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Wartune Extra Newbie Tips

Wartune Extra Newbie Tips by R26405297

I have been playing for around a month now and thought I'll share some of my knowledge, I hope some of you find this useful.

First things first; Register and choose your character.

-Archer (Attack)
- Mage (Magic)

DO NOT: Take this decision lightly, you will be stuck with this character through you gameplay, I say go with you personality, If your someone who is quite technical and stragetic, I suggest going with a Mage. Where as if you someone is lives confrontational the Archer is definitely for you. The Warrior is for a mixture of both these things.

Once you've chosen your character next you want to complete the tutorial its useful! Very useful! Once this is done you will want to complete as many quest as you can! Bear in mind the VIP statues you should save (this is a quest simply close the browser and re-open). You save it as you want to complete this quest once you have 36 Vip tokens so you can take full advantage of the VIP wheel. Which for a new starter will be incredibly useful!

The advantages of VIP wheel with 36 tokens: If you click to open this once VIP is activated you can select the best VIP ie open and close several times until you have a wheel with 20k gold, 60k gold and 500k gold. These items are practically guaranteed with the full 36 spins.

Moving on... you will now need to continue doing quest and join a guild. A guild is more useful than many new players can imagine. The advice they can provide you with is invaluable. Once in a guild work on contributing so you can purchase the "appropriate guild skills" for your character. For example a mage needs intelligence, Warrior & Archers power & Defence. The level of the guild is very important I strongly suggest joining a guild with at least level 7 guild, then you have something to work for whilst having the knowledge and peace of mind the guild will benefit you.

Now many players work on leveling up as a priority, which is important at the level end level 1 - 30 however once you surpass this its imperative you start trying to collect as many gems and astrals as possible.

Whats a gem and whats an astral?

Gems are different attribute you can add your weapons, armour and jewellery. They greatly enhance your character and make you a stronger player. Astrals are similar however these take a lot longer to gain, do not rush through all your gold on Astrals, it can be addictive when purchasing, however in order to purchase a high level astral it will cost ALOT of gold. So take your time and eventually they the best Astrals will come.

This game has 4 important items: Daru, Experience, Gold and Balens. You can live without balens, however you can not survive without Gold and Experience. So whats the best way to get all three of these?

Balens: IF you can not purchase this then use the free re-charge options, balens can be useful especially in the market place and shop.

Experience: You can gain this through quest, catacombes (which is a special dungeon with special rewards such as gems, jewelery, armour and crypt tokens) Crypt tokens allow you to buy new equipment as you level up.

Gold: FOR ME THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT ITEM IN THE GAME! How can you earn gold? Energise peoples trees constantly with or without a quest to do so. Plant gold flowers, plunder other players, complete dungeons and collect treasure boxes. You can also take advantage of your daily levy which will provide more and more as you level up your Tax hall and gold mine. You can also gain gold through quest and special events.

Daru: This will allow you to upgrade your troops, and make them stronger.

This game really doesn't kick off until level 40 onwards.... so remember theres always more to come and you may not be the strongest straight away but hard work and information from others will hugely help you become the best.

NOW, no body plays this game to not be the best so how do you become the best? Theres a few things:

1- increase your battle rating, this is a score based on your level, equipment, astrals and gems.
2- Knowledge is very important. Learn what your skills do, how they will be effective and who they will be effective against.
3- Do not sell all your items you cant use, check the recycle tab, and gain new stones, so you can refine your items. THIS IS KEY! refining items so they have specific stats relevant for your character can increase your battle rating and strength overall.
4- Synthesis your gems, but do this once or twice a week, so you can be sure you'll get a super high level gem when you do, rather than a average gem.
5- Academy is really important - you can update specific items for your troops and hero.

So... Why is battle rating important?

Battle rating determines roughly how strong and tough a player is. It is not an exact guide of who you can and cant beat, it is a guide. It is also a platform to show you your improvement through out the game and also a great way of working out whats not working and what is working with your current character build.

Your Equipment:

Equipment is level based, which is why many people want to level up fast. Key thing to remember is if you have to similar items such as two rings and two broaches, ensure they compliment each other you gain bonuses from this, ie having a left and right ring. Also compare the stats you will see some rings and broaches, will have different equipment rating you want both to be as high as possible, by using the refine facility you will see the change by comparing your battle rating once this is done.

Another thing you can do with equipment is you can enhance it for a certain number of times via the blacksmith. This will make your equipment better and you stronger. ensure you alway max your items, as it will give you a competitive edge.


You can level this up by reviving peoples plants (smiley face) means needs reviving, energizing peoples trees and your own. You want to use this to plant one kyanite seed, and the rest gold or daru or experience.


Do lots of quest, always keep and eye on your items especially when you just get them: enhance and refine them. Use your gold wisely and remember to contribute to your guild it benefits you, with the guild skills. Also when using your farm always plant kyanite this will allow you to increase your troops and heroes strength and performance.


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