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Totem 10 Ways To Get Coins

Coins are the main currency in Gamefuse's online game Totem and are used in a lot of different ways. You can use coins to buy from the Mystery Shop, Forge/Enhance Gear, Fuse Units, Swap Skills, etc.

#1. Salaries- Every day you will be able to collect your wages. Click on the glowing yellow/orange button that says "Get Coins". The two wages that you can collect are Honor Salary and Guild Wages. The more Honor you get the higher your Honor Salary will be. You can get more Honor by competing in PvP battles and you will receive more Guild Wages as your Guild continues to Level Up.

#2. Daily Rewards- The Daily rewards icon can be found in the top right of your screen. You can receive Tokens and Coins each day from these Daytime Rewards. The longer you stay online the greater amount of coins you will get. The time intervals are 10 minutes, 30 minutes, 60 minutes and 90 minutes. Stay on Totem for 190 minutes a day to earn the maximum Coin rewards.

#3. Guild Lottery- Once you join/create a Guild you will be able to use the Guild Lottery. The Lottery is essentially a Wheel of Fortune that you can spin 10x a day. With each spin you can either receive Tokens, XP, Coins, Unit Cards, Souls, Scrolls or Misc.. Make sure you do this each day as it only costs 10 Guild Favor for each spin.

#4. Conquest- Conquest is probably the best way to get unit cards, and you will receive coins for beating each level. Completing conquest levels for quests will get you a lot of coins depending on the quest reward. You can also choose to "Raid" levels you have already completed in Conquest. This can be done when you are Offline and you can collect the rewards when you return.

#5. Hero Island- Set out with your strongest unit composition to take on Hero Island. Each area is more challenging, but the greater the challenge the more Coins you will get. It does not cost much Energy and the amount of Coins you get is actually pretty decent. You can also choose to "Raid" levels you have already completed.

#6. PvP Matchmaking- Competing against other players in Matchmaking will get coins. If you have Booty Cards to will receive a large amount of coins after each battle. You will get 12 Booty Cards every day for free. Even if you lose, coins will be given as a reward for participating. However, you will be given bonus coins for winning. In addition to this, you will be able to choose 1 reward after each PvP battle. The choices include either Human Soul, Orc Soul, Tua'lan Soul, Coin Bag, Gem. As you level up the rewards will become slightly better.

#7. Operations- You can send your units to complete tasks (You can still battle with these units as they are working). The longer they work for the greater the rewards will be. Most of the operations will reward you with coins in addition to some other type of reward (Gems, +Attribute, Souls etc.). After the operations are complete you can go collect your rewards. These operations are free, so make sure to always keep your units working.

#8. Quests- Especially early on in the game, quests will be the best way to obtain coins. You can click on Assistant Rachel in the bottom right of your screen to see the current quests that you can complete. There are Main Quests, Side Quests, VIP Quests and Guild Quests. Most quests will reward you will Coins, XP and sometimes even Tokens.

#9. Selling- You can sell unwanted items in your inventory, such as old Gear or Scrolls that you don't really need. Selling will let you free up inventory space and get you some coins in the process. You can also Syphon unwanted units for some coins. This can be done 3x a day.

#10. Totem Exchange- You will see the Totem Exchange icon on the top of your screen. Basically you can exchange tokens for Coins. You will get free exchanges each day and each consecutive exchange becomes more expensive. For example, the first two exchanges cost me 2 Tokens for 25k Coins and then the third exchange costs me 3 Tokens for 25k Coins, then the fourth exchange costs me 4 Tokens for 25k Coins. For this reason, I usually only tend to exchange Tokens for Coins 3 times a day rather than 5.

I hope this guide helped. Feel free to comment if you can think of any other ways to get Coins in Totem.

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