2 

2. ~ Synergy 
Every Hero has 1 out of 12 Starsigns   leo,Saggitarius etc. 
It will decide your army's Teamplay 
After selecting the 1e Hero,his card shows his Starsign 

~ Example 
My 1e Hero card, a Charger shows: Hero starsign   ''Leo''     
Good synergy with Taurus,Virgo,Capricorn 
Bad synergy with scorpio,aquarius,aries 

Now my 2e teammember should be 1 of the good synergys, in this case: Taurus,Virgo,Capricorn.....and atleast avoid at all cost the bad synergys 

* user tip, you can filter your hero's based on starsigns and/or soldiertypes for easyer teambuilding* 

~ Example 
My 2e Hero became a Fighter, and its Taurus. 
So this hero's card says    starsign is ''Taurus'' 
good synergys with Scorpio,Cancer,Libra 
bad synergys with Aquarius,Capricorn,Pisces 
So now I need to pick my 3e hero, and he must give good synergy with ''Taurus'' 
The game will also show a green dotted line, that moves up and down when synergy goes up or down. 

*your first hero can be any starsign, the synergy comes into play with the next hero's * 

3.~ Hero skils and stats 
This game has Alot of different skils for all 5 soldiertypes, 
Every hero starts with 1 fixed skil and gains 1 additional skil randomly at lvl10 and lvl20 
The trick is to read and think carefully before choosing skils 
The skils have a small % of ''kicking in'' during battle when that hero's turn is played, giving the additional effects 

3.1 ~ Hero skils 
Skils should fit their role, or atleast serve a goal. 
~ Example 
A Defender (the tank) with an abilty to push back enemys    will give my ranged/caster units more time to atk/move 
So that sounds good in general. 

A Defender with a higher critical chance through his skil,while i want him as shield sounds stupid...Its not his role, he wont be effecient. 
If im going to use that Defender for offense however, it sounds good in general 

3.2 ~ Stats 
Basicly hero's have 5 base stats in theyr own given value 
Strenght = Physical Atk 
Wilpower = Physical Def 
Intelligence = Magical Atk 
Wisdom = Magical Def 
Luck = Crit. chance and Crit. bonus dmg 

Next to a hero's base stats there are alot of ways to increase them, which is why it has lower priority over Synergy and Skil. 
Levelup gives 1 statpoint you can freely spend. 
Also gears,enchantmentcards and teamcombo's can increase statpoints for your hero or army 

~ Example how to distribute Lvlup stats 
               Main stat               Additional 
Defender - Wilpower          + Strenght or Wisdom 
Fighter -   Strenght           + Wilpower or Luck or Wisdom 
Charger - Wilpower,Wisdom,Strenght or a combo of these 
Ranged - Strenght              + luck or Wilpower 
Caster   - Int                      + Willpower or luck 

Stats should match the hero's role and skils however 
~ Example 
My Fighter role today is to protect my Ranged hero from Chargers/melee 
This means statwise, im looking for a Fighter with: 
Matching Synergy to previous hero in teama good defensive skil,and higher wilpower and wisdom then normal, always keep this order of priority! 
The best i could find was a Fighter with good synergy and a good defensive skil, but the wrong stats. 

My Charger role today, is to sneak past the enemy. So it can keep the Ranged and Caster types busy. 
The Charger has good synergy,Average def. skil and a high defensive stats. 

My Ranged role today, is to do max dmg. For he is covered upclose by the Fighter, and the enemy Ranged are busy with the Charger. So i pick a Ranged with good synergy, offensive skil and offensive stats. 

And we have a proper team! 
This concludes the basic part, the guide will now continue on more advanced subjects! 

''user tip'' *to compare stats easy, put the first hero that comes close to your searchcriteria into your armyslot, dragging every next candidate ontop of him gives a comparison screen, showing statdiferences and a statgrid* 

4. ~ Gears 
All hero's can wear a set of gears. And all parts usualy give stat stats to your hero. 
           Usual stat              
Head ~ Wis                      
Body ~ Wil / Wis 
Leg armor ~ Wil / Wis 
Weapons ~ Are class speficic 
Necklace ~ Seem pretty random 
Ring ~ Seem pretty random 
Items also come in grades.which i will explain further down the road. 

5. ~ Tactics 
After your lord becomes lvl5? Tactics become available. 
This shows the enemy army and lets you place your heros in the field. 

~ Basic rules i would have in mind ~ 
Defender ~ infront, or shielding a hero in the back 
Ranged ~ use their highest range 
Fighter ~ Should be rdy to atk or intercept 
Charger ~ flank enemy ranged/caster or in the back to counter chargers 
Caster ~ needs to be more close to the enemy, and has more freedom 

Next to that, just play some battles and'll quickly understand how it works if you watch the turn by turn battles...and how to finetune your army against all the different type of enemys based on your tactics. Its alot of fun. And to master it, you just gotta play it yourselves ^_^ 

6. ~ HELP...Stil getting beaten after all this? 
So i followed this guide to my best extend. 
I made a proper team and tried to set them based on their roles. 
The synergy is good and i won battles properly...yet suddenly im getting trolled by wel....trolls    o_0 

6.1 ~Losing 
Losing is based on ALOT of factors, like tactic etc. 
But also the enemy team comes into play. 
If the enemy has 6 chargers ,the team I made as example will get beaten badly. 
The pve section will once in a while hold a special enemy army like that. 
In this case you could grab 1 extra Hero thats thats good versus Chargers, just to clear that match. 

6.2 ~even with a very good team there are physical boundaries. 
This means at a certain moment, your not able to beat that battle or boss yet. 
Its not the teammakeup, but probably just your hero's levels and gears. 
So for a while, grind the other missions 
Go back to the lower lvl missions and beat them on difficult and expert level. 
It wil grow lvl's, give more gears and clearing missions with a high score gives free energy 

~ 6.3 ~ Obsolete 
Because of the short beta we didnt experience it yet, but there will be a time where tier 1 and 2 hero's become ''obsolete''. 
Your total army can be a maximum of 10heros, and i asume your total armysize can be 50 
So eventualy you can probably hold 10hero's with tier5 in 1 army 
Slowly youll need to upgrade your herocards to other higher tiered cards. 
This probably kicks in at lvl20+   so dont worry about it 

~ 6.4 ~ Acceptance 
Maybe your cards dont allow you to play the style your trying to. 
My example army, will be weak if the archer is just not ofensive enough. 
Ive seen alot of tactics and setups works wonders in their own way. 
So try to have fun and experiment, and combine strategy with your cards. 

~ 6.5 ~ Luxury problems 
I cant use my army,I keep running out of 1 resource: Food,Ore,Manastone 

Thats because you have to high tiered hero's or picked to many of the same Soldiertype. 
Doublecheck your armycosts and see if you can do something about it. 
If you are having 3 Casters in a 4 man army, its better to change 1 Caster until your empire can support the costs. 
Else match your priority to that resource. 
this means leveling the Manastone mines first to get higher yields. 

''user tip'' *Your warehouse has a redistribute function.1x a day you can reset the balance between the food,ore,manastone you have* 

~ 6.6 ~ A rainy day 
My hero's suddenly seem alot weaker. 
Well thats because every day, all your hero's ''condition'' are randomized into 1 of belows effects. 

Perfect   +20% on all hero base stats 
Good   +10% on all hero base stats 
Neutral   no change to base stats 
Bad   -10% on all hero base stats 
Worst   -20% on all hero base stats 

Fear not however. 
For whatever reason, my main army heros never got a bad mood during full beta. 
Actualy it only kept raising till they all had perfect. 
This is probably due to my good synergy and using them in battle. 
If your mainhero's get bad conditions, you can fix it through the ''mystic function'' described further down the guide. 

7. ~ Artificial Inteligence 
At lvl9 you gain the ability to set the AI behaviour of all your hero's. 
You can choose for every hero: 
~ he atks the closes enemy 
~ he atks the enemy he is most effective on 
~ he atks the enemy with the lowest hp. 
You can set the level of priority with any combination of these behaviourtypes. 
How you set this fully depends on your team, and what role everybody plays in your team. 

A general setup for behaviour/priority 
Defender   ~ closest by/effective 
Ranged   ~ closest by/lowest hp 
Fighter   ~effective 
Charger   ~ effective/closestby    
Caster   ~ effectve/closestby 

8. ~ Combination bonus 
Somewhere at lvl7 you get to choose 1 bonus that gives your whole army a small boost, if you fulfil the requirement. 
The requirements are based on the combinations your hero's make. 
For example if you have 4 humans. 
Or having 4 hero's of the same Gender etc. 
This gives an extra layer to hero selection, and eventualy players can unlock aditional bonuses 

9. ~ Advanced Gear and Elements 
Gears come in different qualitys 
White,green,blue and purple. 
Higher grade gears have higher statbonuses and also more gemsockets. 
The gemsockets can be filled with 'elemental gems'that add elemental atk/resistance to the gearbonus. 
These gems are obtained mainly through destroying spare gears in a building called ''the forge'' 
Gems have 10 levels, and are combinable to get higher grade gems. 
They also come in the 4 different elements, Earth,Fire,Wind,Ice 
Gems imbued in weapons add elemental dmg, in all other gears they add resistance 

Gem effects. 
Lvl1 gem ~ +10 elemental effect 
lvl2 gem ~ +20 elemental effect 
lvl3 gem ~ +30 elemental 
and so on. 

''user tip'' *When a gem is imbued, it can only be destroyed, not extracted!* 

Hero's Elements come in 4 types 
And all hero's belong to 1 of these 4 elements 
The element a Hero is home to, decides what element he is more effective or ineffective on. 
Earth ~ weakness to Air 
Fire ~ weakness to Ice 
Wind ~ weakness to Fire 
Ice ~ weakness to Earth 

10. ~ Mystic 
At lvl8 you get acces to the mystic. 
You can unlock special cards here that give a 1 day lasting bonus. 
You can improve your army with 1 bonus, and 3 seperate hero's with hero specific cards. 
The cards are bought with pve gold or Soulstones 
This function gives a different team, even if your hero selection stays the same 

11. ~ Arena 
The arena alows you to register a team that will be used to battle the teams of other players. 
You can fight 20 arena battles each day, and winning matches gives your Honor. 
Honer gives you a higher ranking and acces to special prices. 

12. ~ Coloseum 
The Coloseum pools every player once in a while into 1big tournament. 
During the tournament you will automaticly battle all other players in your pool. 
And theyr all close to eachothers powerlevels. 
Winning here will give entranced to special prices. 
And winning alot will pool you in a higher ranked pool. 
So eventualy all the top players will be left. 

13. ~ Trianingsbuiling 
The trainingsbuilding will give you the ability to autotrain hero's that currently are not in the main army. 
This way, you can lvlup multiple hero's. 
To create multiple army's, or an army capable of different strategy's 
Training a hero costs pve gold and time. 
The timeduration and xp growth become better when the building gets higher lvls 

~ War 
After lvl10 you can openly raid other players from the other empires, or be raided yourself. 
Raiding steals Resources including soulstones and damages the enemy city, making him lose gold or even buildinglevels. 
You can completly shield yourselves with a magic barrier for a few hours, but only once a day. 

Im stil shure i missed some functions! 
So with all this, i hope you guys can enjoy all the functions of this game which makes its so deepgoing and unique 
Pls forgive my spelling, respect this post or come up with a better guide. 
And iill try to add/edit if suggestions are valid 

See you guys soon ^_^

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