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Wartune Troop Specialties Guide

What is Troop Specialties ?
Troop Specialties is the latest feature added to wartune by R2 Games. [Patch Notes] 10/18 Server Update.

What does it do ?

It increses your heroes stats by taking the stats of your troops into account.

What do I need for Troop Specialties ?

- Level 40 Hero
- Soldier lvl 10
- 1 mil daru for each try

Where can I find Troop Specialties ?

where is ts.jpg

How to get new Troop Specialties ?

how to upgrade.jpg

- Click on enlighten
- You will spend 1 mil daru
- You will gain 1 point in blessed rating
- You have a chance to discover new Troop Specialties
- You have a chance to lvl up your current troop speciality ( rare )

Ok I like the new speciality that I discovered how do I get it?

skill swap.jpg

- Click on swap. You will swap your current troop speciality to the new one.
- It's optional. If you want to keep the one which you have then dont click on swap.
- You will discover troop speciality each time you hit enlighten

How do I level up my Troop Specialties ?

- You gain 1 point in blessing each time you hit enlighten
- When your blessed meter is full. Your troop speciality is lvled up. And you blessed meter counter is reset to 0.
- You have a rare chance to upgrade your troop speciality each time you hit enlighten

What are the different types of Troop Specialties ?

I have discovered the following specialities on my knights. They might be different on some other type of troops

I dont belive in chances, what is the daru cost to lvl up Troop Specialties ?

- You need 5 mil daru to get to lvl 2
- Another 10 mil to lvl 3
- Another 20 mil to lvl 4
I know damn costly. So better pray before you hit enlighten.

Is there a maximum lvl to Troop Specialties ?

- Yes there is. The maximum lvl is 10.

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