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Wartune Astral Guide

List of Astrals.

This is the list of all the yellow/orange astrals u can get. Note: there are equivalent astrals for Purple, Blue and Green astrals as well.

The effects of astral: (X is the value which will change depend on the colour and the level of the astral)

1.Disable critical strike but regular damage is increased by (X)%
2.MATK (X)
3.Reduce all damage by (X)%
4.Reduce all damage values by (X)
5.Floating damage expands by (X)%
6.PDEF +(X)
7.(X)% chance of dodging damage
8.HP +(X)
9.Chance of receiving crit reduced by -(X)%
10.Crit base damage increased by (X)%
11.PATK +(X)
12.10% chance to reflect (X)% of damage received
13.Critical +(X)
14.Block +(X)
15.Charisma +(X)
16.10% chance to gain (X) HP while attacking
17.Regain HP equivalent to (X)% of the damage dealt, 10% trigger rate
18.MDEF +(X)

Note:Special astral.

Energine (or the Red Astral) is the only special astral because it’s only there for one reason: give a huge amount of EXP to other astrals. So if you get the Red astral, fuse it with another astral to get 500 EXP for that astral.

Tips on how to get good astrals.

3. ALWAYS sell back the Green astrals, synz the Blue ones and keep the Purple and Orange astral.
Note: Why sell the Green ones? The Green astral only give 10 EXP when fused, so it not worth it. But when selling back, you get 3600 gold (click on the lv 1 Star/Rock cost 4000 gold). So you get some gold back to keep trying.

4. If you only want to get specific astrals, you might like to use the sell all strategy which basically is selling all astrals you don’t want including the Blues, Purples and Orange you don’t like. Again this is only to get a specific astral (without try to lv it up).

5. Lastly, even you find yourself unlucky with astral, KEEP INVESTING whenever you can. Because you get star points every time you try. Star Points can be used to exchange for good astrals (you can choose any astral you like): 7000 for a Orange astral, 2000 for a Purple astral and 1000 for the Red astral. So don’t be afraid to KEEP TRYING!

Which astral should you use?

It depends upon your chosen class and type of build

EXAMPLE:knight Dps/Knight Tank.

The highly recommended ones areshould be include in most build)
PATK (for Knight and Archer)
MATK (for Mage)
PDEF(in my opinion, it’s very important for Mages since their MDEF is usually high already and they will face a lot of Knights and Archers)
MDEF(Good againts mages)

Good astrals: (depend on your build)
Disable critical strike but regular damage is increased: A lot of mages like this one since mage don’t often get critical strike. It seem like with the Orange astral, it increased by 10% every lv (so at lv10, damage will be double, I assume). This is not recommended for Archer. Also if you choose this astral, don’t use Crit gems or try to get Crit in your equipments, since it has become useless.
Reduce all damage by (X)%:This is for a defend build. It seem like with the Orange astral, it increased by 3% every lv.
Reduce all damage values by (X): Not a good astral because the amount reduced is very low, might be only usable when your character is low level.
Chance of receiving crit reduced:Again for defend build. Good against Archer.
Crit base damage increased:Good for Archer.
Critical: Almost a must for Archer. Knight and Mage can use it as well. Note: Mage’s Restoration and Blessed Light can also critical (which mean more heal).
Block: Good for defend build. A lot of Knights have it.
Charisma:increase troop count = better troop. But I don’t recommend this since there are better ways to increase troop count and there are many more useful astrals.

GAMBLE ASTRALSpurely base on luck, so can be useless or even disadvantageous if you are not lucky)
Floating damage:It extends your possible damage range. For example: your damage range is 2000-3000 and you get 1000 floating damage, your damage range is now 1000-4000. In other word, you can deal more or less damage than you normally would depend on your luck. It’s useless at low level and is a big gamble at high lvl.
Chance of dodging damageIt can be use for defend. But the chance is quite low. Note: Knights have a skill that heals when dodge so they might like this one.
10% chance to reflect (X)% of damage received:1 in 10 chances. It might be usable for Knights.
10% chance to gain (X) HP while attacking: Again 1 in 10 chances. Some people who don’t have heal use this one. But the chance seems too low. In my opinion, you better invest in damage to take out the opponent quickly and use runes for heal.
Regain HP equivalent to (X)% of the damage dealt, 10% trigger rate:Same as above. The only difference is it heals base on your damage. So the higher your damage is the better.

Other things you may not know about the Astral System
The maximum level for an Astral is 10.
If you don't pick your astrals and leave them on astro screen, they will be sold automatically after 30 minutes.
You unlock 1 astral spot to equip an astral every 10 levels.
You can’t equip 2 of the same astrals. Which means if you got a PATK Orange astral then get another PATK Orange (or Purple, Blue or Green) astral , you can’t equip those 2 as the same time.

One-click Capture, One-click Collect and One-click Sell functions:
One-click Capture Automatically capture high quality astral. MUST be a VIP to use this function. (I don’t know much about this since I’m not a VIP)
One-click Collect:Automatically pick up all the collectable astrals on screen (everything except the Gray ones).
One-click Sell:Automatically sell all the Gray (Unfortunate) astrals. Only for the grey astrals.

1-Click Synthesis and Lock functions: these 2 go together
1-Click Synthesis: Fuse together all the astrals that are not locked or equipped. If all the astrals are the same type, they will be fused to the astral at the top-left corner. If there is a high quality astral (like a Purple with a bunch of Blues) all the astrals will be fused into the high quality astral.
Lock:Click on this function then click on the astral you want to lock. The locked astrals won’t be touched by 1-Click Synthesis function.

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