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Wartune Stats Guide

What does this stat do? A players guide!
Your Basic Stats
This will be a break down of all the different abbreviations for skills/ attributes , what they stand for, how it affects you, and how each works. I will try to list them all but if I miss any, (or get them wrong) please let me know. Troop skills will not be included, just note the skills work the exact same way for your troops as they do for you.

Abbreviation    Full Name    How it works    How it affects you    Class that uses it.
PATK    Physical Attack    This determines your physical attack damage.    The more you have the harder you hit!    Knights/Archers
PDEF    Physical Defense    This determines your defense against physical attacks.    The more you have the less damage you take from physical hits.    All
MATK    Magical Attack    This determines your magical attack damage.    The more you have the stronger your magical hits are.    Mages
MDEF    Magical Defense    This determines your defense from magical attacks.    The more you have the less damage you take from magical hits.    All
HP    Hit Points/
Health Points    Your red bubble on the attack page represents your HP.    The more you have the longer you live.    All
Crit    Critical    Automatically increases damage during a fight.    The more you have the more often you can do a critical strike
for extra damage.    All
Blk    Block    Some of the damage shows up in blue, and is not taken from your HP.    The more you have the less damage you might take.    All
Med    Medallion    An item slot in your inventory.    More gear is always good!!    All
Honor    Honor    Allows you to equip a medallion item.
See this guide for more information on
how to gain Honor.    The higher your Honor Ranking the better gear you can get.    All
Strength/Power    Strength/Power    For each point of strength/power you get PATK +4 & PDEF +1    This helps more with hitting, but only a little from being hit.    All
Armor    Armor    For each armor point you get 4 points of MDEF & PDEF    This is your basic protection from any type of hit.    All
Intelligence    Intelligence    For each point in intelligence you get 4 points of MATK and 1 point of MDEF.    This helps more with magic, but only a little from being hit by magic.    All
Endurance    Endurance    For each point in endurance you get 20 hit points.    The more HP you have the longer you can live.    All
Charisma    Charisma    For each point of Charisma you get one point in troop count.    More troops to help them survive longer.    All
Troops    Troops    This determines how much HP your troops actually have as you go into battle.

the formula for Troop HP per battle is as follows

(TroopHP(stat) x Troop Count) / 200 {Thank you SenJuu}

To explain further, take the troop Hit Points (including technology boosts) multiply that number by your troop count; then divide that number by 200.

You get the base HP from looking at them in the barracks upgrade page. This goes up as you upgrade them.
The more you have the longer they live to help you fight!!    All

I noticed a lot of threads asking about different stats, and abbreviations wondering what they do or how they work, and was really confused when I started out as well, (and I have over 30 years of role playing under my belt). So after a lot of reading, and trying to figure them out I compiled this list. Hope it helps you out.

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