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Totem Skill Swapping Guide

Each of your units can have 2 Skills at any given time. Once you reach Level 16, Skill Swapping will be unlocked at the blacksmith. With Skill Swapping you can transfer skills to similar type units (i.e. a skill from one Steel Marshall to a different Steel Marshall). Here are four things to keep in mind when Skill Swapping.

#1. Similar Units
As I noted above, you can only swap Skills between similar unit types. For example, you can only transfer a Skill between one Bloodzerker to another Bloodzerker. The rarity of the unit does not matter, but usually rarer cards come with higher level Skills. I found it best to transfer skills from common units to rarer units.

#2. Destroyed Unit
When you transfer a Skill from one unit to another, the unit you take the Skill from will be destroyed. You can use 50 Tokens to keep material Units, but in my opinion the Token cost is not worth it. 

#3. Coin Cost
Each Skill Swap will cost you a decent amount of coins. You can also improve the % outcome of success up to a 100% Skill Swap success rate. If you don't increase the success rate and the Swap fails you will lose the Unit. I found it is best to always use the 100% success rate when Skill Swapping.

#4. Skill Swapping Vs. Unit Fusion 
This is the biggest decision you will have to make when Skill Swapping. Either transfer a Skill to a powerful unit or forget about the Skill and fuse that unit to make the powerful unit even stronger. So far at level 20, I found it is best to take Skills only from basic unit cards and use Magical units to fuse with Superior units. Note: This may change as I continue to level up and find better unit cards.

Thanks for reading. Please comment below with any questions, concerns or guide requests you may have!

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