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Wartune Knight Talent Guide

Wartune Knight Talent Guide by R2157718

Well basically talent system just came out for those lvl 50 and above.


First and foremost, when you upgrade your talent, it will require your current experience and your gold.

For the first 5 levels, you can only upgrade your stun skill - Holy Seal.

After that on the 6th level, you can start adding your passive.

Let's look at our talent selection.

[Must] Have Talent for Knights.

1. Iron Wall - Dmg received decreases by 5%. Saves pot, saves everything. Most importantly it adds to our survivability, especially in later dungeons like level 65 dungeons.

2. Tyranny - get this after Iron Wall - has a chance to increase slasher dmg, I know it sucks, but it will increase your earnings at World Boss, and helps in catacombs, since we are using it all the time. There is a typo that says crit by 3% or something, but I thing it adds to slasher's dmg anyway, even if we are using will destroyer astral.

3. Second Wind - get this after tyranny - it increases rage of ultimate slasher by 1 point at level 1 but permanently increases dmg of ultimate slasher by 3% - definitely a must for world boss, catacombs and arena.

Here I will introduce the special needs talent for special situation.

1. Waterseal - reduces cooldown of enhance delphic by 5 sec , is very useful for those knights doing necropolis with skill keys , 1 - slasher 2- ulti slasher 3-delphic 4- enhanced delphic 5- shield. Why is it so? Coz it will allow you to do more, with this 5 sec less. Pls rmb to use double hit to build rages.

2. Persistence - not really recommended unless you have blocks of like 2.4k, even so the chances of triggering is so low at level 1. I believe it is a bug as I put all block gems in gem slot and nothing happened, maybe we should ask bigbette , shirokane and egoprime's input on this. Generally this skill is supposed to reflect 10% of the dmg taken when there is a block. Personally I feel that the low rate of triggering it as at 10th January 2013 may be a bug. Of course since the word 'chance' is there, the truth will never be known. Hence guys pls feedback if it is a bug, as there is almost less than 1% chance of triggering.

As for the other talents, I didnt really get into trying them. However here are my thoughts about them.

1. Meditation - intercept has a 'chance' to restore your hp by 5% - not that useful to us, cos of the cooldown.

2. Deliverance - Shadow thrasher has a 'chance' to reduce dmg taken by 5%, lasts 3 rounds, so it is not 100%, better not waste our xp and gold on it.

3. Puncture - shortens whirlwind cooldown time by 5 sec and again has a 'chance' to add 20% dmg to a 3 sec bleeding. These chance thingy are too chancy, so this skill is better left to those with PVE sets.

However one thing to note, if you do have the PVE set, you may try adding the whirlwind talent skills that adds bleeding.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Most of these talents sucks, are a lose of time. The uniques that is really good are Iron Wall and Puncture. Meditation and others are a total inutil.