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Wartune Mount Guide

Mount Guide
I am not sure how accurate this guide is. This is not my work credit goes to wartunegm04 from another site but i thought this site could use this info.

1.When players reach level 40
The Mount system will be unlocked When players reach level 40. The Mount button will show up in the toolbar on the bottom right corner. Please click it to open.

2. Train and Advanced Train
35 balens for single training session, and 700 balens for advance training session (20 times single session).
Training mounts can increase mount’s stats. Leveling up mounts will increase the upper limit of mount’s stats level.
Train: Beast Soul Stone*1 or definite crystals are needed to increase mount stats. There may be odds for Beast Soul blessing every time. It will give a boost effect for training that stats may increase in multiple!
Advanced Train: Every time it consumes 50 Beast Soul Stones or crystals. One Advanced Training equals to 50 times of Training. Also, there is possibly Beast Soul blessing showing up for advanced training to boost the mount stats in multiple.

3. Beast Soul and Special Beast Soul:
Beast Soul: With the level up of mount, beast soul will be unlocked one by one. Player can “Morph” other mount besides your current mount. After morph, the mount will change its appearance. The status stays unchanged.
Special Beast Soul: unlocked in special ways.

4. Clicking “Rest”& “Mount”
By clicking “Rest”(Unsure of stat lose) player will lose the stats and speed boost from mounts. Player’s character will return to the original look (without riding mounts). By clicking “Mount”, the system will automatically choose the mount that player rode last time.

5. VIP Weekly Gift Pack
Using VIP Tokens gives players big chances to obtain Beast Soul Stone
New items included: Soul Crystal*50, Beast Soul Stone*5.

6. Devotion (By completing Daily Tasks, players receive devotions.)
When your devotion reaches 95, Soul Beast Stone will be sent to you!

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